About Us

Downtown Hotel Service is a global distribution to help visitors book a reservation near their desired location. They also provide luxury marketing support to make the process easy and simple. With interactive maps, access to car rentals and history about the city itself. Downtown Hotel Service is a great start is a great vacation. They also provide information to visitors about some of the local attractions and cultural sites, like museums and monuments that are close by, as well as shopping centers and local restaurants for a great dining experience.

With over 60 cities available within the United States and Canada, Downtown Hotel Service is great for finding the best hotel for the best value. There are over 25 hotels offered within each city. Downtown Hotel Service gives guests a way to book their hotel and a car rental all at once, for business travelers and families.

Downtown Hotel Service offers the lowest rates on the net. AAA and Mobil Travel Guide inspect each of the hotels with high standards. Each hotel is graded by a strict global standard, so guests know they are getting the best quality in any hotel they book. Downtown Hotel Service offers intercontinental hotels so guests can choose from luxury hotels or best value hotels.

The headquarters that are located in 10 regional offices around the United States, and they offer enhanced services to give a more luxurious experience to each guest, such as Leading Market Services, Leading Quality Assurance, Leading Group Sales and Leading Financial.

Visitors can find comfort and ease of mind when booking with Downtown Hotel Service. Experienced Travels agents are ready to help guests book a great hotel at the best rate.