Things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah

Great Things to do in Salt Lake City, Utah

Many people who travel to Utah come to Salt Lake City hoping to see the sights and take in some of the culture. There are quite a few things to do in and around the city as well, and no one, family or individual, will ever suffer from a lack of activities.

Hogle Zoo

The Hogle Zoo, located at the mouth of the Emigration Canyon, is the number one attraction in Salt Lake City. There is a lot to see and do at the zoo, including checking out the hundreds of different species of animals and a recreation of a Himalayan village that has five species of endangered cats. You can take a ride on the Zoo Train or the Conservation Carousel.

Clark Planetarium

The Clark Planetarium treats visitors to images from the Hubble Telescope, a giant Earth Globe, and an exhibit that teaches people how telescopes work. You can find plenty of other entertaining exhibits there as well. Perhaps the most impressive parts of the planetarium are the various shows shown in the domes, including Ultimate Universe, Extreme Planets, and Black Hole.

Discovery Gateway

Discovery Gateway is a children’s museum located in downtown Salt Lake City that provides both kids and grownups a great way to learn by interacting with the exhibits. The Garden offers a 30 ft tall beehive, as well as a myriad of interactive exhibits. The kids can even participate in a mock Life Flight rescue operation in a life-size helicopter on The Terrace. There is enough here to keep the family busy for the entire day!

Natural landmarks you can visit

In the southwestern part of Utah, you can visit the magnificent Mojave Desert. It is locally called the High Desert and its boundaries are defined by the existence of a type of tree called the Joshua tree, which is an indicator species for the desert. The desert is host to various types of desert fauna and flora.

In the southeastern part of the state, on the other hand, you can visit the Colorado Plateaus Province, which is a physiographic region composed of Intermontane Plateaus. It has an intriguing feature because of its geologically remarkable stability. Within the last 600 million years or so, there has been little rock deformation such as folding and faulting occurred in this thick crustal block. The plateau is a major source of petroleum, uranium, and coal.

The Great Basin is also a favorite tourist attraction in the state. It is a contiguous watershed, which is located between the Sierra Nevada and the Wasatch Mountains. It has no natural outlet going to the sea. It is also a host to many plant and animal species.

In the Wasatch Range, which is near the state’s capital of Salt Lake City, you can view the western edge of the Rocky Mountains or commonly called the Rockies. It is a broad mountain range that is located in the western part of North America. It stretches more than 3,000 miles or 4,800 kilometers from New Mexico to the northernmost part of British Columbia.

With all of these great attractions to explore, Utah has so many things to offer may it be for those who love the outdoors or those who just want to live their lives to the fullest. So, what are you waiting for? Book your next flight to a great weekend getaway at the infamous Beehive State.

Raging Waters

On those hot summer days, you may want to take a trip to Raging Waters. You can find plenty of great thrill slides, such as Blue Thunder and White Lightning, or relax on the Balboa River Expedition. There are rides and slides for kids and adults of all ages, and you can’t find many better ways to beat the heat in the summer. This is a popular attraction for both tourists and Salt Lake City locals.

The above are merely a handful of all the great attractions in Salt Lake City. This wonderful place to visit is sure to provide you will with memories to last a lifetime. For those who are thinking about traveling to Salt Lake City, check out to learn about all of the best places to stay in the area. It gives you all the details you need to have a vacation that you won’t forget.

Many people who travel to Utah especially those who avail cheap USA flights for their holidays and vacations, come to Salt Lake City hoping to see the sights and take in some of the cultures. There are quite a few things to do in and around the city as well, and no one, family or individual, will ever suffer from a lack of activities.

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