Cleveland Travel Guide 2024

Explore the Best of Cleveland Metroparks

Explore the Best of Cleveland Metroparks

The Cleveland Metroparks is a sprawling public park system. Every year, tens of thousands of people enjoy the Cleveland Metroparks…

Cleveland Visitors Guide 2024

The city of Cleveland was named after General Moses Cleveland, who surveyed land for the Connecticut Land Company in 1796. The Civil War helped Cleveland to grow as railroads shipped the iron and other equipment to the Union Army. Ships for the United States Navy were built in Cleveland as new industrial and commercial businesses began. In the late 1940s, Cleveland reached its zenith. It was close to eclipsing one million people and was named an “All-American City.” Today, the city of Cleveland is on the rebound as more businesses and entrepreneurs are calling it home.

There is a variety of things to see in the city. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is an excellent place to go, whether someone is a rock fan or not. It has a number of interesting exhibits to visit. The West Side Market has plenty of vegetables, bakery items, fruits, and much more. The Cleveland Museum of Art is a museum with expressive and breathtaking art, which is kid and adult-friendly. The world-famous Cleveland Orchestra makes its home in the historic Severance Hall.

The historic Warehouse District in Cleveland has plenty of shops and restaurants from which to visit. There are a number of trendy shops to see, which include clothing and home décor stores. There are some fantastic places in which to have a meal. There are classic cafes that serve breakfast or a cup of coffee. Steakhouses, international food, and classic Americana are all available in the Warehouse District. In addition to this, the Warehouse District has an active nightlight. Dance clubs, live entertainment, food, and more are all here.

Cleveland has numerous professional sports teams that play during all seasons of the year. The Cleveland Browns, which is a professional football team on the rise, make their home in Cleveland. Their stadium is less than 20 years old and is close to the waterfront. The Cleveland Cavaliers play basketball in Quicken Loans Arena, which is in the heart of downtown Cleveland. The Cleveland Indians are a competitive professional baseball team that plays in beautiful Progressive Field.

The Tower City Center is in downtown Cleveland. It is a place where there are over 100 stores from which to shop. Trendy restaurants, two hotels, a movie theater, and much more make this an attractive destination for residents and visitors.

The world-renowned Cleveland Clinic is a medical art center. It is located near the University Circle. A number of people from around the world receive care at this facility.

Cleveland Downtown

Cleveland’s downtown is made up of seven major districts, each with different offerings for tourists.

Warehouse District

The Warehouse District is home to the city’s exciting nightlife, famous restaurants, and shops, and boutiques. East 4th Street Entertainment District also has its share of nightlife including comedy clubs, music venues, and chic dining spots.

Gateway District

The Gateway District features Cleveland’s sports and concert arenas. Sophisticated plays, operas, and concerts are put on in the city’s Playhouse Square District, featuring five renovated theater buildings offering a variety of sophisticated entertainment choices.

North Coast Harbor

The North Coast Harbor draws visitors to the world-famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Science museums and the city’s football stadium is also found in this area. Tower City offers shopping, dining, and movie theaters.

The Flats

The Flats is a waterfront district where visitors can dine at upscale eateries, attend a concert or dance at a fancy nightclub, participate in water sports or go on a river cruise.

Visitors to Cleveland can utilize the city’s light rail system, housed at Tower City, or take the downtown trolleys, to get around the various neighborhoods. Downtown Hotel Service offers Hotels near Downtown Cleveland that are quality hotels at an affordable price. Use our Search box above or click here to see available hotels!

Cleveland Weather

Cleveland Ohio is one of those wonderful cities that get to enjoy the change of seasons. Although the summers can be hot, and the winter extremely snowy, there is fun to be had at any point in time.


The summers in Cleveland can be very hot and sunny. Average temperatures are in the 80s, but one can expect cooler days in the mid to high 70s, as well as afternoons that reach into the high 90s. Summer is the season to take advantage of the many beaches along Lake Erie. In addition to sun-worshipping, Cleveland summers are perfect for spending a day at nearby Cedar Point, as this time of year tends to be drier than others.

Don’t look for the evenings to be much cooler than the daytime. Fahrenheit temperatures in the ’60s to ’70s are very common during the night. You’ll want to make sure your accommodations have air conditioning, but warmer nights mean the fun doesn’t end at sundown. Shopping, dining, and touring can all be enjoyed comfortably, well into the night.


Fall is glorious around Cleveland. It is the ideal time to explore the metro parks. Cooler temperatures in the lower 60s and 50s make outdoor activities perfect. The cooler weather brings about a change of color in the leaves. Nature paints a beautiful array of reds, gold, and yellows across the landscape that can’t be missed.

