LA LA Land Tour – Visit the Iconic Filming Locations

LA LA Land Film Locations Tour

Los Angeles is home to some of the most iconic movie locations in the world, and a tour of LA La Land filming spots is a great way to pay tribute to the critically acclaimed romantic musical. From classic landmarks to lesser-known gems, here’s our guide to exploring some of the best LA La Land filming locations.

See Hollywood where you’ll find the You Are a Star Mural, the exterior of Seb’s, the studio lot where Mia is a star, and the Chateau Marmont, the hotel where she stays when she’s made it big.

Then we go to Downtown LA to see Grand Central Market where Mia and Seb had lunch and Angel’s Flight where they had a romantic funicular ride. A ride on Angel’s Flight is included!

105 Freeway Interchange

The 105 Freeway Interchange is one of the most iconic filming locations seen in the critically acclaimed musical “La La Land”. This scene, which was featured prominently in both the movie’s trailer and its final cut, sees our protagonists Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) singing and dancing atop a highway overpass.

105 Freeway Interchange
105 Freeway Interchange Freeway Dance

Located in the heart of Los Angeles County, the 105 Freeway Interchange stretches for miles across the landscape, offering stunning views of surrounding suburbs, mountains, and cityscapes. The visual beauty of this location has long made it appealing as a filming destination, as evidenced by the fact that it has been used in countless films and television shows over the years.

The logistics of shooting at such a large site are often complicated, but the production team behind La La Land managed to pull it off flawlessly. From stunt driving on the freeway itself to daring choreography atop an overpass, this ambitious sequence comes together beautifully and provides viewers with a memorable climax to the film.

Whether you’re a La La Land fan seeking to explore some of their favorite scenes or simply a curious traveler looking for a unique experience, you’ll find plenty to marvel at during your visit to the 105 Freeway Interchange.

Watts Towers

Next, it’s Watt’s Towers, one of their visits in their dating montage. Take in the quirky art installation Seb and Mia visit.

This spectacular sight is a series of interconnected towers, whimsically covered in brightly colored shards of glass and ceramics. The towers were created almost entirely by local resident Simon Rodia, a construction worker who dedicated 34 years of his life to building these works of art. Standing on the grounds, surrounded by the towers’ intricate beauty, it’s easy to understand why they have since become an iconic part of LA’s landscape.

Watts Towers La La Land
La La Land – Filming Location – Watts Towers: Final, Fantasy Musical Montage

Of course, the Watts Towers are also popular among filmmakers due to their unique aesthetic. Films such as The Pursuit of Happyness and Hancock have featured them prominently, making them easily recognizable landmarks for movie fans all over the world. Whether it’s for a quick photo opportunity or a longer visit to take in the atmosphere, visitors can’t help but be awestruck by these magnificent structures. It truly is a testament to Rodia’s love and dedication to building something that will last for generations to come.

Grand Central Market, Downtown LA

The next stop is another beloved filming locale: Grand Central Market. Trace the steps of Seb’s and Mia’s dating scenes — they ride the famous funicular and eat at barstools at Grand Central.

La La Land - Filming Locations: Grand Central Market
La La Land – Filming Locations: Grand Central Market

Prominently featured in both La La Land and 500 Days of Summer, this bustling marketplace offers a variety of culinary delights, souvenirs, and vintage finds. Whether you sample some delectable dishes, browse through eclectic stores, or just relax to the rhythm of the crowd, Grand Central Market is certainly worth a visit!

Angels Flight® Railway

One of the most iconic filming locations in LA LA Land is Angels Flight, a railway that links Bunker Hill with Grand Central Market. Built in 1901, the quaint funicular railway has been featured in many films and television shows over the years, but its most well-known appearance is in the 2016 romantic musical. In the film, Sebastian takes Mia on a ride up Bunker Hill in one of Angels Flight’s vintage cars, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views as they ascend the hill.

Angels Flight LA LA Land filming location
Angels Flight® Railway | Los Angeles Landmark since 1901, LA LA Land filming location – YouTube

The charming scene offers viewers an interesting glimpse not only into the lives of the protagonists but also into a unique part of Los Angeles’s history. While some of the location’s period features have been preserved, like its original doorbells and benches, there are now more modern touches too, including new safety measures for passengers and computerized ticketing. Nonetheless, a ride on Angels Flight is still an unforgettable experience that celebrates both the nostalgia of yesteryear and LA’s vibrant energy today.

Hollywood – Murals and Studios

One of the most iconic locations from La La Land where Mia (Emma Stone) works as an aspiring actress is a quaint film studio tucked away on North Las Palmas Avenue in Hollywood. The bright and vibrant murals that adorn the walls of the studio perfectly capture the magical, dream-like atmosphere of La La Land. Throughout the movie, the murals serve as a reminder of Mia’s quest to make her dreams come true. They also give viewers an insight into her creative process – the multi-colored strokes symbolize Mia’s urges to create beauty and passion with her art.

Hollywood Mural La La Land
As she walks south down the west side of Argyle Avenue, just south of Franklin Ave., Mia passes a mural created by artist Dan Collins in 1986. Located on the east-facing wall of Hollywood Bowl Self-Storage at 1847 Argyle Avenue, this untitled work is part of a series of Hollywood-related murals adorning the walls of the storage facility. To the north of its main entrance, it can be found with ease. A short distance away lies the well-known landmark from which the business takes its name, the Hollywood Bowl.

The production team behind La La Land also shot at several other Hollywood locations, including downtown Los Angeles and Griffith Park. However, it was the murals and studio on North Las Palmas Avenue that truly captured the essence of Mia’s journey and the overall theme of chasing your dreams, no matter how far away they may seem.

