Salt Lake City Travel Guide 2024

Jurassic Quest Tour – Life-sized Dinosaurs Storm Across the US

Jurassic Quest Tour – Life-sized Dinosaurs Storm Across the US

As Temperatures Heat Up, Stay Cool at Jurassic Quest Drive-Thru Events We just attended Jurassic Quest Drive-Thru, and our entire…

2024 Salt Lake City Visitors Guide

Salt Lake City’s family-oriented culture makes it a perfect getaway destination. The city offers a variety of attractions, amusement centers, and unique attractions & activities that are sure to please children of all ages. Salt Lake is also recognized as one of the best ski areas in the United States. There are ten major ski resorts, seven cross-country areas, and the nation’s only recreational ski jumping complex, all within one hour of downtown Salt Lake. It’s an ideal place for a memorable winter vacation.

Salt Lake City Vacation Guide

Salt Lake is the home of tons of great attractions and activities. Delight in animal antics and winged wonders. Glide around an outdoor skating rink downtown. Travel back in time to an authentic pioneer village or trace your roots amid the world’s largest collections of genealogical data. Experience a multimedia star show. Dig up facts about dinosaurs, history, or mining. We are sure no matter what your interest is, Salt Lake will please.

Salt Lake City travel

Are you on a budget?

No matter, Salt Lake City has accommodations for everyone. The exclusive resort to the budget hotel is all on the menu. We have tons of hotels in the Salt Lake City area at up to 40% off regular rates. You can check real-time rates and availability quickly and securely before making your reservation. We also have car rentals available from all of the major car rental companies in the Salt Lake City area such as Thrifty, Alamo, Budget, National, and many more. Car rental companies are displayed according to your dates of travel and location of rental. Our goal is to make your vacation planning as easy and comfortable as the vacation itself.

You will never go hungry while in Salt Lake City

There will be many restaurants and cuisines ranging from seafood to southwest and atmospheres ranging from casual to formal.. You will be able to choose from many restaurants Great food available any time of day or night is what you will find in Salt Lake City. Shopping is also on the menu. Everything you could want from everyday items to unique souvenirs can be found right down the street.

Salt Lake City attractions

What to See & Do in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the home of tons of great attractions and activities. You can enjoy animal antics and winged wonders. Glide around an outdoor skating rink downtown. Travel back in time to an authentic pioneer village or trace your roots amid the world’s largest collection of genealogical information. Experience a multimedia star show. Uncover facts about dinosaurs, history, or mining. We are sure no matter what your interest is, Salt Lake will please.

Bar-M Chuckwagon

After hiking, mountain biking, river rafting, four-wheeling, golfing, sightseeing, or exploring Arches and Canyonlands National Parks near scenic Moab, Utah, treat yourself to a fun, relaxing evening at the Bar-M Chuckwagon! Have Some Old West Fun with the Music and comedy of the Bar-M Wranglers! Moab’s Bar-M Chuckwagon offers an authentic, high-energy western dinner show full of folklore, humor and audience participation. Join in the fun! Come early and enjoy our Gunfights, Games, Western Village, Gift Shop, Saloon, and More! (435) 259-2276

Butch Cassidy’s King World Waterpark

Hidden oasis, 3 slides, kiddie pool and 2 slides, activity pool, pizza, concessions, bus parking, Butch Cassidy’s original pond and hideout, rock carving of a horseman. (435) 259-2837

The Dinosaur Park

The Dinosaur Park lets you wander through the Dinosaur Age and imagine the Earth when it was inhabited by the fierce predator Tyrannosaurus rex or the gazelle-like Dryosaurus. See life-size replicas of the creatures that lived two hundred million years ago. Realistic sculptures of more than one hundred dinosaurs fill the Park in a lovely Utah setting.

These creatures are reproduced based on the findings of fossil skeletal remains. The artists bring the dinosaurs to life by adding the muscles, skin and coloration, teeth, and claws. You can hear the dinosaurs walking and roaring, the crash of trees brought down by powerful herbivores, and the calls of pterodons gliding through the air brought to you by a high-quality sound system throughout the Park. (801) 393-3466

Grizzly Discovery Center

The Grizzly Discovery Center’s primary mission is to provide visitors to the Yellowstone area an opportunity to learn about, view, and ultimately appreciate the grizzly bear and gray wolf. Grizzly bears that are unable to live in the wild have a second chance. By helping with the education of visitors, their lives may help other bears remain in the wild.