It’s not uncommon during most years to see the first few snowflakes as the football season winds down and the anticipation of the holidays set in. Temperatures begin to drop further into the 40’s.


You’ll know when winter arrives in Cleveland Ohio. Lake effect snows bring a blanket of white from the city on East, well before many other areas see snow. For those with travel plans on the east side, make sure to keep a close watch on the weather forecasts. It is not uncommon for deep snow and large drifts to close the main highways and interstates.

Don’t let the snow scare you away from experiencing Cleveland in the winter. Dependable snow makes the local ski resorts the place to be. While there may be snow, temperatures stay in the range of the ’30s. This makes outdoor activities quite enjoyable.


The reward for seeing another winter through is a fairly warm spring, filled with a spectacular array of spring blooms to enjoy. Daytime highs can be in the 60’s, with plenty of sunny days.

Cleveland Transportation

There are a number of interstates and roadways for people driving in and around the city of Cleveland. Interstate 77 comes up from the south end of Cleveland. It connects with Highway 71, which is known to locals as the Medina Freeway. Highway 2 travels along the coast of Lake Erie and goes through the heart of the city. It connects with Interstate 90. Interstate 90 goes southwest and northeast. This interstate travels through the city. Important roads in the city of Cleveland include Superior Avenue, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, St. Clair Avenue, East 55th Street, and West 25th Street. In Cleveland, numbered roads, such as West 25th Street and East 55th Street, go south and north. Avenue roads, such as St. Clair Avenue and Superior Avenue, go east and west.

The Great Cleveland Regional Transit Authority serves the city of Cleveland and the surrounding area. The nickname is RTA. The RTA has a rapid transit system called the RTA Rapid Transit. It is known to locals as The Rapid. This transit system has three lines. Those lines are the Red Line, the Blue Line, and the Green Line. The Red Line brings people to a number of stops in Cleveland including Tower City in downtown Cleveland, Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and the Windermere Station, which is northwest of the city. The Blue and Green Lines, although they both use the same rails at one part, split off and bring people to various parts of the Cleveland area. In fact, the Blue and Green Lines were extended at one point and the extension was called the Waterfront Line. This Line opened in 1996. It brings people to and from the waterfront to downtown.

In addition to having Rapid Transit, the Great Cleveland Regional Transit Authority has a terrific bus system. Cleveland buses cover all areas of the city and bring people to where they need to be. There are regular stops in downtown including stops at Progressive Field. The RTA opened a rapid transit bus line in 2008.

One of the largest ports on the Great Lakes is the Port of Cleveland. It is located at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. It is a center for transportation as a number of materials are transferred from ships to truck and trains.

There are two airports in Cleveland. The biggest airport is the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. In addition to serving passengers, it works at transporting freight. The second airport in Cleveland is the Burke Lakefront Airport. This airport serves air taxis and corporate jets.

Cleveland Attractions

Once known primarily for its fire-prone river and multiple sports failures, Cleveland has revamped its image and is no longer known as the “Mistake by the Lake.” Today, Ohio’s largest city is an affordable, family-friendly destination and a great place to explore, dine, stay and play.

Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Cleveland rocks and the city celebrates its musical heritage at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. From its blues beginnings through its post-grunge days, the story of rock comes alive through multimedia exhibits, artifacts, films, and archives. The Jimi Hendrix Theater and Exhibit is especially electrifying, featuring videos of the artist’s most jaw-dropping performances and his handwritten lyrics, watercolor landscapes, guitars and flamboyant costumes.

Great Lakes Science Center

Next door to the Rock Hall is the Great Lakes Science Center, featuring over 400 hands-on exhibits that delight both children and adults. There, visitors can virtually dissect frogs, walk through a recreated Egyptian tomb, touch a whirling cyclone, freeze their shadows and more. The on-site NASA Glenn Visitor Center includes over 50 exhibits and artifacts,, including rocket and shuttle models, actual moon rocks, the Skylab 3 Apollo Command Module and more.

Cleveland’s University Circle

Cleveland’s University Circle is home to some of the country’s most outstanding museums. The recently renovated Cleveland Museum of Art is home to masterpieces by internationally renowned artists, including Monet, Titian, Picasso and Van Gogh. The Cleveland Botanical Garden features nine gardens, a large glasshouse and a nature-inspired art gallery, the Natural History Museum is home to a full-size T-rex skeleton and the Western Reserve Historical Society has an impressive collection of classic cars. All these museums and more are located within walking distance from one another, making it easy to explore Cleveland’s finest cultural institutions.

Severance Hall

Severance Hall is another gem in University Circle. The stunning Art Deco building is home to the Cleveland Orchestra, widely regarded as one of the world’s best orchestras.

