101 Haunted Houses In Ohio

Ultimate Ohio Haunted House Guide

It’s that time of year – Halloween is on its way and you just want to go somewhere that will scare the bee-jabbers out of you.  Well, if you live in Ohio, search no further:  this post lists Haunted Houses and Attractions from all over the Buckeye State.

Akron, OH

Haunted Schoolhouse and Haunted Laboratory, Akron, OH

The Haunted Schoolhouse and The Haunted Laboratory are located at 1300 Triplett Boulevard, Akron, Ohio. We are two of the best walk-thru haunted attractions out there! The Haunted Schoolhouse is 3 floors of terror with some of the most detailed scenes you will see in a haunted house. From Dracula’s castle to the evil king’s dungeon, you will experience the best of the best. The Haunted Laboratory is 4 floors of fright with special effects like no other. With 2 state-of-the-art Tesla coils, a vortex Twilight Zone tunnel and just wait until you see the Chainsaw Massacre scenes!

Berea, OH

7 Floors of Hell, Berea, OH

The name 7 Floors Of Hell may sound like a terrifying place to come, but don’t worry the 7 Floors Of Hell is geared for everyone! Most of our attendance is between the ages of 13 and 35 but we have seen much younger customers and much older customers! 7 Floors Of Hell is a fun scary time for everyone and has won the best Haunted House In Ohio by The Haunted House Association 4 years in a row 2002, 2003,2004, & 2005! and is ranked in the top 13 Best Haunted Houses in the world!

Bridgeport, OH

Westbrooke Asylum, Bridgeport, OH

Westbrooke Asylum Haunted House, located in Bridgeport, Ohio, is the area’s only haunted attraction created and operated by media production professionals. At the time Westbrooke Asylum and Medical Testing Facility opened its doors, it was a state-of-the-art medical research and testing facility. It was also known for housing many of the era’s most notorious psychopathic criminals.

Founded by Edward J. Westbrooke, MD in 1956, Westbrooke Asylum began its decline less than a decade later when reports of deplorable conditions, patient abuse and horrific experiments began to emerge. The facility closed its doors on October 13, 1967, after a murderous riot within the asylum claimed the lives of more than 60 patients and 14 staff members.

In 2007, the 40th anniversary of the riot and lockdown, the sanitarium was reopened to the public as a tourist attraction and quickly became known for its alleged paranormal activity. Guided tours are available.

Brilliant, OH

Wells Township Haunted House, Brilliant, OH

This place has 3 floors and 23 rooms of haunting excitement. A very unique program involving local adolescent youth and law enforcement as talent. The most “secure” haunted house in Ohio.

Broadview Heights, OH

Bloodview Haunted House, Broadview Heights,OH

Bloodview Haunted House is sponsored by the Broadview Heights Lions Club and is built, propped, and staffed by The Legion of Terror, the World’s oldest improvisational horror acting, makeup, and special FX organization. Broadview is located in Broadview Heights and is the only Charity Haunt in Cuyahoga County, a twenty-minute drive from both Cleveland and Akron, and well worth the trip.

Bloodview is more than a Haunted House, it is a Haunted Experience! The first stop on the macabre tour is the Gorehouse, a tribute to Both Bloodview, and the Legion of Terror’s bloody past. Blood, Guts, and Gore is what this attraction is all about, if you can survive
your bloody trek through the gore house, a cemetery path leads you through the Haunted Elder Woods, where various undesirables and destitute try to survive the harsh wilderness. All bets are off when you reach the Paddock of the main house when you are literally surrounded by the dead and undead alike for your journey through
the main house.

Canfield, OH

Canfield Scaregrounds, Canfield, OH

One of the longest-running haunted attractions in Ohio. The Canfield Scaregrounds is sure to raise your biggest fears.

Canton, OH

Factory of Terror, Canton, OH

The Factory of Terror features two haunted attractions: The Haunted Halls of Hercules and The Labyrinth of Darkness. Comprising over 25,000 sq ft. of animatronics, creatures, and dark corners carved out of a 600,000 sq ft abandoned engine factory located in downtown Canton.

Cincinnati, OH

The Dent Schoolhouse, Cincinnati, OH

The Haunted House, Cincinnati’s Frightful Favorite is housed in an 1800s Schoolhouse, rumored to be haunted by a crazy janitor who attacked school children, now he attacks anyone. For those touring The Dent School House… aka The Haunted House… please use caution when touring. Evil lurks within the walls of the school. The basement is truly hell on earth.

St. Rita’s Haunted House, Cincinnati, OH

The Haunted House at St. Rita’s is located in what was the old boys’ dormitory in the early 1900s. It’s open every Thursday through Sunday from October 4th through the 31st. The Haunted House is located on the St. Rita grounds. Doors open at 7:00 pm.

Columbia Station, OH

Rockin-R-Ranch, Columbia Station, OH

Featuring The Famous Haunted Hayride, The New “Night Creepers” House, The Family Fun House, and The Haunted Barn.

Columbus, OH

The House of Nightmares, Columbus, OH

First, they felt it in their dreams. Pleasant jumbles of the day’s events cascaded suddenly into seething swirling NIGHTMARES! It fed on the fear of those who slept in the colossal building, slowly gaining the power to reach physically past the wall of sleep.

The Experience Haunted Attraction, Columbus, OH

Scary is for teenagers, terror is for adults. New attraction every year!

Terror Park, Columbus, OH

Search teams have discovered several tunnels that lead to gathering rooms, a crude kitchen, rustic cages, and a Dungeon. Venture on a self-guided tour under the stadium; and through the Dungeon! All Must Enter at Your Own Risk!

