World’s Coolest Playgrounds

Cool Playgrounds Around the World

These international fun zones make swingsets look like ancient relics. Take a look at some of the unusually cool designs that are popping up all over the world. And if you have a favorite that we didn’t include on the list (which could easily have been twice as long), please let us know in the comments.

Nishi-Rokugo, Japan

About 3,000 tires were used to create dinosaurs, monsters, bridges, slides, and swings at this cool sand-bottom playground in Tokyo. The best part about this rubber Utopia is that it’s not just for kids: while the little ones frolic about, parents can grab a tire and tube down a specially designed concrete slide.

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Parque Gulliver, Spain

Your own little Lilliputians will love this giant sculptural jungle gym inspired by the beloved children’s book. Kids can ascend the stairs up Gulliver’s arms and legs, slide down his waistcoat and hair, explore the caves in his sleeves and climb the ropes that hold him down.

Takino Hillside, Japan

Inspired by images from nature, the children’s playground at this park is built into a hillside, offering a unique sensory experience with varied lighting, changing sounds, bouncing hills, and giant beehive playhouses. The gorgeous Rainbow Nest Dome pictured here is the playground’s most beloved attraction.

Plikta Park, Sweden

Inspired by the sea life collection at the town’s history museum, this park includes six sharks and one enormous blue whale that kids can climb on, crawl through, slide down and jump off from. The 50-foot whale has a netted mouth that your own little fish can fight his or her way through, to explore the animal’s pink and white belly.

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Ghost Train, Peru

Old train ruins were given a makeover to create this colorful playground made from trashed and recycled materials. Horse-shaped tire swings, zip lines, and a number of climbing walls adorn this one-time eyesore meant for kids and adults alike.

image via basurama

City Museum, Missouri

Created from repurposed industrial objects that kids are encouraged to touch and climb, City Museum is essentially one massive jungle gym. Indoor features include a giant slinky, 10-story slide and secret tunnels. Outside the museum is MonstroCity, where airplane fuselages, fire trucks and wrought-iron netting create a post-apocalyptic scene that kids can scale and slide their way around.

City Museum, Missouri
image via St. Louis Moms

Parc de Belleville, France

While adults enjoy a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower, kids can traverse wood climbing walls, bridges and towers at this imaginative park built on a hillside. Safety is not a priority—concrete, rather than rubber breaks falls—so paranoid parents should steer clear.

Parc de Belleville - Paris tourist office

Clemyjontri Park, Virginia

Equipped with wheelchair ramps, nonslip surfaces, and special safety features, Clemyjontri is one of the few playgrounds in the world where kids with disabilities can play alongside those without. The 2-acre park consists of four colorful, themed areas that surround a working carousel.

Boadilla del Monte, Spain

This chic play spot outside Madrid is also a stunning piece of architecture. In addition to typical playground equipment, dramatic shapes throughout the airy space create playful shadows that challenge children’s imaginations and enhance their understanding of spatial relationships.

Boadilla del Monte, Spain | Timbuktu

Sculptural Playground, Germany

The giant spatial structure that makes up the majority of this park is artistic, bold and, most importantly, fun. Two undulating green steel pipes, connected by a tensioned climbing net, wind in and out of existing trees—making for a continuous play path that offers endless adventure.

Toa Payoh Lorong 6, Singapore

Most of the animal-shaped tile and sand playgrounds once popular in Singapore have been knocked down and replaced with safer varietals. This 1970s multicolored dragon, featuring a coiled and climbable body, is one of the few old-school parks still standing.

JULY BTO: Toa Payoh Preview | SG Housing Blog

Yerba Buena, California

In addition to 130,000 square feet of open play space and a turn-of-the-century carousel, this rooftop recreation area hosts an ice-skating rink and bowling center. Interactive play features include a hedge maze, sand circle, giant xylophone, tube slide, stream, and fountain.

The Science Playground, N.Y.

Part of the New York Hall of Science, children learn principles of sound, energy, motion, and simple machines as they play in this 60,000-square-foot space. Features include a 3-D spider web, massive seesaw, and vertical wave machine.

The Science Playground, NY
image via tripadvisor

Adventure Playground, California

There’s no fancy equipment at this make-your-own-adventure play space where staff members encourage children to build their own forts, boats, and towers using the tools provided. Kids who feel the need for speed can hop on the park’s zip line for some less cerebral fun.

Adventure Playground, California

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