Top 10 Best Oregon Tourist Attractions

Oregon is situated in the north-west portion of the United States and is one of the three states which have a coastline with the Pacific Ocean. Area-wise, Oregon is the 9th largest state and has a population of over 4 million. Salem is the capital city but the largest city and metro of the state is Portland. Boundless forests and shorelines ensure that Oregon has stable timber-production and fisheries industries.

Agricultural products and advancements in technology are also major contributors in the state’s economy. Moreover, the mountains, beaches, lakes and forests ensure that thousands of travelers visit Oregon during the tourist season.

10. Cannon Beach

Located in Clatsop County in the west of Portland, Cannon Beach is a popular seaside resort that lies along Oregon’s coastline. Pure sand lumps and gigantic coastal rocks add beauty to this already stunning place. An eye-catching feature of the beach is the 72-meter high Haystack Rock, which is one of the largest monoliths in the world. A diverse variety of water sports are available, i.e. kayaking, boating, swimming and fishing. Cannon beach has several restaurants and hotels developed in the in-town area where an artist community has also developed their head office to arrange entertainment sessions for the tourists.

9. Oregon Coast Aquarium

Located on the beautiful shoreline of the state, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is a 23-acre public marine exhibit that is heavily preferred by the visiting throngs of tourists. There are hundreds of indoor and outdoor exhibits that display different species of marine life, ranging from simple jellyfish to sharks and octopuses. The largest exhibit in the aquarium features walking through an underground tunnel surrounded by marine animals. Additionally, the Coast Aquarium also illustrates many sea-side shore birds and native plants. Free guided tours and events are available for the sake of learning for the visitors.

8. Astoria

Astoria is a small town that is gifted with natural beauty and lies near the south shore of the Columbia River. It is renowned as the spot where the all-time famous explorers, Lewis and Clark, spent a year. Astoria offers a combination of scenic landscapes with thrilling and adventurous outdoor recreation. The highly esteemed Columbia River Maritime Museum is also situated here and it preserves 30,000 artifacts of native history. Flavel House reflects Victorian architecture and promotes culture amongst the visitors. Moreover, a couple of state and historical parks are also established in the area to provide vacation sites for travelers.

7. Oregon State Capitol

Located in the capital city, Salem, Oregon State Capitol is the building that houses all the government offices and legislative departments of the state. It was completed in 1938 and is the fourth-newest capitol in the country. This majestic structure features some of the Capitol’s fascinating art treasures and galleries. The exterior and interior of the building are covered in shimmering bronze and the rotunda is encircled by historical murals portraying the cultural arts of the state. On the grounds outside the capitol building, many sculptures along with fountains and flora are created.

6. Mount Hood National Forest

Representing the highest mountain in Oregon (11,239 feet), Mount Hood National Forest is the area that surrounds the peak. It is a tourist destination that attracts travelers all year long and traverses a massive area. Downhill skiing places and a cross-country trail for hiking lures thousands of mountaineers and skiing lovers to Mount Hood. The peak provides compelling landscapes of the surrounding lush-green forests and sapphire waterfalls. As far as the forest land is concerned, there are specifically designated areas for wilderness and exploration where visitors can have a unique experience of observing the natural scenery, vegetation and the animal kingdom.

5. Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is a scientific technology center based in Portland. Covering 210,000 square feet, OMSI is the 5th largest science and technology museum in the USA. It is composed of several scientific labs, large exhibit halls, auditoriums, and a theatre. The Museum entertains its visitors through interactive displays of scientific innovations and brings about live experimentation techniques for its viewers. Added to that, OMSI offers presentations in different schooling systems along with summer camps and outdoor classes to enhance its learning programs.

4. Washington Park

Washington Park is a commercial civic park located in Portland. The city’s signature park offers a variety of attractions, including museums, gardens, memorials, wilderness and picnic sites, a zoo, and a sports complex. Oregon Zoo, situated within Washington Park, houses many exotic wildlife species and is a popular tourist destination. The Park is home to Portland Japanese Garden; one of the most beautiful and authentic Japanese gardens in the world which offers a splendid passageway through breathtaking plantations and vineyards. Moreover, many festivals and seasonal events are hosted by Washington Park, hence attracting thousands of tourists.

3. High Desert Museum

High Desert Museum is a museum in the city of Bend, Oregon. Extending to 135 acres of forested land, the museum interrelates cultural arts, wildlife, and natural resources to enable a deeper understanding of the state’s heritage amongst the public. Indoor and outdoor exhibits and historical demonstrations are displayed here along with wildlife in natural habitats which ensures that a large number of tourists are lured to this place. More than 18,500 pieces of precious artworks are preserved in the museum’s library, highlighting the history of local culture to help people discover the high desert environment.

2. Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge lies within the National Scenic Area that perambulates through the Cascade Mountains. Spanning over nearly 300,000 acres, the scenic area is known for its gorgeous natural waterfalls and gorges. Columbia River spurts through this valley, forming astounding ravines and magnificent waterfalls on its way, including the Multnomah Falls, the 2nd highest waterfall in the country. The place houses the historical Columbia River Highway which brings thousands of travelers to Columbia River Gorge. Moreover, several biking trails have been created along with campgrounds to facilitate the visitors during their stay.

1. Crater Lake National Park

Known as one of the best tourist attractions in Oregon, the Crater Lake National Park is located in the southern region of the state. Crater Lake was a result of a volcano that erupted several centuries ago on Mount Mazama. Today, the lake is renowned for its profoundly blue water and a lucid lake bed. Crater Lake is surrounded by cliffs that provide stunning panoramic views for photographers. The 90-mile trail that runs through the National Park is a dream hiking site for many tourists. Moreover, guided boating tours and campsites are also available to accommodate thousands of visitors.

Crater Lake National Park

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