The greatest threat to grizzlies and wolves is the loss of desirable, life-sustaining areas to raise their families. Wilderness is not a renewable resource. If it is possible for humans and wildlife to co-exist, we must endeavor to know as much about their needs to minimize the negative impacts on our environment. (406) 646-7001

Lagoon Amusement Park

Lagoon A Beach Waterpark, historically accurate Pioneer Village, and musical entertainment. Located 17 minutes from downtown. (801) 451-8000

NASCAR Salt Lake City

Experience a real speedway with two indoor tracks, one oval and one road course, side-by-side competition, and OVER 2000 FEET of track. (801)973-4735

Salt Island Adventures

Surrounded by the year-round beauty of the mountains, the Great Salt Lake is your host to a 65-foot cruise boat, the Island Serenade. Our climate-controlled interior is designed to seat sightseers or diners. Large windows allow panoramic views of picturesque islands reflecting in the lake’s magnificent waters. Open-air areas on the bow, the aft deck, and the upper deck allow you to experience the elements of this desert inland sea. (801) 252-9336

Salt Lake City family vacation

Where to Eat in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a city with a host of fine places to dine. Featuring diverse culinary styles including American, Cajun, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and so much more. You will be able to choose from a variety of award-winning chefs and unique dining ambiance. Salt Lake City’s cuisine is sure to tempt your taste buds no matter what they are craving.

Where to Stay in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City offers every accommodation imaginable. If you are looking for a modern sophisticated hotel or resort to entertain business clients or just comfortable accommodations for the family you will find them in any part of Salt Lake City you wish to stay. Accommodations are available in a variety of flavors. Resorts with all the comforts of home, historic inns, luxurious condos, and business conference centers are all here to fit any of your needs. By clicking on the link below, you can view a variety of accommodations in different areas of Salt Lake City. View individual hotel web pages with pictures and information. Check rates, availability and make secure online reservations, and save up to 40%.

Nightlife in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has what you are looking for after the sun goes down. You can dance the night away in a pair of cowboy boots in a line-dancing western bar, or live it up at some of the most modern dance facilities with the latest alternative rock. Take in a theatre production or visit the symphony orchestra to sit back and enjoy the arts. If that is not enough you can visit a jazz club with smooth-sounding music or sit in some of Salt Lake City’s cigar bars. We are quite certain that you will find what you are looking for while you are here.

Skiing & Golf in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake is recognized as one of North America’s finest ski destinations and has been selected to host the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. It’s an ideal choice for an unforgettable winter vacation. There are ten major ski resorts, seven cross-country areas, and the nation’s only recreational ski jumping complex, all within one hour of downtown Salt Lake. This concentration of over one hundred ski lifts makes Salt Lake an incredibly convenient ski destination. In fact, it’s possible to leave either coast in the morning and be skiing Utah’s “Greatest Snow on Earth” by noon.

Where to Shop in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has fine retail districts that really make shopping an art form. The first department store in the United States opened for business right here in Salt Lake. ZCMI (Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution) was founded in 1868. Today the Salt Lake Valley offers a myriad of possibilities for terrific shopping excursions. So it doesn’t matter if you are looking for an everyday item or a unique gift, you will find it in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City Attractions

Art Galleries, Landmarks & Museums in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City landmarks

Salt Lake City has a great deal of historical information and sites. While you visit you can learn about everything from the past Hollywood Stuntmen at their own Hall of Fame to the way the West used to be in the good old days at The American West Heritage Center. Be sure to check out some of the interesting places we have listed below. If you need help with your hotel or car rental reservations please use the links to the left and be guided through our hassle service.

