Top 10 Best Washington Tourist Attractions

Washington is one of the famous state of U.S. it is wonderful place for relaxation and comfort with your loved ones and your spouse. There are many places to visit and many things to do. Washington is best place because here you can enjoy if you are old and if you are young. The city is full with spectacular landscapes and other activities for tourists.

Here are compiled top 10 most beautiful places of Washington which you should visit during your vacations or tour.

10. Richland Washington

Richland also offers several café’s and seafood places. Many tourists visit this place and also considered the best place of Washington.

9. Issaquah Washington

Issaquah is one of the best cities in Washington, and it is located near the best trails. There are many food item from you can enjoy like seafood, and coffee. If you want to eat seafood than Jack’s Grill is the better option. Many restaurants and many café’s are opened for the tourists and for international community as well. Issaquah is also very famous because of its folks, and educational activities.

8. Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo is famous and best place for your children’s. Your children will enjoy after watching wide range of several animals species. The exotic wildlife allure many tourists, here you can see almost 1200 animals, 380 different species and birds as well. There are many things you can learn about history and discovery. This is considered as the best place which is most visited place in the Washington.

7. Redmond Washington

It is located in the east side of settle, Redmond is known as the popular place of Microsoft. If you want any kind of job than visit this place here you will find several kinds of jobs about software and Microsoft. There are many famous industries like At&t and Microsoft. If you will visit this place you will definitely find out any job.

6. Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is the place offers several activities like wonderful playgrounds, Lake Chelan beautiful mountains. If you will visit this place with your family its bet you will not forget this place. Here you can enjoy in every season so don’t for any season. There are many outdoor attractions which always attract many tourists, like keying, fishing, and hiking. Here you can enjoy swimming and water spots as well.

5. Snoqualmie Waterfalls

Snoqualmie Waterfalls is considered the most beautiful and wonderful place which attract many tourist in very year. Many tourists visit this beautiful place from all over the world. If you love to take pictures and captures the memories in the pictures so must visit this place. The visitors enjoyed wonderful and breathtaking views of these waterfalls. If you want to relax for a while just stand in front of this falls you will wonderful.

4. Pike Place Market

At Pike Place Market, you can explore the one of the most famous market of Seattle. Here you can but almost all ingredients about your home, like food and other things too. There are many food stalls which you can enjoy and could not find this type of food in ordinary markets. Best place for Washington’s Cuisine.

Pike Place Market seattle

3. The Space Needle and Seattle Center

If you are thing that you visit this city, and you will not visit Space Needle and Seattle Center, than you just considered your trip uncompleted. So, for make your trip complete don’t miss this place. You can see the most wonderful and awe- inspiring views of Emerald City from 350 degree. Washington is known as the most famous city because it attracts many tourists. Your kids can also enjoy this place through media museum and skating as well.

2. Mountain Rainier National Park

Mountain Rainier National Park was built in 1880s, and also considered the best attraction for the tourists in Washington. It is usually known as the first tourist’s center. If you think that you are nature lover and through nature you will feel relax so visit this Mountain Rainier National Park. There is lot of things for tourists like, hiking, skinning, rafting, fishing, and horse riding.

1. Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is one of the best places if you want to make your tour memorable. Here you can enjoy several activities, and can see several species of animals, and wonderful wildlife as well. Here you can stay at one of the cozy and relaxed lodges. You will feel extraordinary better when you will see nature closely and wonderful, awe inspiring views of Lake Crescent as well. So why you are waiting for the wonderful place, just visit it.

Olympic National Park

Washington, Bye and Bye

AI-KI which is famous motto of Washington, the means of AI-KI is Bye and Bye, the second means of it Hope for Future. So our last bye for you to your trip which you visited and the second means for visiting this place in future.

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