Cooper Mansion, Laramie Wyoming

It really is an “eye-catcher”, this beautiful white structure that stands on the northwest corner of 15th and Grand in Laramie, Wyoming. It was built by a young, wealthy Englishman by the name of Frank Cooper. Cooper had come to the Laramie Plains in the early 1900s and built his fortune in the cattle industry. Cooper was one of the original “cattle barons”, and in 1921, he hired renowned architect Wilbur Hitchcock, and built his mansion. Sixty-two years later, in 1983, Cooper Mansion was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Cooper Mansion.
The Cooper Mansion.

Cooper Mansion is a very unique structure, with its varying examples of the style. There are so many different combinations of modern and classic, there’s a hint of pueblo and mission, and you’ll even notice a bit of art-deco in the Cooper Mansion as well. Cooper Mansion has served as home to the American Studies program at the University of Wyoming, and for nearly a century, it has stood as a symbol of prosperity and success from an era long gone by.

Laramie, Wyoming

Thanks to the magic of the movies, television, and books, the name “Laramie, Wyoming” conjures up visions of the Old West as few others can, and the reality does not disappoint. Cattle drives, wagon trains, shootouts, historic downtown, prairie and mountain vistas, rodeos, guest ranches, and more – filled with hospitality, entertainment, and excitement, welcome visitors from all corners of the globe. Gather Wild West experiences for your book of memories when you visit Laramie, Wyoming.

University of Wyoming’s Historic Cooper House Resources

University of Wyoming’s Historic Cooper House Evades …
An outside consultant’s recommendation to tear down the historic Cooper House on the University of Wyoming campus caused quite a kerfuffle around the state. More than 100 people attended a hearing of the UW Housing Taskforce to oppose the demolition of the home that sits just catty-corner from Coe Library on UW’s campus.

The Historical Cooper House – University of Wyoming
The Cooper House History The house remained in the Cooper family until Barbara’s death in 1979. It was purchased in 1980 by the University of Wyoming and remained vacant. In the mid-1980s a local group called Friends of the Cooper Mansion began proposing alternative uses for the house that the University had slated for demolition in order to …

The Cooper House, University of Wyoming — Alliance for …
Alliance for Historic Wyoming. July 13, 2015. Andrea Graham: The Cooper House at the University of Wyoming is the only building of its style on campus, or even in Laramie. Built by the Cooper family in the 1920s, it is modeled after a Santa Barbara home in a combination of Mission Revival and Pueblo Revival styles and was occupied by the …

Everything About Wyoming – Cooper House: Citizens Saving a …
The Politics of a Historic House by Sherry Smith Capitol Times (Cheyenne), Dec. 1982, pp. 10-11. Next month [January 1983] the University of Wyoming will acquire the Cooper Mansion and a two-year dispute over that Laramie landmark may end.

petition: Stop the University of Wyoming from destroying …
There is a proposal that the Cooper House in Laramie Wyoming which is on the National Registration of Historic Places be torn down. Wyoming’s adaptation of the Mission and Pueblo styles in a 1920s residential building. As an interesting combination of styles, the Cooper Mansion is the only structure of its type in the state.

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