West Side Market

In 1973, Cleveland’s West Side Market was honored with a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. Located in the Ohio City neighborhood, the market was built in 1840 and today is a favorite place for buying local produce and ethnic treats, including Irish, Slovenian, German and Polish foods.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Other notable places worth a visit in Cleveland include the award-winning Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, the grand Old Arcade building, the Old Stone Church, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage and the Christmas Story House, where the 1983 holiday classic was filmed.

Cleveland Dining

Cleveland, Ohio is known for its wide selection of fine dining experiences, delicious eateries and family-friendly restaurants that everyone can enjoy. When you’re looking to fill your stomach, there are many different options within Cleveland whether you’re eating on a budget or are looking for a luxurious spot to dine. Dine along the shores of Lake Eerie in restaurants that serve entrees that are sure to satisfy all taste palates.

Melt Bar & Grilled

The Melt Bar & Grilled in Cleveland serves up some of the area’s very best subs, sandwiches, and BBQ chicken. Open for lunch and dinner, this is one spot that you will not want to miss on a trip to Cleveland. Diners are served large portions in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. Choose to order takeout or dine on the outdoor patio. One of Melt’s signature dishes in the Parmageddon, a deliciously large sandwich served with melted parmigiana cheese.

Fat Heads Brewery & Saloon

Fat Heads Brewery & Saloon is an affordable, family-friendly restaurant. Here you will find entrees that include burgers, sandwiches, and pub food such as chicken fingers and wings. For more than 15 years, Fat Heads has been one of Cleveland’s most popular restaurants. Enjoy fast service and some favorites such as The Full Cleveland, a huge sandwich filled with bratwurst, kielbasa, Swiss cheese, mustard, and Thousand Island dressing. You’ll even find a variety of craft beers that go perfectly with your desired entree.


When looking for the best spot for Italian cuisine, there’s no better place to go than to Luigi’s. This Italian restaurant serves authentic Italian favorites such as spaghetti and meatballs, stuffed shells, and eggplant parmigiana. Even split a pizza with the whole family, complete with the toppings of your choice. Subs are served hot or cold and this old-school atmosphere is one that keeps customers coming back week after week.


This luxurious steakhouse serves American, French and International cuisine that will appeal to all types of taste buds. Lola! is located in the Warehouse District of Cleveland. Some popular entrees that diners will find on the menu include grilled lamb heart, duck breast and beef hanger steak. Experience tons of flavor in these unique dishes designed by chef Michael Symon. Whether you choose fish, poultry or red meat as your main course, you are sure to be pleased with the entire experience from the way the entree is presented on the plate to the friendly service and mouth-watering taste that each meal provides diners with.

Cleveland Events

Marc’s Great American Rib Cook-Off & Music Festival

For a finger-lickin time, head on over to Marc’s Great American Rib Cook-Off & Music Festival. Held every May in downtown Cleveland, this barbeque festival combines the heartiness of a good meal with the soul of the local music scene. Enjoy ribs, shish kebabs, and delicious pork sandwiches while musicians of every genre vie for the honor of the loudest cheers. The only limits are the ones imposed by your belt loops!

St. Patrick Day’s Parade

Grab your shamrocks and a merry cup of ale, because the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of Cleveland’s biggest celebrations of the year, drawing a record-breaking 500,000 people in 2012 alone. From marching bands to giant helium leprechauns, it’s an event filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and of course, plenty of good old-fashioned Irish drinking. You’ll also enjoy a great sense of community as you stand among two hundred floats and a sea of spectators decked out in green, and isn’t that what Irish culture is all about?

First Night Akron

Not a fan of alcohol? Hit Cleveland in the New Year instead, where First Night Akron is appropriate for visitors of all ages. Held at various locations downtown but inevitably spilling into the streets as the night progresses, First Night Akron is a city-wide celebration for the excitement of a brand new year. You’ll enjoy everything from fireworks to live music to children running around in their not-quite-retired Halloween costumes. You don’t have to say goodbye to your holiday spirit just yet, not with First Night Akron!

Ingenuity Cleveland

Ingenuity Cleveland combines fun and education to create one of the most unique events in the United States. Part festival, part science fair, it’s all about exploring the possibilities of science, math and engineering, offering everything from light shows to build-it-yourself technology stalls. There are also artists camped in colorful booths and musicians providing a steady stream of live entertainment. Best of all, you can get this entire experience without paying a dime: Ingenuity Cleveland is completely free!

Bazaar Bizarre West

Empty your pockets at Bazaar Bizarre West, a quirky outdoor market that springs into existence just one weekend a year. The name of the game is DIY, and in the stalls of the Bazaar you’ll have your pick of candles, knits, household wares, printed art collections and handmade jewelry. The Bazaar was originally started as a DIY movement in Boston but has since expanded to Cleveland, Los Angeles and San Fransisco, connecting an entire army of artists and craft enthusiasts. Feel like joining the movement?

