Explore Art, Science and History at the South Carolina State Museum

South Carolina State Museum – Columbia

If you’re a fan of big museums, you’ll love the South Carolina State Museum. This incredible museum is housed in what was previously a Columbia Mill textile building in the late 19th century. Today it features four floors of exhibits devoted to South Carolina art, natural history, science and technology, and cultural history.

There are many fascinating exhibits housed on each floor of the State Museum. Visitors can choose to view all of the exhibits in a daylong museum tour or focus on those disciplines and exhibits they find most intriguing. Whether you are primarily interested in South Carolina history, art, or science and technology, you will find plenty of artifacts included in intriguing exhibits at the Museum.

Art Exhibits

Highlights of the art exhibits at the South Carolina State Museum include Silhouette Sculptures by artist Clay Rice and impressive topiary works by artist Pearl Fryar. These intriguing “living sculptures” are located outdoors on the Museum’s grounds. Another beautiful artwork exhibit at the Museum is a full-size driveway gate crafted by master blacksmith Philip Simmons.

Science and Technology

During a tour of the science and technology floor at the South Carolina State Museum, visitors will explore science in relation to history and learn how technology has contributed to the state’s development across a variety of industries.

An exhibit devoted to transportation technology explores flight and aviation.  Space science and laser technology are two other fascinating themed exhibits to see at the State Museum. Visitors can also view exhibits related to manufacturing, agriculture, and natural resources in South Carolina, among many other science and technology topics.

Cultural History

The history floor at the South Carolina Museum contains exhibits featuring a huge variety of artifacts from the Prehistoric Era through modern times. Visitors will learn about the earliest civilizations of South Carolina. Exhibits then explore the culture of the colonial and revolutionary periods and the antebellum era. The Civil War and post-Civil War eras are also explored, and in-depth coverage of African American History is featured at the State Museum, as well.

Natural History

There are several natural history exhibits to explore at the South Carolina State Museum. A large variety of environments and habitats has evolved over huge amounts of time in South Carolina. Exhibits related to the Great White Shark, the Museum’s impressive fossil collection and the state’s unique habitats entertain and educate visitors about South Carolina’s natural history.

Whether you spend a few hours or an entire day visiting the South Carolina State Museum, you will enjoy your tour of its fascinating exhibits. There is a terrific gift shop located on-site where you can purchase souvenirs and fine collectible items to commemorate your visit to this remarkable museum.

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