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Drinking Around the World at Epcot

Drinking Around the World at Epcot

Drink Around the World Epcot 2024 In December we traveled the world in one day… at Epcot. We went to…

Amazing Things to Do at Disney for 2024

Walt Disney once said ‘It all started with a Mouse’. Without Walt, of course, there would never have been Disney World. Sadly he died in 1966 and never saw his vision of the ultimate Disney World become reality. As a child, I used to dream of going to Disney World but that was something that was just so way out of reach it seemed impossible. For a start, I lived 5,000 miles away and secondly, there was no way my parents could afford to take me there.

Disney World Secrets

These posts are designed to help you save time and money at Disney World. Lots of general information to get you started planning your Disney World family vacation.

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Disney World Secrets – What You Really Need To Know

Would you like to learn the ultimate Disney World secrets to make sure you have a very special Disney family vacation? Walt Disney World is known as The Happiest Place on Earth for a reason – it is the best place for a truly magical vac…

Walt Disney World Ticket

Confused about all the Disney World ticket options and want to know how to get the best deal? Well, you are certainly not alone. One of the biggest and most common questions about Disney World is how do you find the right ticket and can you really sav…

Affordable Disney World Vacation

A Walt Disney World vacation is the trip of a lifetime – but how can you make it more affordable? The costs add up but there are many ways to save at the Disney theme parks. So how can you have an affordable Disney World vacation? As Walt Disney said…

Disney World Vacation Package

A Disney World vacation package may be the best option for your family – but how are you going to decide if it is the right thing for you. Disney World Resort Hotels offer some fabulous options for all budgets – from the budget-conscious All Star Re…

Disney World Family Vacation

Want to make the very best of your Disney World family vacation? Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth but it does take some advance planning to get the most from your family vacation experience. Disney World is one of those vacation spots…

Disney World Dining and Restaurants

Disney World has some amazing restaurants. If you want to dine with a Disney Princess, experience cuisine from around the world, or enjoy a romantic dinner there is something for everyone at Disney World.

Walt Disney World Character Dining

Dining with a Disney character on your Disney World vacation is a great and of course very unique option.  But is it for you?  If you decide you want to dine with Mickey Mouse ( or a Disney Princess or even a chip monk) how do you dec…

Disney World Dining

Disney World Florida has some fabulous dining choices, ranging from fast food to fine dining.  A very popular choice  Disney dining choice is a  character meal. Dine with all your favorite Disney World characters!

Walt Disney World’s Dining Plan

Are you wondering whether the Disney Dining Plan is a good option for your family? The Dining Plan is available to all guests staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel. It can be a great way to budget for all your family meals whilst staying at Disney W…

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Yes, you really can dine inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom Castle at Cinderella’s Royal Table. This magical place to dine is the most popular restaurant in the whole of Walt Disney World. If you want to dine in the Magic Kingdom castle you are going to h…

Disney World Magic Kingdom

If you think of Disney World then the picture that most likely comes to mind it the iconic Cinderella Castle. Stroll down Main Street towards Cinderella’s Castle and discover the 6 magical lands all with something different to explore.

Fly on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet, take the Jungle Cruise or sail on Pirates of the Caribbean in Adventureland. Discover Tom Sawyer’s Island, ride on Big Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountain in Frontierland. Dare you venture into the Haunted Mansion in Liberty Square?

Or perhaps It’s A Small World or Dumbo in Fantasyland. For the younger ones in the family Mickey’s Toontown Fair is the one to visit – you can even take a look inside Mickey Mouse’s House! Or for a journey into the future stroll on over to Tomorrowland where you will find many attractions including Space Mountain and Buzzlighyear’s Space Ranger Spin.

Disney World Magic Kingdom Guides

Magic Kingdom Rides

Want to know more about Magic Kingdom rides? Are you a Space Mountain fan or is the Dumbo ride your favorite? Think It’s A Small World or are you more of a Big Thunder Mountain kind of person? Whatever your favorites, Disney’s Magic Kingdom has ride…

Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Cinderella Castle

Want to know the secrets of Cinderella’s Castle? Maybe even get a look at what is inside? If you think of Disney World then the first image that comes into your head is probably Cinderella’s Castle. This amazing structure is the focal point of Disney…

Disney World Rides

Which are absolutely not to be missed rides at Walt Disney World? People do often ask me which rides they should go on first and which they should make sure they definitely experience. Which would make it into your Top 10 Disney World rides? The…

Disney World EPCOT


EPCOT – The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It was Walt Disney’s vision that his second Florida theme park be an experiment in community.  A place where people could live, work and be observed in a futuristic environment. Sadly Wal…

EPCOT Monorail and Spaceship Earth

Disney’s EPCOT Illuminations

One of the most spectacular highlights of your Disney World vacation will be viewing Epcot’s amazing fireworks display – Illuminations Reflections of Earth. This extravaganza can be seen every night of the year at Disney’s Epcot just as the park closes.

