Paradise Cove Water Park in Pembroke Pines, FL

Paradise Cove Splash Park at C.B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines

We had the pleasure this summer to spend the day at another Broward County Water Park. CB Smith Park is a beautiful and expansive park. The water park is as well! Crazy Creek, Sharky’s Lagoon, Parrot’s Point, and H2Whoa are the four areas of this water park, offering something to do for kids of all ages..

The park itself looked fantastic, with well-kept equipment and clean pools. At 1:00 on a busy Saturday afternoon, the bathrooms were a shambles. Two concession outlets (Paradise Grill and Sand Dollar Concessions) and an Arepa stand were available. The Sand Dollar served us a hot pretzel and ice cream sandwich. The pretzel was delicious, but the sandwich came out of the freezer melting, making it nearly impossible to eat for a three-year-old. We didn’t eat at Paradise Grill since it smelled so nice.

Paradise Cove Water Park
Aerial photo of Paradise Cove Water Park; image via pinterest

There are some extremely cool “Funbrellas” there. However, you must reserve them ahead of time. I’m sure it’s easier to find shade during the week, but when we went, there was none to be found. Also, if you follow any of my advice here today, please wear water shoes! I forced my daughter to wear these, and I’m so pleased I did! I didn’t have any for myself, which I deeply regretted. The pavement is really hot, so I’ll be stopping to cool off before our next trek.

Parrot’s Point: 5 and under

There were two locations that were ideal for toddlers. We spent the most time at Parrot’s Point, which is a zero-entry splash park with two slides. There were several interesting handles and cranks for the kids to turn. The slides are large enough for the kids to enjoy, and they splash out into only 12 inches of water. It is easier if you have more than one adult with you so that one can stand at the top and the other at the bottom of the slide. However, be prepared to man these stations for quite some time, since the youngsters never tire of these slides.

Paradise Cove Water Park Pembroke Pines

Crazy Creek: All Ages

Crazy Creek is the second most popular with both children and adults. This was a lot of fun, I must say. Consider gliding down a 410-foot-long lazy river. But don’t get too comfortable since there are numerous areas where water may shower down on you to keep you cool. We did this when we initially arrived and again just before we departed. The kids were so exhausted that they almost fell asleep in our arms on the tubes. There is a line to get tubes; we only had to wait about 8 minutes, so it wasn’t too bad (as long as you have water shoes on while waiting on the hot pavement).

Sharky’s Lagoon: All Ages

We didn’t get to spend any time at Sharky’s Lagoon, but the sign says it’s suitable for all ages and it looked like I could have put my three-year-old there. I figured we’d keep it for next time because she was so content where she was. However, it appeared to be enjoyable. The water in this area is 18 inches deep, and there are three different length waterslides.


The last area I was unable to even get a picture of because it definitely isn’t for 3-year-olds! Sure looked fun though. H2Whoa is a 450-foot water slide. The sign says that you must be at least 42 inches tall and you have to be able to swim.

Final Word

Check the Park Calendar for the schedule; it is open 10-5 most days.  If you are planning on going often the summer pass is the most economical choice.

Paradise Cove Water Park
900 N Flamingo Rd
Pembroke Pines, FL 33028
(954) 357-5170

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