Ultimate Luxury Accommodations : Rent A Private Island

Most Exclusive Private Islands

Who doesn’t have fantasies about strolling around on your own private island with your significant other? or that significantly beautiful stranger?…a skinny dip in the lagoon….eating fresh catch that you just speared…or just relaxing the day away on the beach with no one for miles. Sounds pretty good to me. Guess what? It’s more affordable than you might think. Below are some island rentals for every fantasy.

Marshall Islands, South Pacific

The Castaway: Enedrik island is a 14-acre tropical paradise where you can fulfill your inner Robinson Crusoe. It’s tent camping only and the whole island is a nature and marine preserve.  The price?…$499-$999/wk depending on the time of year for the whole thing. Get there by flying into Majuro Atoll airport in the Marshall islands and taking a 75min boat transfer.

Vasteras, Sweden

The Cousteau: Utter Inn is an art project by Mikael Genberg in Lake Malaren, Sweden which offers underwater accommodation. You heard me underwater.  You enter through a typical Swedish red house on the surface it comes with an inflatable kayak to explore the surrounding uninhabited islands.  Cost?..$1750/wk to sleep with the creatures of the deep.  Get there by flying into Västerås, Sweden and then by boat.

British Columbia

The Gathering: Breakwater Island is 74 acres of pristine beauty in British Columbia and home to deer, eagles, and sea otters.  For $2025/wk you get a log cabin sleeping 6, a rock house sleeping 4, and a 16-foot outboard boat for exploring. Got a family vacation or private getaway for close friends…this is the place. Get there by flying from Vancouver to Nanaimo, taking a couple of ferries, then pick up by boat.

Avila, Spain

The Connoisseur – Isla del Castillo del Burguillo is an island with a two-story stone castle. Situated in the Burguillo reservoir of Avila, Spain it’s surrounded by vineyards and pine forests. It rents for 3150 Euros (approx $3900)/wk and sleeps up to ten people.  Get there by flying into Madrid, transfer to Avila, and then by boat.



The Getaway: Little Deadman’s Cay is a 9.5-acre private oasis in the Bahamas with just one home. With no resident staff, private beaches, and snorkeling about this place is perfect for a romantic getaway.  At $1975/wk for two adults, it’s not that bad a price either.  Get there by flying to Deadmans Cay via Nassau and then by boat.

Charles Island, Bahamas

This beautiful island features approximately fifty-five acres and is equipped with a wonderful and luxury home, swimming pools, docks and a boat. It costs under 40 million dollars and has access to the rest of the Bahamas. Another great thing about this place is that the internet service is very strong here, in case someone wants to stay in touch with the real world.

Charles Island, Bahamas Private Island
Charles Island, Bahamas {Photo Source: playeuromillions.com}

Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Huvafen Fushi can be only accessible by either seaplane or boat. However, the best thing about this beautiful island is the amazing white sand beach and the fact that it features the bluest waters of any other private island in the world. To be mentioned that this island is rented by many celebrities, due to its underwater spa and its landscape.

Huvafen Fushi, Private Island
Huvafen Fushi, Maldives (Photo Source: chababs.com)

Mataji, Fiji

Even if there are a few private islands in Fiji, Mataji is probably the nicest one, made up of two hundred and forty acres. This island also homes a volcano, but there is nothing to worry about because it’s been dormant for several years. However, Mantaji also homes a treehouse, a trail leading into the rain forest and an outdoor hot tub. This island is perfect for a truly natural feel.

Private Islands
Mataji, Fiji (Photo Source: bocadolobo.com)

Nowadays, people are having a very stressful life. Every day they need to work hard, to respect an exclusive schedule and with a little luck, they probably will have at the end of the day, an hour or two just for themselves. Unfortunately, this happens every day and beside this, there are probably other tons of problems, work problems or personal issues. Sometimes, the only thing a person can do is to take some time out and opt for a nice vacation, where they can close their eyes and forget the stress from back home. The perfect place for this kind of treatment is a private island. Believe it or not, but across the world there is a large real estate business for private islands. Some of these islands are large and others are small. If you don’t have money for buying an island, you should know that in the most recent years there was born a real trend for renting private islands. Here are three of the most beautiful and exclusive private islands in the world:

So whether you want to play Bond villain, Robinson Crusoe or The Blue Lagoon, always keep an open mind for opportunities. Living the dream can be accessible for anyone.

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