Where to Stay in Zurich

Best Areas of Zurich to Stay 2024

Zurich, the largest city in Switzerland, is well-known for its banking and financial activities. However, Zurich, which is also rich in culture, makes everyone who visits happy.

In my guide to where to stay in Zurich, you will find the best accommodation tips for enjoying quality entertainment and shopping opportunities, as well as being close to cultural venues in medieval-style streets.

Quick Zurich hotel recommendations

  • In the center, clean, high quality and relatively economical 3-star Motel One Zürich,
  • 4-star citizenM Zürich within walking distance of attractions,
  • 5-star Storchen Zürich for those looking for a luxury and quality place in a perfect location.

Best Area to Stay in Zurich

There are 4 regions you can choose for accommodation in Zurich, which is located in the north of Switzerland.

  • Altstadt (Bahnhofstrasse & Hauptbahnhof), offering enjoyable holiday experiences;
  • Aussersihl & Langstrasse, which generously offers entertainment lovers the opportunities they seek;
  • Seefeld, which is the ideal region for those planning a long-term stay in the city;
  • Enge, family-friendly accommodation on the shores of Lake Zurich.

Altstadt (Bahnhofstrasse & Hauptbahnhof)

With its medieval atmosphere, Altstadt on the Limmat River reveals the city’s social, historical, and cultural structure. As a result, the Old Town area is the first place we recommend for first-time visitors to the city.

Of course, if you want to be closer to Zurich’s most popular tourist attractions, you can stay at the Bahnhofstrasse and Hauptbahnhof hotels, which are also within the Old Town boundaries but on the opposite bank of the river.

zurich hotels Altstadt

In terms of tourist attractions, Zurich’s Altstadt district is a veritable paradise. If you plan to stay in the region’s center, cultural attractions such as Cabaret Voltaire Art Center, Zentralbibliothek Zürich, Grossmünster Church, and Zunftstadt History Museum can be included in your itinerary. You can visit Rathaus whenever you want while staying in this area, and you can see impressive performances at Kulturhaus Helferei. In fact, if your vacation is longer than 2-3 days, you should include Musée Visionnaire, Helmhaus Art Museum, and Predigerkirche on your itinerary.

You will never be sorry if you use your right of choice for the facilities near Bahnhofstrasse and Hauptbahnhof. Because I can say that the section of the Old Town on the opposite bank of the river has a much more appealing atmosphere.

There are numerous locations in the area where you can take photos that will liven up your Instagram feed. There are high-quality restaurants where you can sample Swiss specialties.

The Fraumünster Church, the Museum Strauhof, the Old Botanic Garden, and the most elegant building, the Giacometti Murals, are the most popular tourist attractions. Fans of live entertainment flock to V!OR and similar venues. The stores around Paradeplatz are the first stops for visitors looking to shop in the city.

Apart from the places mentioned above, Altstadt has a plethora of other attractions. Old town; From luxury travelers to backpackers looking for adventure, from families looking to have a good time to newlywed couples, it offers enjoyable days to visitors of various profiles.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to spend a significant amount of time on the road in order to visit the region’s most beautiful locations. Because walking allows you to get everywhere quickly.

Alstadt Hotel Recommendations

3-star Motel One Zurich:
Booking.com score 8.8.
Comfort is very good at the hotel, only 600 meters from Paradeplatz and Bahnhofstrasse.

3-star Hotel Adler:
9.0 on Booking.com.
Dating back to the 16th century, the hotel offers its guests uniquely decorated accommodation and traditional Swiss delicacies.

4-star citizenM Zurich:
9.3 on Booking.com.
Attractions close to the hotel include the Swiss National Museum, Paradeplatz, Lindenhof and Bahnhofstrasse.

4-star Hotel Schweizerhof Zurich:
9.1 on Booking.com.
Located directly opposite the central train station, the hotel attracts travelers with its location close to attractions and a high level of comfort.

5-star Storchen Zurich – Lifestyle boutique Hotel:
9.1 on Booking.com.
The luxury property on the banks of the Limmat River offers its guests the privilege of accommodation in rooms with Old City view.

Aussersihl & Langstrasse

Zurich’s cultural aspect draws more attention. However, the fact remains that it has an unexpectedly active nightlife.

Travelers who want to learn about this aspect of the city and easily get to places where they can have fun should stay in hotels within Aussersihl, or the 4th District.

Until recently, Aussersihl was known as the city’s red light district. The streets of the region were not safe at the time, and there were shady bars and sex shops everywhere. Today, the entertainment-oriented district northwest of the city center is one of Zurich’s most vibrant and interesting neighborhoods. The area is now home to underground clubs where you can party until the wee hours of the morning, stylish bars with wine menus, and numerous international restaurants.

Of course, if you want to learn about the old Aussersihl, go to Langstrasse, which is still known as the red light district.

There are green areas where you can spend a few peaceful hours after an active day, in addition to quality entertainment venues such as Alte Kaserne, Plaza Club, Stall 6 and Gonzo Nightclub. If you want to get away from the crowds, you can visit Bäckeranlage or Kasernenareal Park.

Aussersihl is better suited for leisure travelers. Furthermore, although not as frequently as in the past, there may be security issues near Langstrasse.

If you believe you will not have any problems with these conditions, you can stay in Aussersihl hotels because they are inexpensive.

Aussersihl & Langstrasse Hotel Recommendations

The Yard Zurich:
Booking.com score 8.3.
The boutique-style hotel is right above the new Garbo Bar. There is a 15-minute walk between the city center and the lake and the facility.

3-star Boutique Hotel Helvetia:
Booking.com score of 8.8.
Located on the banks of the Sihl River, the hotel is ideal for travelers focusing on accommodation options close to the Banks District and the fun-filled Kreis district.

