Oaks Amusement Park, Portland Oregon

Oaks Park in Portland is maybe more reminiscent of a charming, small-town state fair than it is of a Six Flags mega theme park. That said, over 900,000 visitors come to this fun-filled park annually, so crowds and lines are anticipated (especially on sunny weekends). To beat the crowds, visit mid-week and arrive as close to noon as feasible — that way, you’re sure to be first in line for the Scream’n Eagle!

Looking for a great place to host a birthday party? Look no further! Oaks Amusement Park Oregon has many affordable party packages and Oaks is open year-round.

Oaks Amusement Park Portland

Entertain your party guests with miniature golf, thrill rides, or an Oaks roller skating party package. Oaks is a neat little amusement park that has something for everyone.

Compared to all of the Amusement Parks in Oregon, Oaks has much more bang for your buck.

Things to do at Oaks Park

There’s lots of fun to be had at a more leisurely pace, too. Kids can experience thrills with rides like the Zoom Coaster, Toon Cars, and the nostalgic Big Pink Slide. Taller guests who aren’t looking for high speeds or death-defying drops will appreciate the vintage carousel, which dates back to 1911 and features hand-carved horses, with marvelous views of the Willamette River and downtown Portland from the tip of the Ferris wheel.

Oaks amusement park Oregon offers amazing thrill rides, picnic space, the Oaks dance pavilion, and the chance to be a kid again! This amusement park offers some great discount amusement park tickets for those on a budget – like $7 Saturdays or $5 skate rate.


When it comes to food, the moderately-priced concessions feature summer standbys like hamburgers, corn dogs, ice cream, and cotton candy. You can also bring your vittles and enjoy a riverfront party among the park’s extensive picnic tables and shaded green areas facing the Willamette.

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Oaks amusement park Portland is great for kids of all ages. Bring your little ones too because Oaks has plenty of family rides like the tug boat or the Froghopper for them to enjoy.

Oregon Rides Oaks Park

Oaks roller rink and amusement park offers classic food like hot dogs and hamburgers and even has a gift shop where you can buy merchandise such as t-shirts. Many teachers bring their classes to this great Portland amusement park for their yearend trip.

Oaks Amusement Park Oregon has many rides for all ages in this 44-acre property. There is everything from roller coasters to the famous Oaks CP Huntington train to “Big Pink” – Oaks Huge slide for all ages. This amusement park also has a roller skating rink that draws in crowds all year round to Oaks.

Oaks Park amusement rides

Big Pink Slide, Cosmic Crash Bumper Cars, Disk’O, Ferris Wheel, Frog Hopper, Go-Karts, Jump Boats, Rock & Roll, Rockin’ Tug, Rock-O-Plane, Scrambler, Scream’n Eagle, Sky Fighters, Spider, Tilt-A-Whirl, Tree Top Drop, Zero Gravity, Zoom Coaster, and the Oaks Park Train.

The oldest ride in the park, the American-made, 1911 Herschell-Spillman hand-carved menagerie carousel is often called “the heartbeat of the park”. Recorded July 20, 2019, during the Project Myc – Ramble Generation Rally at the historic Oaks Park in Portland Oregon.

Coming in from out of town?

There are cheap hotels near Oaks and you can get a great deal on flights, car rentals, and hotels when you book them as a part of a vacation package.

Booking online is the best way to find a great deal on your amusement park vacation. Occasionally, you can even find your discount amusement park tickets for Oaks and other parks in the area.

Portland Oregon Amusement Park
Portland Oregon Amusement Park

Most people don’t consider Portland, Oregon as a vacation destination but it has enough activities, attractions, and excitement to keep you and your family entertained – especially since you can spend full days at Oaks the local Portland amusement park.

While there may be other Oregon amusement parks, there is nothing quite like Oaks. There are not too many places left where you can strap on a pair of roller skates and go back in time.

This park is over 100 years old and one of the oldest in the country. With so much history and longevity, you know that Oaks Amusement Park has done something right over the years.

Oaks Park Portland

Whether it is the rides, the skating rink, the train, or the beautiful riverside location – this park seems to be bustling every year.

It is now owned by the Oaks Park Association, a non-profit organization that will see the park’s continued existence.

Oaks Park has a notable history in Portland. It has even been featured in recent blockbuster movies. It features some amazing rides, a picnic area, and a great atmosphere that is unique to Oregon.

Visit Oaks with family, friends, or on a class trip. You will find it to be an affordable day of fun and an amusement park that you won’t soon forget.

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Oaks Amusement Park, 7805 SE Oaks Park Way, Portland, OR 97202; (503) 233-5777

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