30 Indoor Activities for Kids in Houston

Houston Kids Indoor Activities

Houston parents: Staying indoors can save your life, literally, especially these times when we are facing the COVID-19 Pandemic. As necessary as it may be, humans are designed to be social creatures. A deep desire to loiter around, whether aimlessly or as a means to an end, is in each one of us. Thus, confinement can become tedious if you vacillate between the same activities with the same people. Luckily, we are here to save the day with 30 activities you can enjoy with your family.

Puzzle Time

Clear the dining room table and get puzzling. Putting a puzzle together is a great way to practice teamwork and connect with your family. The more complex and bigger, the better! Glue it together and hang up the finished product.

Make a Family Video

The best way to preserve the present for the future is to make videos. Grab your phone or iPad and make some family videos highlighting the chemistry between your family members.


Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Pull out all those old family photo albums and relive your childhood or family trips. Share stories and memories of your past.

Watch Classic Movies

Remember the movie that you couldn’t get enough of when you were a kid? Or the first movie you and your partner first watched together? Re-watch these to relive the sentimental values they carry.


Dig through the forgotten corners of the attic and relive memories. Old Halloween costumes, old concert t-shirts, the this-was-the-trend-back-in-the-day clothes, and the regrettable purchases you have made! You are sure to spend the afternoon laughing at the things you thought were trendy back then.

Clean out Your Closet

There is no better time than now to purge all the closets in your home and just get rid of things you never use or clothes you haven’t worn since the day you bought it. Not only will you have clean closets but you will also feel great knowing you have donated these items to someone that might need them.

Hide and seek

When it comes to games, fewer are as simple and yet as effective as hide-and-seek. Who can find the best hiding place in the house?

Build a fort

Grab all the pillows, cushions, and some sheets in the house and get to building with these great fort building material. Let the kids tap into their creative construction element and see what they come up with. These are sure to keep them busy and entertained for a few hours.

Play with balloons

Fill some balloons and toss them in the air. Take care not to let them touch the ground.


See how you fair up against the kids vocally. Bust out the old classics and then let the kids have a pick on the more contemporary music. You will be surprised at how much the music scene has changed over the years.

Cook/Bake Together

Bake some cookies and cake, prepare several dishes; the whole lot. You’re also interacting and spending quality time with your kids while you teach them to cook, no better combo.

Magic Tricks

Get mysteries. Learn a few magic tricks and amaze and amuse everyone while you are at it.

Sports Reruns

Rematch the classic moments in sports while also educating your kids on legends of the past.

Have a Picnic

Pack your favorite lunch and create an indoor or backyard picnic with the family. If you plan on having a picnic inside, throw a blanket down in the living and enjoy.

Nail art

You’ll be surprised at the artistic touch of you kiddos.. Play around with nail paint and nail varnish. Nail art that children can do, and will fit on to their little nails!

Makeup or Tattoo Artist

Play around with markers and makeup on each other’s bodies and reveal your artistic side. Make sure you are using washable markers!

Game night

From charades and card games to monopoly and snakes and ladders, don’t forget your competitive side by taking part in a game night.

At Home Scavenger Hunts

Hide stuff around the house and run about looking for them, with prizes for motivation.

Family Talent Shows

Magic tricks dancing competition and the likes; let your talents out!

Watch the Sunset

Once evening comes, set out some chairs, and enjoy the summer’s sunset.

Watch the Stars

On cloudless summer nights, do the same at night with the constellations.

Dance Party

Reveal your dance moves with an at-home dance party. This is also a valid form of exercise that can help you lose some calories.

Water Balloon Fight

Cool off and have some fun simultaneously. Water balloon fights will lighten up the mood around the house in an instant.

Yoga for Kids

For people of any age, yoga is a valid form of exercise and relaxation. Roll out the mats and do some needed yoga.


Narrate some childhood adventure or read some literature to one another. Either way, you will have needed interaction with each other.

 Make Video Calls

Check on your friends and family by making video calls. This makes sure that the connection between you and the remains throughout.


Rearrange the house to what you have always wanted it to look like and through away the unnecessary stuff that fills it up.

Indoor Barbecue

Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy some roasted meat. Have your homemade barbecue and enjoy some meat.


Take out some books and read with your kids.

Write letters

Take out some paper, pencils, and pens and write letters to out-of-town friends and relatives.

Final Word

Don’t just sit around and watch TV or scroll through the socials. Get creative with the things you do around the house, using this as a suggestion manual. You will find that there are many things to do around; all you have to do is get creative.

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