Family Fun near Downtown Cleveland

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Both adults and kids will enjoy going to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. This zoo is set among 165 wood acres and features animals all over the world. Whether you want to see a tiger or monkey, you will be able to find it at this great zoo. Some of the most fascinating exhibits featured at this zoo include the Wolf Wilderness, African Elephants and Australian Adventure.

Lake Farmpark

Lake Farmpark is one of the best places you can take your kids to in Cleveland. This working farm is located outside of the downtown area and features about 50 different breeds of livestock. The entire family will have a lot of fun watching demonstrations of machine and hand milking, cheese making and ice cream making. Your kids will also have a blast petting some of the animals at the farm including goats, horses, and pigs.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is not just for adults; this attraction can also be enjoyed by children. The museum features profiles of all Rock Hall inductees, handwritten lyrics and thousands of pieces of memorabilia. Everyone will love admiring the famous guitars on the walls and listening to different rock artists’ music on headphones.

Cleveland Museum of Art

If you are looking for a free attraction to go to with your kids, you should visit the Cleveland Museum of Art. It is filled with more than 43,000 works of art from different genres and offers a learning experience for children. Kids will especially enjoy the armor court, which is an interior courtyard that is filled with medieval tapestry, weapons and suits of armor.

Edgewater State Park

Edgewater State Park is a place you have to stop by when you are in Cleveland. It is so beautiful and offers some of the best views of Cleveland’s skyline. When you are here with your family, you can go hiking on the trails, eat a picnic lunch and swim in the lake. This park also offers a playground for your children to play in.

Greater Cleveland Aquarium

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium is one of the newer attractions in Cleveland and offers fun for the entire family. The aquarium features over a million gallons of water and all the underwater creatures you can imagine. Some of the most popular exhibits at this aquarium include Coastal Zone, Shark Tank and Weird and Wonderful.

Shopping near Downtown Cleveland

In Ohio on the banks of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a busy modern city with much to see and do. Golf courses, spectator sports, cultural events and amusement parks are some of the attractions. With a large share of its economy based on manufacturing and finances and with its population of about 400,000, Cleveland is a great place to live as well as visit. Residents and guests to the city also have a generous selection for all their shopping needs. Here are some examples of favorite places to shop:

b. a. Sweetie Candy Company

A little out of the way to locate, this candy shop has the candy that cannot be found anywhere else. An extremely fun store in which to shop, customers, pick and purchase the candy of their childhood. They can bring kids or come with friends and feel like kids wanting to buy out the store. One of the shop’s winning offers is candy combinations by decade. People can select gift packages stuffed with the candy that was popular in the decade of their or their loved one’s childhood like say in the 1960s or 1970s.

Campbell’s Sweets Factory

Found in West Side Market as well as on W. 25th Street, Campbell’s Sweets Factory is a specialty shop of popcorn and cupcakes. Candies and other delectable sweets are also found in this store.

Tower City Center

An exciting shopping experience, the Tower City Center in Public Square is an exquisite demonstration of Art Deco architecture. Building began on the site in 1922. The entire family can spend a day in this stunning complex. Besides the many different shops that call the complex home, restaurants and a theatre, as well as offices and condominiums, are found in the Tower City Center.

The Arcade

A beloved historic building, The Arcade was built in the 1890s. With the grandeur of the Victorian era, this building stands five stories high. The interior is stunning compared to the exterior. Inside the newly restored structure, boutique shops and interesting dining opportunities are numerous. The Arcade is also a perfect place for a group event like a wedding celebration.

West Side Market

In the neighborhood of Ohio City, the West Side Market is an amazing and historic indoor public market. The market is Cleveland’s oldest enclosed shopping establishment, a well-loved landmark with a pleasant atmosphere. Local produce, fresh meats, and a restaurant are some of what is found inside the market. The structure’s architecture is beautiful and the interior is kept clean.

Map of Hotels in Cleveland

  1. Hopkins International Airport – Find hotels near Fairview Park & Berea.
  2. Cleveland Downtown – Find hotels near Terminal Tower & Willard Park.
  3. Cleveland State University – Find hotels near Industrial Valley & Krenzler Field.
  4. Cleveland Botanical Garden – Find hotels near Wade Park & Cleveland Museum of Art.
  5. Cleveland Metro parks Zoo – Find hotels at Brooklyn & Harmony Park.
  6. Cleveland Museum of Art – Find hotels near Lagoon & Van Horn Field.
  7. Cleveland Industrial Valley – Find hotels near Tremont Park & Ohio City.