Top Resorts To Have Your Wedding In The Bahamas

The Bahamas is the number one destination for those looking to get married somewhere other than their home town. Prices are generally reasonable and the ease of finding wedding vendors attracts hundreds of lovers each year. Not to mention the gorgeous year-round weather and the beautiful settings are a romantic way to tie the knot. But what places offer the best wedding packages? We have come up with a list of the top ten resorts to get married based on price, popularity, and ease of setting up the destination wedding.

1. The Atlantis

The Atlantis resort on Paradise Island is your ultimate way to plan the perfect wedding. They offer everything and make it easy to plan and find vendors. From small weddings to big weddings The Atlantis resort can accommodate every style needed.

The Atlantis offers several areas around the resort where you can get married. From the water park to the beach you will have the option to decide where you want to get married around the resort. It is best to check around the resort to find a place that suits you best.

The resort has several packages as well that range from 3,300 dollars to 40,000 dollars to accommodate your budget. The cheaper the wedding the less it is going to entail. The more the wedding costs the more that is going to be offered including guest space.

2. The Sheraton

The Sheraton does not have quite as much to offer as the Atlantis as far as amenities like a water park or an aquarium but it is a lot less crowded and is generally much cheaper. Their spaces are able to accommodate up to 1,200 people and have both indoor and outdoor options.

The Sheraton does a good job at making your wedding special. It makes it a lot less like a “factory” wedding and like something special. They offer your own wedding planners and prices are very much negotiable. For a resort, it does a great job of making a wedding special and not like a cookie-cutter wedding that most resorts do.

3. The One and Only Ocean Club

The one and only resort is the pinnacle of luxury in The Bahamas. The resort is breathtaking and features highly maintained gardens, beaches, and some of the best resort hotels imaginable. Guests get their own butler services along with free bottles of champagne upon their arrival. That isn’t even half of the amenities that the resort offers.

Weddings at the One and Only Resort are among the highest in class. Only 120 guests are allowed and you also get indoor or outdoor options. The One and Only offers wedding planners that will make your wedding a one of a kind thing. Prices are very flexible however you can expect to be paying THROUGH THE NOSE for a wedding here. Prices are known to be very costly however, the memories for this wedding will be everlasting.

4. Compass Point Resort

This is a smaller resort so they will treat you less like a number if you decide to get married here. Generally, prices are a lot less than other resorts and they do a good job of giving you an easy to plan a marriage. They offer wedding planners and give you many options while planning. The food at this resort is among the best in The Bahamas and the staff is known as the nicest on the island.

5. Sandals

Sandals ais my personal favorite for any wedding. The resort is all-inclusive meaning that once you are there you don’t have to pay for anything. While they generally are not very good about “factory” weddings and making your wedding seem like it was put together just for you a wedding here is something you will never forget.

Sandals make planning extremely easy with a full wedding team and wedding consultant that is included with each wedding package. They do most of the work for you and let you pick and choose how you want your wedding. The one really special thing about this resort is that they have their own private island that you can have your wedding on. This well-maintained island will be cut off just for your wedding making the wedding something much more special than other resorts.

6. Graycliff Hotel

This five-star hotel is a very luxurious choice that may be a little expensive but it is worth it if you decide to have a wedding here. Graycliff is a beautiful 18th-century mansion that was built into a hotel. It has lush tropical gardens and offers top quality pampering and wedding services.

Graycliff pays attention to detail and works hard to make your wedding day is something special. If you are someone who wants a completely unique wedding that has hard work poured into it. Having your wedding at Graycliff would be the best idea for you.

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