Frank Lloyd Wright in California

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Famous Buildings in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to seven famous Frank Lloyd Wright architectural masterpieces, and the city has rightfully earned a revered spot in history for its role in preserving these incredible monuments. As one of America’s most influential architects, Wright’s textile block phase left an indelible impression on the city, with five homes, a shopping center in Beverly Hills, and a retreat center in the hills above Malibu all erected in the 1920s. In recognition of this impressive achievement, the United States National Park Service submitted all the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Los Angeles to be designated as a single World Heritage Site in 2008.

Frank Lloyd Wright Los Angeles
Robie House,Frank Lloyd Wright Los Angeles by mikeyexists

As we take a closer look at some of Wright’s most iconic structures in L.A., it’s clear that his masterful works still exude a sense of timelessness and elegance. From RAFI (Robie-Ferrin House) to Ennis House, each home offers unique insight into the genius of Wright’s designs, providing visitors with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Meanwhile, the shopping center on Beverly Drive reinforces Wright’s commitment to creating functional spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Then there’s his beloved retreat center, perched atop a mountain overlook in Malibu—a tranquil oasis that showcases his unparalleled ability to capture the natural beauty of the environment.

In short, Frank Lloyd Wright’s contribution to architecture cannot be exaggerated. Thanks to his dedication to his craft, we can now fully appreciate some of his finest creations right here in L.A.

RAFI (Robie-Ferrin House)

The Robie-Ferrin House, or RAFI, is one of the most iconic Frank Lloyd Wright creations in Los Angeles. Located on a gentle slope overlooking the San Rafael Hills, the house is an exquisite example of the organic architecture that has become synonymous with Wright’s work.

Robie House Frank Lloyd Wright
Robie House Frank Lloyd Wright; image via Teemu008

Inspired by the California bungalows of the early 20th century, the building integrates seamlessly with its environment – blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. Featuring signature Wright details such as mahogany woodwork and glass walls, plus an extensive use of natural light, it’s easy to appreciate why RAFI has been designated a National Historic Landmark. A must-see for any fan of architecture!

Hollyhock House

Hollyhock House is a Frank Lloyd Wright classic that stands out among the great architect’s many accomplishments. Built in 1921, this stunning bungalow was commissioned by Aline Barnsdall and designed by Wright as an earthquake-resistant dwelling. Located in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills neighborhood, the house occupies seven city lots and features open-air balconies, terra-cotta accents, and lush fountains.

Hollyhock House
Hollyhock House by paologmb

Inside, visitors will find a whimsical mix of Spanish influences paired with Wright’s signature prairie-style designs, giving the home its unique charm. The sprawling grounds feature two large terraces perfect for entertaining, a pergola and fountain, and several art installations. Over the years, Hollyhock House has served as an inspiration to many renowned architects and artists, thanks to its distinct design and tranquil atmosphere. It is without a doubt one of Wright’s most memorable creations and a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Los Angeles.

Ennis House

The Ennis House is an iconic example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural style. Constructed out of checkered patterns of concrete blocks, the building oozes a unique art-deco vibe that has led to its immense popularity amongst tourists and locals alike. With terraces, decorative loggias, and balconies overlooking the Hollywood hills, the house has come to represent an era of grandeur and luxury.

Ennis House, FLW, Los Angeles
Ennis House, FLW, Los Angeles by pom’.

The surrounding grounds feature gardens, pathways, and various open spaces which contribute to the inviting atmosphere of this architectural masterpiece. Furthermore, the staircase on the north side of the property reveals a stunning view of the entire cityscape below it. It offers a stark reminder of the beauty and elegance that can be achieved with thoughtful design and brilliant use of materials. All in all, a visit to the Ennis House is essential for anyone who wants to fully appreciate the work of Frank Lloyd Wright in Los Angeles.

Storer House

Located in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles, Storer House is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most iconic creations. Built from 1923 to 1924, it was designed in the classic Wright style with its horizontal lines and low-pitched, cantilevered roof. The house features many of his signature touches such as a central fireplace, built-in furniture, and open rooms that flow into each other without walls or doors. The exterior is made up of redwood siding and art glass windows that add a unique visual appeal to the design. Inside, the home is focused around a grand living room that overlooks the city below. From this vantage point, one can appreciate why Wright chose this location for one of his masterpieces.

LA Houses: Storer House
Storer House by Frank Lloyd Wright; image via Greg Headley

The Storer House is an example of how Wright’s organic architecture blends seamlessly with nature. Its construction was rooted in his idea of creating spaces that allow humans to be part of the environment rather than separate from it. The property also includes multiple terraces, sandstone walls, rock gardens, and water elements, all of which serve to show off Wright’s ability to create harmonious outdoor living spaces. In addition to its timeless beauty, the Storer House has been designated as a Historic-Cultural Monument by the City of Los Angeles, serving as a symbol of Wright’s lasting legacy in the City of Angels.

Freeman House

The iconic Freeman House is located in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles and is considered to be one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most impressive designs. This sprawling estate was completed in 1924 and encompasses an impressive three acres of land, with views of both the mountains and the city skyline. The house features an open-plan design and is constructed with traditional materials such as stucco, wood, and natural stone.

Its interior includes a variety of Wright’s signature motifs such as stained glass windows, geometric patterns, and stone fireplaces. One of the home’s most striking features is its cantilevered terraces, which offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. In recent years, the Freeman House has been restored to its original condition and is now open to the public for tours and educational programs. It truly is a must-see destination for any fan of architecture or admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work.

Sturges House

The Sturges House, located in the heart of Los Angeles, is one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most celebrated works. Built in 1922 as a single-family residence, this two-story structure was designed to blend seamlessly into its desert landscape. With expansive windows that frame views of lush canyons and mountains beyond, the home is a perfect example of Wright’s trademark style of organic architecture. Additionally, the house features numerous art glass windows which bring an additional level of detail to the design.

Sturges House by Frank Lloyd Wright
Sturges House by Frank Lloyd Wright; image via Bobak Ha’Eri

Built almost a century ago, The Sturges House is a testament to Wright’s timeless work and his dedication to creating structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and considerate to their unique environment. It is also listed on the US National Register of Historic Places, further cementing its place as a cultural monument.

Anderton Court Shops

In the heart of Los Angeles lies a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed masterpiece known as Anderton Court Shops. Located in Hollywood, this iconic structure was completed in 1949 and stands as a testament to Wright’s ingenuity and eye for modern aesthetics. The main feature of the complex is its half-circle shape—an architectural marvel that combines functionality with style.

Anderton Court Shops by Frank Lloyd Wright
Anderton Court Shops by Frank Lloyd Wright; image via IK’s World Trip

Visitors to Anderton Court Shops are greeted by towering glass walls that offer an unobstructed view of the shops while allowing natural light to flood the premises. Inside, visitors will find a variety of boutiques, restaurants, and other retail shops that make up the complex. With its unique design and prime location in Hollywood, Anderton Court Shops is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting L.A. and a perfect way to experience the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright firsthand.

Final Word

With seven Frank Lloyd Wright classics in Los Angeles, there’s no doubt the city is home to some of the most iconic works of modern architecture and design. From the Hollyhock House to the Storer Residence, these landmarks are a testament to Wright’s exceptional vision and talent. Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast or just someone who appreciates beauty, visiting these sites is sure to be a memorable experience. Not only will you gain insight into Frank Lloyd Wright’s innovative approach to design, but you’ll also get a glimpse of L.A. at its finest. So why not take a tour and explore these timeless masterpieces for yourself?

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