The Dinosaur Museum

The complete history of the world of the dinosaurs is presented. Skeletons, fossilized skin, eggs, footprints, state-of-the-art graphics, and beautifully realistic sculptures present the dinosaurs from the Four Corners region and throughout the globe. In the museum, you will see exhibits that show dinosaurs from different countries and how they were distributed throughout the globe. You will also view the latest in dinosaur skin research, which shows startling new aspects to some familiar dinosaurs. Enjoy the displays of dinosaur eggs from around the world, and the baby Protoceratops and Maiasaura sculptures. (435) 678-3454

Hansen Planetarium

Hansen Planetarium is part of a nationwide program called Star Station One (TM) to provide public information on the International Space Station (ISS) project. 62 planetariums and museums representing all 50 states have joined together with NASA and Boeing to keep you up-to-date on this historic uniting of 17 nations.

On display in the planetarium, the lobby is a high-fidelity, 1/144 scale model of the ISS. “Under construction” as part of Hansen’s statewide outreach program is a 1/50 scale model of the ISS. As each piece of the station is launched and put into place, this larger-scale model will be constructed in assemblies and classroom discussions around the state, bringing Utah students closer to this great achievement in space. Hansen will also be offering public demonstrations and theater presentations about Star Station One(TM) and the ISS. More information will be posted here as it becomes available. (801) 532-STAR.

Hollywood Stuntmen’s Hall of Fame

Thousands of Exhibits of Rare Artifacts and Memorabilia of Stars and Stunt Performers of Motion Pictures and Television, featuring personal items donated by JOHN WAYNE, JAMES STEWART, STEVE McQUEEN, GENE KELLY, as well as Legends of the Stunt World, including YAKIMA CANUTT, CLIFF LYONS, DAVE SHARPE, HAL NEEDHAM, RONNIE RONDELL and hundreds of others. There are over 400 concrete blocks that contain the footprints and handprints as well as signatures of many of the Greats of the Cinema … a collection that out-ranks those that are located at the Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

This rare collection has taken its founder, John Hagner more than 50 years to gather and catalog for posterity, features costumes, weapons, stunt equipment, photos and paintings, posters, sculptures, hats and caps, boots and shoes, murals and dioramas, plus over 10,000 movies and serials on video, as well as 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm original films and film clips, in addition to one of stunt ace, Dar Robinson’s jump cars and decelerator which he used to make the spectacular leap from the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada as well as other record-breaking stunts. (435) 259-7027

The National Model Car Builders’ Museum

The National Model Car Builders’ Museum wants to introduce you to the wonderful world of the history of the model car hobby. The Museum, established in 1990, has gathered into one place thousands of items of memorabilia about the hobby of constructing scale miniatures of automobiles.

American West Heritage Center

Escape to a century of the past at the American West Heritage Center, where each day is dedicated to celebrating our history and preserving the Old West. Our mission is to educate, entertain, and enlighten our guests by sharing the music, crafts, folklife, and values of the past. We accurately interpret life from 1820 to 1920 on a 160-acre living history site.

The American West Heritage Center is located in Wellsville, Utah, on US Highway 89/91, 72 miles north of Salt Lake City in beautiful Cache Valley, just 6 miles south of Logan. Join us at our 7,000 square foot Northern Utah Welcome Center where you will find area-wide tourist information and an introduction to our Heritage Center. This architectural feat provides spacious restrooms, historical exhibits, a spectacular view of the Wellsville Mountains, and an outstanding gift shop featuring Made in Utah products and other unique Western heritage items. (435) 245-6050

Classic Car Museum

We proudly display more than 200 classic automobiles in our museum collection. Each car has been carefully restored and is fully operational. If you cannot find the car of your dreams, or you have any questions, please give us a call and we will try to help. (801) 322-5509

Map of Hotels in Salt Lake City

  1. Salt Lake City International Airport – Find hotels near Capitol Hills, Poplar Grove.
  2. Salt Lake Downtown –  Find hotels near Central City, Greater Avenues
  3. University of Utah  – Find hotels near Federal Heights, Wasatch Hollows
  4. Meadow Brook Golf Course  – Find hotels near Keams
  5. Sugar House – Find hotels near William Land Park & Funder land
  6. Family History Center – Find hotels near Keams