Best Smithsonian Museums Must See Exhibits

Best Smithsonian Museums Must See Exhibits

Best Smithsonian Museums & Exhibits As a DC tour guide, I get asked all the time: “What are the must-see…

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Austin, Texas is the “Live Music Capital of the World” with more music venues per capita than any other U.S. city. Austin hotels boast some of the greatest variety in the state. You will truly have your choice of location, price, and amenities year-round in this great city. Austin is the state capital of Texas and the county seat of Travis County.

Austin Travel Guide
Evening in Downtown Austin

Austin is famous for its thriving weirdness, natural beauty, plentiful lakes, diverse sports teams, incredible outdoor activities, and amazing live music. The city is situated on the Colorado River & on the Balcones Fault. Check out our Austin Travel Guides for tons of things to do in Austin.

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Tips for Traveling Stress-Free

Most of us have faced stressful situations while traveling—from dealing with delayed or canceled flights to jet lag, traffic, or sitting in a cramped seat for hours. Whether you’re exploring a far-off destination for the first time, or just getting some new scenery on a business trip, travel is exciting and fun, but it also has the potential to wreak havoc on our emotional and physical wellbeing. A recent article looks at the causes of travel stress and offers some insightful tips on how to make your next journey more enjoyable. Here are the highlights:

  1. A healthy mindset
    It’s easy to get agitated when the person in front of you at security thinks they can convince the TSA agent to let them through with their family-size containers of shower gel, perfume, and duty-free rum. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that this is an expected part of travel. Arrive at the airport early and free yourself of expectations that everything will be on schedule.
  2. Nonstop flights
    They may empty their wallets a bit more, but nonstop flights will alleviate a lot of the stress surrounding travel. Decreasing your chances of a delayed or canceled flight is worth the extra cost. Also try to avoid peak travel hours: 7:00-9:00 a.m. and 4:00-7:00 p.m.
  3. Avoid jet lag
    Help your body overcome jet lag by trying to adapt to the sleeping schedule of your travel destination as soon as possible. Natural sleep aids will help you sleep at night and don’t have the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Try a supplement like Rest Easy or Melatonin that will help your body adjust to the new sleeping schedule.
  4. Stay physically healthy
    A cold, flu, or even allergies can put a huge damper on your travel plans. Pack a pocket-size container of sanitizer and wash your hands often. Don’t forget your regular allergy meds, and try taking a multivitamin or a natural supplement that will strengthen your immune system.