Luxury Travel Guides

What do you consider luxury travel? Is it when you stay at only five-star hotels and eat gourmet dinners in the world’s best restaurants? Is it traveling first class to the most expensive places in the world? Is it a private guided tour in a chauffeur-driven sedan? Perhaps for many, it is. But here at BootsnAll, we have a different view of luxury travel.

For us, luxury travel isn’t necessarily staying at the most expensive places, being pampered, taking only the easy road, and creating a barrier between yourself and the harsher aspects of travel.

We think luxury travel is about the little things: spring for a nicer hotel one night, opting for the higher quality wine one night at dinner, or eating a picnic dinner one day in order to enjoy a lavish lunch. Luxury doesn’t have to be high style (and high prices) all the time. You can balance out savings and splurges, spend on what’s important to you, and find cheaper ways to visit traditionally expensive places. In that way, you can create your own version of luxury, no matter what your budget is.