Best Turks and Caicos Beaches

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a sun-worshiper’s paradise. Mild and warm temperatures along with ample sunshine and a bounteous selection of beaches make this small group of islands the ideal choice for your next Caribbean vacation. Many travelers say the Turks and Caicos boast some of the most stunning white-sand beaches in the region.

The string of little islands that make up the Turks and Caicos has a combined 230 miles of beaches. Each coastline varies in its traits and has its own unique allure, but they all share the same quiet charm and consistently provide an atmosphere of privacy and seclusion. You can choose a sandy spot to call your own, then sit back and soak up some sultry island sun.

Little cays along the islands’ shores provide the perfect shelter from the prying eyes of other beach patrons. Some dauntless travelers are even comfortable enough to sunbathe in the nude and swim unclothed in the warm Caribbean waters.

Beaches on Providenciales

Many of the most popular beaches in the Turks and Caicos Islands are situated on Providenciales, or as it’s more commonly called, Provo. No matter where you stay in Provo, you’ll be close to gorgeous white-sand beaches, but most of the hotels are located on the island’s north shores. Beachfront condominiums and luxury hotels dot the island’s coastline. The shores of this 44-square-mile islet are lined with secluded beaches of soft coralline sand.

One of the best things about Provo’s beachfront property is that it’s almost never crowded. Visiting the beaches on this island is like discovering a secret getaway spot of your very own, where you can tranquility lounge on pristine powdery beaches. Keep in mind you may need a four-wheel drive vehicle to access some of Provo’s more remote beach-front locations.

North, South, and East Caicos

The waters off the shores of North Caicos are excellent for underwater adventures such as scuba diving or snorkeling in the shallows. Serene sandy beaches, like Whitby Beach, provide all the right elements for an afternoon stroll on the sand, searching for shells, or just lazing about the shores. If you’re looking for a little more excitement while in North Caicos, check out Horse Stable Beach. There are a number of events held here annually, as well as some hot beach parties.

In South Caicos, vacationers will find sea-foam green waves at Belle Sound beach, which has lagoon-like waters. If you head farther south in South Caicos, you’ll discover the uninhabited Big Ambergris Cay, 14 miles beyond the Fish Cays. On the northernmost shores of East Caicos, there is a stunningly beautiful 17-mile-long beach that was once a cattle range.

Grand Turk

Grand Turk is known for its amazing choices of beaches, which provide dazzling island sunsets, private and pristine spots for beach picnics, and much more. Governor’s Beach in Grand Turk is a crescent-shaped beach of fine floury white sand overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Little Bluff Point Beach is on the northern coastline of Grand Turk. This beach is covered with gorgeous seashells and is edged by a limestone cliff, providing a panoramic view of the beach’s shallow waters, mangroves, and exotic birds that frequent the beach in the summer and spring.

Salt Cay

Salt Cay has several superb beaches on its northern coast. Here, you can hunt for such treasures as pretty little shells and sea glass that have been smoothed and weathered by the ocean. Big Sand Cay is only seven miles from its neighbor, Salty Cay. Big Sand is uninhabited but popular for its unspoiled white-sand beaches.

The Turks and Caicos Islands average about 350 sun-filled days every year. If that alone doesn’t make you want to visit this gorgeous Caribbean vacation spot, the beaches will. Travelers who want to spend their getaway away from the more populated tourist destinations and crowded coastal resorts will love the atmosphere of the Turks and Caicos Islands and its amazingly beautiful beaches.

With so many islands and beaches, to choose from, it can seem a bit overwhelming. Look to detailed descriptions of many Turks and Caicos beaches, linked in the list below. These pages will help you learn what to expect when you get there – which can help you make a few more decisions.

Beach Name Location
Big Ambergris Cay north
Big Sand Cay northeast
Governor’s Beach northwest
Grace Bay Beach east
Long Bay Beach east
Malcolm’s Road Beach west
Salt Cay north
Sapodilla Bay Beach south

Final Word

Just forty years ago, the Turks and Caicos Islands were one of the quietest and least-known destinations in the West Indies.

Today, on the back of classy development on Providenciales, and great beaches and diving on all of the islands, they have become one of the most fashionable places to visit in the region.

The country comprises two groups of islands – eight inhabited and around forty uninhabited – separated by the Columbus Passage, a deep-water channel 22 miles wide and up to 6000 feet deep.

The major attractions on all of the islands are concentrated along their coasts: truly sensational white-sand beaches that stretch for miles, and world-class diving, snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing and bonefishing.

Inland, there’s not much to see other than low-lying scrubby vegetation and, particularly in the Turks Islands, large expanses of featureless salinas, from which Bermudian settlers and traders harvested salt during the islands’ early development.

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