Blessington Farms – Strawberry Farm & Petting Zoo near Houston Texas

Blessington Farms is located just 30 miles outside of Houston and is well worth the drive. This fantastic farm opened up back in 2011 when a couple took their memories and love of growing up on a farm and wanted to share that experience with everyone else. With hard work and dedication, Blessington Farms was born.

Pick your own Texas blueberries, strawberries, tayberries, and blackberries!

Blessington Farms Wallis, Texas
Blessington Farms, Wallis, Texas

Blessington Farms has a lot to offer and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, from the berry picking in spring to the pumpkin patch during the fall there is always something going on on this tremendous family-friendly farm. It is best to plan before making a trip out to the farm, so you are prepared for the activities that await you.

Spring & Summer Activities

If you love strawberries, get ready for a huge treat, during the spring season Blessington Farms grows about 72,000 strawberries. The great thing about these strawberries is that they grow above ground, so there is no bending over to pick them. They use a Hydro-Stacker Vertical Hydroponic Growing System, which allows them to grow vertically instead of in the ground. They also have blueberries on the farm you can pick.

Texas Farm Strawberry Picking
Strawberry Picking at Blessington Farms, Texas 

Fall Activities

In the fall, Blessington Farms hosts Fall Festival with a long list of fun activities for the whole family, like a hay maze, barrel train ride, a pumpkin patch for you to pick out your favorite pumpkin, and more. Along with a jump pad, pedal cars, animal encounters with camels, chickens, goats, awesome aviary, and more.

Blessington Farms Fall Pumpkins
Blessington Farms Fall Pumpkins

Blessington Farms is known to host many fun family events throughout the year, so it is best to follow them on one of their social media platforms to stay connected.

Admission & Hours of Operation

$20.00 plus tax…general admission per person for ALL DAY.
$15.00 plus tax…Senior Citizens general admission for ALL DAY.

$20.00 plus tax…general admission per person for ALL DAY.
$15.00 plus tax…Senior Citizens general admission for ALL DAY.

Children under 24 months are free.

Hours of Operation

Summer Hours: 9am- 2pm
Fall Hours: 10am- 5pm & 9am – 2pm
Winter Hours: 10am – 12pm

Address: 510 Chisolm Trail, Wallis, TX 77485
(832) 444-8717

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