EPCOT Spaceship Earth

EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth is perhaps the second most recognized symbol of Disney World. Spaceship Earth is to EPCOT as Cinderella’s Castle is to Magic Kingdom. At 180 feet high he iconic Spaceship Earth ride can be seen for miles around. It certainly h…

Disney World Epcot

Are you looking for a complete guide to Disney World’s Epcot theme park? Epcot is huge – it isn’t really possible to see it in a single day. So that makes it all the more important that you have some idea of what to expect before you arrive. Walt Disney World Epcot is perhaps the most difficult Disney theme park to describe to those who have never visited. To say that it started as Walt Disney’s idea of an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow often does not help very much!

Disney World Animal Kingdom

Disney World Animal Kingdom

Want to combine the Walt Disney World magic with the world of the Animal Kingdom? Over 1000 animals in a park of over 500 acres, Disney’s Animal Kingdom takes the concept of an animal park to a new dimension. Disney’s Animal Kingdom has rides, shows an…


Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

There aren’t many hotels in the world where you can see a giraffe from your balcony – but Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of them. This amazing African themed Disney World deluxe hotel is set in a 33-acre savanna where over 200 animals including…

Disney Hollywood Studios

Take a tour around Disney’s Hollywood Studios and see the magic of movies and television come to life. Although this is the smallest park at Walt Disney World and you can see everything in a day, it is packed with rides and shows!

Dare you to ride the Tower of Terror, are you ready for Rock N Roller Coaster? Check out every popular Voyage of the Little Mermaid, or join your favorite characters in the new Toy Story Midway Mania. Or even compete in Disney’s own American Idol!

Disney World Hollywood Studios Guides

The New Name For Disney MGM Studios

Confused about the name? Disney Hollywood Studios used to be known as Disney MGM Studios. The name may have changed but the park is still packed full of things to enjoy!

Disney MGM Studios

Opening on May 1st, 1989 Disney World MGM Studios is the smallest of the Walt Disney World theme parks.  If you can call 135 acres small!  Disney MGM Studios is packed with rides and entertainment. Disney MGM Studios is now called Disney Hollywood Studios.

Disney World Hollywood Studios

So what is Walt Disney World Disney Hollywood studios? It is the new name for MGM Studios in Walt Disney World Florida. People often wondered about the MGM Studios name – and this was just one of the reasons it has now been changed. But the new Disne…

Disney World Roller Coasters

Disney World may be the most magical place on earth but it also has some pretty spectacular roller coasters. Magic Kingdom has the mountains. The Disney classic roller coasters Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. If you want to accelerate from…

Disney World’s Tower of Terror

Dare you experience Disney’s Tower of Terror? Prepare to be scared by the ghosts of the Hollywood Tower Hotel before falling 13 stories down an elevator shaft! The Hollywood Tower Hotel opened at Disney World in 1994 and has been terrifying guests o…

Disney World Tickets

Which is the best Walt Disney World ticket?

The Disney World ticket system can be complicated at first glance so here are my guides.

Want to know where to buy discount Disney tickets safely? I recommend an Authorized Disney Ticket Dealer Orlando Fun Tickets .

Walt Disney World Ticket

Confused about all the Disney World ticket options and want to know how to get the best deal? Well, you are certainly not alone. One of the biggest and most common questions about Disney World is how do you find the right ticket and can you really sav…

Disney World Park Hopper Tickets

There is so much to see at Walt Disney World and so many variations of ticket options. A base Disney World Ticket is for one park on one day. But what if you want to visit the Magic Kingdom in the morning but travel to Epcot in the evening? Or spend the…

Disney World Water Parks

Will you choose Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach?

Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Want to plunge down a water slide at 60mph? Or relax and drift around Disney’s favorite water park in a raft? Whatever you prefer then you will find Blizzard Beach has something for everyone. Disney World Blizzard Beach legend has it that after a ve…

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Are you ready for one of the most innovative and exciting water parks you will ever experience? Pack up your swimming gear and head to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon! Whether you want to ride the crest of a wave in the Surf Pool, swim with the fish in the…

Disney Cruise Lines

The Secrets of A Great Disney Cruise

Have you ever dreamed of a Disney Cruise? For over a decade Disney cruise line has transported thousands of passengers on a magical journey on the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic ships. Now they are all set to expand with two more Disney ships set to…

Disney Christmas Cruise

What better way to celebrate Christmas and the Holidays than with a Disney cruise? Put together the Magic of Disney and the Wonder of the Holidays and you have a Dream cruise combination.    There are many different Disney Christmas cr…

Disney Magic Cruises

There has never been a better time to sail on a Disney Magic Cruise. There are a number of special itinerary Disney Magic Cruises for 2010 including Caribbean, Mediterranean, Transatlantic, and Northern European cruises. And of course, there is the ex.