Ultimate Disney Wedding Experience

How to Transform a Disney Vacation into a Wedding to Remember

Every year more than 1,600 couples from around the globe travel to Disney World, Florida, with family and friends to combine their wedding with the holiday of a lifetime.

When it comes to the world of weddings, industry experts say the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is considered one of the top destination wedding venues, and one of the best honeymoon destinations to match. Since they started hosting weddings in 1991, more than 30,000 couples have vowed to live happily ever after with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings.

Whether their dream wedding is a simple but stylish affair, or a fantasy extravaganza, when a couple decides to tie the knot in the happiest place on earth, they have the chance to create their own Disney production. From Cinderella Style weddings with Royal Balls mingling with their favorite Disney characters to intimate affairs with only their closest family and friends, Disney World is able to cater for it all.

Themed Weddings Can be Held in Various Disney World Parks

With Disney’s incredible parks at their disposal, happy couples and their wedding planners can let their imaginations run wild with themed nuptials.

Brides can arrive at an enchanted wedding in the Magic Kingdom is Cinderella’s glass coach, step out of a vintage car into their Silver Screen style wedding at Disney’s Hollywood Studio or make an entrance on horseback or in a horse-drawn carriage to a safari-themed wedding at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Disney’s Wedding Pavilion Found on a Private Island

When Disney’s Imagineers designed the Disney Wedding Pavilion in 1995, they created the perfect setting for a magical ceremony. Set on a private island near the white sandy beaches of the Seven Seas Lagoon, the glass-enclosed Wedding Pavilion is reminiscent of a Victorian summer house and picturesque in its own right.

This, combined with its uninterrupted views of the famous Cinderella Castle, has helped the Wedding Pavilion become the signature location for a Disney World Wedding.

The first wedding at the pavilion was televised live on Lifetime Television, while another couple tied the knot at the popular location on the 10th anniversary of The Oprah Winfrey Show, complete with performances by Celine Dion and Regina Belle.

Up to six weddings can be held in the pavilion each day, with up to 12 weddings held on the various Walt Disney World properties. Wedding prices start at $4,500 for two people, or $10,000 for 20 guests or more. The average Disney wedding costs around $20,000 for 50 friends and family.

Disney World Popular Location to Renew Wedding Vows

Whether they met at Disney World, got married there the first time around, or just always wanted the chance to tie the knot at the famous location, an increasing number of married couples are heading to Disney to renew their vows.

After noticing the trend, Disney Fairy Tale Weddings started to offer customized vow renewals as part of the service. George Aguel, vice president of sales and services, Walt Disney Attractions, says he’s delighted that so many people choose Disney as the place to reaffirm their love.One of the obvious bonuses of a Disney Wedding is that the happy couple isn’t the only ones who are able to enjoy a special holiday afterward. For friends and family who have traveled across the country, or around the world, it’s the perfect chance to explore the theme parks, and all of the Disney magic on offer.

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