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Recapturing the True Spirit of Travel

Railroad travel still evokes a sense of adventure within me. It awakens a feeling of excitement for what’s coming that other modes of transportation don’t.

The Glacier Express
The Glacier Express, Switzerland © RhB

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow a train brings me to the destination – It’s about recapturing the true spirit of travel; a sense of a romantic feeling of a bygone era when travelers still had time ‘to spare’. It’s not about getting there as fast as possible – it’s about the journey itself – the promise of a little adventure while traveling.

Paul Theroux calls train travel “one of the laziest ways on earth of passing time.”

Nowadays, time is luxury, a luxury we don’t always allow ourselves to enjoy in our fast paste time where everything has to be done yesterday. We are restless and efficient, even when we go on holiday.

Every time I take a train trip – be that for a vacation or just a local ride – I relax instantly, and I just “let things happen.” I enjoy the ride, the view out the window to the passing landscape or a chat with fellow travelers. What kind of travel is more relaxing than that?

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