Angelino Heights

Next, we’ll head over to the Angelino Heights neighborhood, which was used for several exterior shots in the film. Here you’ll find the historic Garnier Building and other 19th-century structures, which lend an immersive old-world charm to your LA La Land experience.

The Angelino Heights Historic District is populated by some of Los Angeles’ oldest houses, many of which were built in the 1800s. These stately homes have been meticulously preserved, giving visitors an opportunity to get a glimpse into what life was like over a century ago.

These beautiful old homes also provided the perfect setting for LA LA Land’s dreamy romantic scenes. During filming, cast and crew members took great care to respect the area’s historic significance, ensuring that the process didn’t disrupt the district’s character or charm.
Visitors can take a walking tour of the area to check out all the locations where LA LA Land was filmed, including the iconic stairs leading up to Seb and Mia’s house. It’s a great way to explore this vibrant neighborhood and experience its rich history.

Hollywood Sign

Another highly popular spot among tourists is the infamous Hollywood Sign. Immortalized in dozens of films, this landmark is unique in that it can be seen from various points across Los Angeles, including our next stop – Griffith Park. Though visitors are prohibited from entering the actual fenced-off area, it’s still possible to snap pictures from afar.

Griffith Park

In La La Land, Griffith Park serves as a source of inspiration for Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). The duo stroll through the lush grounds, take picturesque views overlooking Los Angeles, and have a romantic dance sequence at the Griffith Observatory. With so much to offer, it’s no surprise why this outdoor setting was chosen as the perfect backdrop for a classic movie.

Griffith Park La La Land Location
La La Land” Locations – Movie Sets From “La La Land”

Take a guided tour of Griffith Park, where Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling embarked on their romantic journey as they sang their rendition of “A Lovely Night”. Watch as you re-capture the enchanting ambiance that created such a heartfelt moment between the two stars and get ready to be swept away by romance. With its stunning landscape visuals and unique atmosphere, this location is surely a must-see for any fan of the movie.

Griffith Observatory

Visit one of the most celebrated attractions in Los Angeles – The Griffith Observatory. This beautiful building was featured prominently in the movie during a two-minute dance sequence that left an everlasting impression on millions of viewers. You will now have the opportunity to re-live this wondrous moment by taking a leisurely walk around the Observatory grounds with your tour guide highlighting its glorious architecture and sharing interesting facts about it along the way.

This is where Ryan Gosling’s character, Sebastian, takes Emma Stone’s character, Mia, for their first date. After enjoying the spectacular views, you can visit the charming house on South Burlington Avenue where Mia lives. The exterior of her house features prominently in many scenes throughout the movie.

Do some steps of your own on the exact spot of the dance sequence overlooking the city lights.

Hermosa Beach Pier

Our next destination is Hermosa Beach Pier, where Ryan and Emma took a passionate waltz in one of the film’s dreamiest sequences. On your way there, make sure to admire the iconic Venice Skate Park, as well as numerous picturesque landscaped areas.

Hermosa Beach Pier
Hermosa Beach Pier

Finally, no trip to Los Angeles would be complete without a visit to the Hollywood Sign, which is featured prominently at the end of the movie. A hike up the nearby Mt. Lee will give you a breathtaking view of this landmark – just make sure you get there early before the crowds come!

Lighthouse Cafe – Hermosa Beach

If you have some extra time, go to Hermosa Beach to see the Lighthouse Cafe, where Seb preaches jazz to Mia, and the Hermosa Pier where he sings and dances. Located just off the pier at 205 Hampton Drive, this charming beach-side café serves up classic American fare with unbeatable views of the ocean. Sip on a handcrafted latte while you take in the scenery, or catch one of their regular blues and jazz nights to get into the “La La Land” spirit.

La La Land - The Lighthouse Cafe
Lighthouse Cafe – Hermosa Beach

The café was used as a filming location for the opening scene of the movie, where Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) performs a lively improvisation on his piano, which can still be seen in a corner of the restaurant today. Make sure you take a detour to the Lighthouse Café when you’re exploring the beautiful Hermosa Beach coastline – it’s an unforgettable experience that will transport you right into the world of “La La Land.”

Chateau Marmont

One of the highlights of any LA LA Land Filming Locations Tour is a visit to Chateau Marmont, the iconic Hollywood hotel where the magical opening scene of the movie was filmed. Located in the heart of West Hollywood, this castle-like structure has been the backdrop of many classic films over the years, and its classic charm can be seen in all its glory in LA LA Land.

Chateau Marmont
Five years later, Mia arrived at the iconic Chateau Marmont hotel, overlooking Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Pulling her car into the valet station, Mia was overcome with both relief and excitement. After years of hard work, she had finally achieved her lifelong dream of owning a successful fashion business. Looking around at the luxury cars parked around her, Mia allowed herself to revel in the moment – this was what success felt like. She was ready to take on whatever the future held.

The exterior shots were simply breathtaking, with thousands of twinkling lights casting a spellbinding glow on the property’s famous wrought iron gates. Inside, the hotel itself served as the perfect setting for key moments in the movie. From romantic dinners to heartfelt conversations between characters, Chateau Marmont made an indelible impression on both viewers and stars alike. It is no surprise that this stunning venue is still one of the top destinations for filmmakers today!

Final Word

From popular tourist spots to hidden gems, this LA LA Land filming locations tour provides a unique glimpse into the captivating scenes depicted in this beloved movie. So don’t miss your chance to visit these iconic sites and immerse yourself in the magical world of LA La Land.

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