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Families are no longer content with car tours and warm-weather vacation destinations. They are constantly expanding their choices to include exotic adventure and international destinations for their family getaways.

I offer lots of suggestions that are easily overlooked. They range from hiking vacations in Alaska to animal safaris in the Serengeti Plains of East Africa. I also provide ideas for the “traditionalists.” They will find information on beach and theme park destinations.

As family travel explodes around the world, we want to share the best family vacation ideas to help families create memorable holidays.

Fun Destination Guide for Kids

The biggest thing, after obvious safety concerns, is to help keep your little ones entertained, while teaching them a few things in the process.  Our destination guides aim to strike a balance between your children’s needs while finding ways for the adults to stay entertained and engaged at the same time.  Whether your travels take you to Orlando, Madrid, Ireland, or anywhere else in this beautiful world, we’ll have you covered.

Additionally, we also publish tip articles to help you with the technical aspects of traveling with a family.  Looking for games to play with your kids while on a road trip to the Rockies?  We have the info on that.  Not sure what additional things you should pack when heading off on an excursion with your children.  We have that covered, too.  Whatever your concerns are, we work hard to produce top-quality content to keep your family informed on the issues you need to consider before and during your journeys through this amazing world.

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Thanks for dropping by, and we wish you and your family safe and fun travels through this wonderful world of ours!

Family vacations are a great opportunity to have fun with all your loved ones and at the same time strengthen the bonds with mom, dad, daughter, and son; it can be quite an adventure with the only purpose of having fun; Many family-friendly places are available to select from, and no matter where you go, you and your family are going to have a wonderful time. The memories you will make for your family are priceless, and here I’d like to suggest three places full of enchantment to visit on your next trip.

My Favorite Family Vacation Destinations


First and foremost, Colorado is home to our grandsons and their parents. Our favorite activity is hiking in the Rockies. The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs is our favorite place to stay.

Tanzania, East Africa

Great animal parks include the Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, and the Ngorongoro Crater. The most amazing event — the annual wildebeest migration. Mount Kilimanjaro.


Beautiful Greek Isles, Ancient ruins in Athens and Corinth. Great food.

New Mexico

Make Albuquerque your headquarters. Old Town is a must-see. The Petroglyphs are an amazing picture record of early inhabitants. Visit the Acomo Indian Pueblo west of Albuquerque. Take a circle to the north to visit Los Alamos, the Bandelier National Monuments with its cliff-dwellings, and Taos with its pueblos. On your way back to Albuquerque, spend some time in Santa Fe. If you are in Albuquerque in October, be sure to take in the Balloon Festival — a colorful sight.


Making our base in Richmond, we were no more than an hour and a half drive to many of the key sites in American history — Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Appomattox, Petersburg, Alexandria. We had to make several visits to the area to cover the landscape. Then Washington, DC is just across the Potomac River from Virginia. An educational vacation for the family that will instill pride in and inspire patriotism for America.