Grand Canyon Family Hot Spots for Summer Vacation

If your children aren’t thrilled at the thought of a family vacation to the Grand Canyon, let them know that there’s more to the trip than staring at a giant hole in the ground. The Grand Canyon is often more fun for adults than it is for kids, but it’s a trip that everyone can enjoy if you plan family-friendly activities. Here are some top-rated attractions that will get the kids excited about the family vacation:

  1. North Rim
    The North Rim is much less crowded than the South Rim and will allow for much clearer views of the canyon below. Rather than having to lift small children onto your shoulders to give them a great view, they can have excellent views standing on their own two feet. Bright Angel Point provides views of the rim’s only source of water and Point Imperial is the highest point on the rim at 8,803 feet.
  2. Havasu Falls
    Though the hike to the falls will take more than a single day, the end reward is more than worth it. Crystal blue waters and gushing falls will make you forget where you are. The hike is approximately ten miles long and is gorgeous in its own right, but the falls are simply stunning. Make plans to camp on the way to the falls and on the way back to your starting point so the kiddos don’t tire out.
  3. Colorado River Rafting
    Rather than looking at the canyon from the top-down, why not look at it from the bottom up? Rides between Glen Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry are calm and easy, while trips between Diamond Creek and Lake Mead offer rafters more of a challenge. If rowing doesn’t sound appealing, head over to Wilderness River Adventures or Moki Mac River Expeditions and book a motorized raft tour of the famous river.
  4. Grand Canyon Railway
    A train trip is something your family doesn’t get to experience every day and this train is incredibly popular among tourists. Originally used to transport ore, the railway is now used to transport tourists between Williams and Grand Canyon Depot on the South Rim. You can choose from four different classes aboard the train: coach, first-class, observation dome, and luxury parlor. You can catch the train in Williams at 9:30 am daily and at Grand Canyon Village at 3:30 pm every day of the week.
  5. Grand Canyon Skywalk
    The Grand Canyon Skywalk is not for the weak-hearted. The walkway is made of transparent glass, giving the visitors a unique perspective of the earth below. Though detractors originally worried that the Skywalk would take away from the natural aesthetic of the area, the walkway has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Grand Canyon.

Don’t let your children make the mistake of thinking that family vacation to the Grand Canyon will be boring. There is so much to see and do at the Canyon that you can easily spend a week there and still not have done everything. With all of the family-friendly activities in the area, you’re guaranteed to have one of the best vacations of your life.

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