4-star 25hours Hotel Langstrasse:
9.0 on Booking.com.
Located very close to the central train station, the distance between the hotel and Bahnhofstrasse is only 1.2 kilometers. The Swiss National Museum is a few minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Seefeld (8th District)

Seefeld, officially the 8th District, is the best Zurich accommodation area for visitors who plan to stay for more than a week. Because those who prefer this location can enjoy a relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

This region, located on the northern shore of Lake Zurich, also provides invaluable opportunities to its visitors who wish to learn about local life.

Seefeld is ideal for vacationers who want to focus on outdoor activities and museum visits. Travelers can learn about the city’s various aspects thanks to cultural facilities such as the Atelier Hermann Haller Art Museum, Ortsmuseum Zollikon, and Tram-Museum Zürich.

hotels Seefeld zurich

Visitors to Lake Zurich, Zürichhorn Park, the China Garden, and the Zurich University Botanical Garden are alone with nature.

Seefeld hotels are frequently preferred by tourists interested in the city’s cultural and historical heritage, as well as business travelers to Zurich. Because, thanks to public transportation, it is easy to reach the city’s central business districts from here.

You can also take advantage of the same amenities and travel quickly and comfortably to the city’s most popular attractions.

Seefeld Hotel Recommendations

3-star Seegarten Swiss Quality Hotel:
Booking.com score 8.8.
The Mediterranean atmosphere is intensely felt in the boutique hotel near Lake Zurich. Moreover, the property is ideal for those looking for accommodation close to the Opera House and Bahnhofstrasse.

3-star Hotel Seehof: 9.0 on Booking.com.
It takes only a few minutes to get to the heart of the Old Town from the hotel, which is located just behind the Opera House, close to the lake.

4-star Opera Hotel Zurich:
Booking.com score 8.8.
Directly opposite the elegant Opera House, the hotel operates just a 10-minute walk from the city’s most important shopping district, Bahnhofstrasse.

4-star Small Luxury Hotel Ambassador Zurich:
9.0 on Booking.com.
Very close to the Zurich Opera House and the lake, the property is known for its elegant rooms and friendly atmosphere.

Enge (2nd District)

Region 2, or Enge as it is more commonly known, is a very nice and green settlement located south of the city center. The neighborhood built on the shores of Lake Zurich, like Seefeld, is known for its peaceful atmosphere and beautiful outdoor activities.

As a result, when it comes to finding places to stay in Zurich for families with children, Enge is the first place to look.

hotels Enge zurich

Travelers who plan their Zurich vacations during the summer months can spend their days sunbathing on the city’s only natural beach, Strandbad Mythenquai, if they stay in Enge. Football enthusiasts, on the other hand, prioritize visiting the FIFA World Football Museum.

Among the relaxing activities are, of course, afternoon walks along the shores of Lake Zurich or massage treatments at Thermalbad & Spa Zürich. When it comes to spending peaceful hours, the Zurich Botanical Garden and Rieter Park should not be overlooked.

The most important advantage of Enge is that it allows its guests to stay calmly in a location close to the city center. The S-Bahn can take you in a very short time from this part of town to the historical city center.

Enge Hotel Recommendations

  • 5-star Park Hyatt Zurich:
    Booking.com score 8.8.
    The hotel is located in the heart of Zurich’s business and commercial district. However, it only takes a few minutes to reach the Old City full of landmarks from its location.
  • 5-star Alden Suite Hotel Splugenschloss Zurich:
    Booking.com score 8.7.
    Having a calm atmosphere, the hotel aims to provide its guests with a high-level accommodation experience. Moreover, it is at a point where you can easily reach popular places such as Lake Zurich and Bahnhofstrasse.

Transportation in Zurich

Zurich has an excellent public transportation system that is both convenient and safe. Within the city center, trams and buses are available to meet your transportation needs.

In this regard, whichever vehicle you prefer, you can find up-to-date information about the timetable by looking at the timetable at the stops. These charts are easily lost at stops that are rarely used, especially on cold winter days when the weather is bad. If you find yourself in this situation, you can get immediate information from ZVV’s official website.

Transportation in Zurich

The S-Bahn trains transport passengers between Zurich’s city center and its suburbs. Except for trains to the countryside, all trains from the suburbs terminate their services at the Hauptbahnhof in the city center. SBB’s mobile application provides real-time information about train services.

Ticket prices in Zurich’s public transportation system vary depending on the destination. In other words, as the number of regions that must be crossed to reach the destination increases, so does the fee.

Before boarding the vehicle, tickets must be purchased from vending machines or kiosks at the stops. Because those who intend to travel without a ticket face severe penalties if caught by officials.

Final Word on Zurich Hotels

Zurich has four regions that are candidates for providing travelers with a high-end accommodation experience.

Altstadt, where the city’s foundations were laid centuries ago, has by far the most attractions of these regions. You can make the most of your vacation by staying in hotels near Bahnhofstrasse and Hauptbahnhof.

If you want to experience Zurich’s vibrant nightlife, you can focus your search on the hotels near Aussersihl and Langstrasse.

Seefeld, on the shores of Lake Zurich, provides a quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. With its peaceful structure and outdoor activities, Enge, on the other hand, quickly becomes the first choice of families.

Hotel recommendations in Zurich

3-star Motel One Zurich, Boutique Hotel Helvetia and Seegarten Swiss Quality Hotel are properties that offer travelers affordable accommodation.

Among the facilities that those who like to stay in better quality hotels can choose from are 4-star citizenM Zurich, 25hours Hotel Langstrasse and Opera Hotel Zurich.

5-star Storchen Zurich Hotel, Park Hyatt Zurich and Alden Suite Hotel Splugenschloss Zurich are among the options that provide a high-level accommodation experience to their guests.

Map of Where to Stay in Zurich

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