Haunted Santa Maria, Columbus, OH

Board the haunted ghost ship if you dare. Three evenings of family-friendly fun will include boarding the Santa Maria which is docked at the riverfront just waiting for an attack. Don’t be so distracted by the spiders that you forget about the rats. Come along for an evening of family fun and entertainment in the Lower Attelle Park downtown.

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Carnival of Horrors at Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Featuring 4 Haunted Terrors: Oblivion Cage Maze – A pulsing, winding, and chaotic labyrinth of wrong turns, dead ends, and terrifying clowns that are waiting to tear your soul apart. The Fun House – Are you afraid of clowns? A terrifying journey through a haunted funhouse featuring several Hollywood-style effects and scares. BEWARE: This is an extremely high-intensity scare oriented haunted house. Consistently voted as one of Ohio’s number one attractions year after year. Many have entered, but very few have left alive.

The Freakshow in 3-D Terrorvision – Northeast Ohio’s first and most original fully three-dimensional walk-through haunted house, using state-of-the-art Chromadepth 3-D glasses to bring The Freakshow to life. The floor, walls and ceiling become a living 3-D experience that will leave you begging for mercy. To survive and reach the exit, you must be able to pass through the 3-D Vortex Tunnel. You won’t believe your eyes. The Wicked Woods – We dare you to walk through the darkest corner of Blossom’s haunted woods. Don’t expect to see anything coming, because you’ll be alone while you try to escape. However, the monsters will be watching and waiting to strike. You’ll never know what hit you. We will even supply you with a flashlight since it’s so dark and scary. After all, it wouldn’t be fair to send you in there unarmed.

Dayton, OH

The Haunted Farm at Bonnybrook Country Farms, Dayton, OH

The Bonnybrook Halloween Haunted Farm Hayride is the oldest (and we think the best!) haunted hayride in Ohio. The Haunted Hayride features costumed actors, storytelling, live-action, breath-taking frights, and sudden surprises for in-your-face fun. Scary family fun for all ages, adults as well as children will enjoy the stunts, hair-raising sound and special effects for which Bonnybrook has become famous. After the ride cuddle up and enjoy spooky tales around the campfires.

Riverside Jaycees Haunted House and NEW Trail, Dayton, OH

Celebrating 20 years of scaring the YELL out of YOU! Watch out for the butcher needing extra fingers and toes. Get ready to fry in the electric chair with “Stanley”! Watch for what’s lurking under the bed. Stop by and ask for forgiveness from our Ministers of darkness.

Findlay, OH

Fear Factory, Findlay, OH

It’s that time of the year again. You know, when we open up Fear Factory and scare the #@*% outta ya! So what’s different for 2007? Everything! You will experience scares and fears this year like never before. It’s bigger, darker, and more horrifying! So come check out everything new… to scare everything out of you! Proceeds to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Northwest Ohio.

Train of Terror & Haunted Engine House, Findlay,OH

Take a frightening train ride powered by our quarter-scale steam engine #901, as it rolls past the eerie forest. Then go for a walk through our creepy, dark, haunted building. Hear screams? They’re probably yours!

Fremont, OH

Haunted Hydro Dark Attraction Park, Fremont, OH

The Hydro is celebrating 18 years of haunted event activities. We are the longest-running event in Northwest Ohio. The Haunted Hydro is built in a 1911 Hydro Electric power plant… said to be really haunted…. on site we have concessions, tarot reader, Halloween vendors, photo-op and a free fun patron interactive game show: The Wheel of Misfortune”.

Hamilton, OH

Walk of Terror, Hamilton, OH

The Walk Of Terror may be your last walk ever! This is Ohio’s premier haunted trail. Open Friday and Saturday night Dusk till Midnight (September 21st to October 31st) and the last week in October-28,29,30,31. Directions: Conveniently located at the MKJAS Landings complex on Eureka Dr. Directly off Route 4. Its south of Liberty Fairfield Road in Hamilton, Ohio.

Crypt of Chaos presents Trails from the Crypt, Hamilton, OH

Trails from the Crypt is a haunted hayride that goes through many scenes to chill and thrill you set on an old farm with many trails.

Hudson, OH

Hudson Haunted House, Hudson, OH

Hudson Haunted House presented by the Hudson Jaycees. Celebrating our 35th anniversary!

Kenton, OH

Haunted Trail of Horror, Kenton, OH

There is over 3/4 miles walk on the trail. You will meet all your favorite monsters! Some people say that it is like walking through the actual movies!

Lancaster, OH

Gates of Terror, Lancaster, OH

It’s a howling good time for everyone at Gates of Terror. With 2 indoor haunts, and The Cemetery of Lost Souls. Haunted Corn Maze, Maze of Darkness, and the NEW Halloween Land for children. Gates of Terror Stage with Live Entertainment. Open Air Theater, Large Concession, and much more.

Lewisburg, OH

Haunted Cave at Lewisburg, Lewisburg, OH

The Haunted Cave at Lewisburg is the only underground Halloween attraction in SW Ohio. The cave is 80 feet beneath Lewisburg, Ohio, in a long-abandoned mine. The Haunted Cave is Ohio’s longest, darkest and creepiest Halloween event, period! “Getting in is easy; Getting out may kill you”.

Lockington, OH

Lockington Haunted Fire House, Lockington, OH

The original Lockington Firehouse was built in 1891. When the builders started construction they did not realize that they were building on an ancient Indian burial ground, and many of the builders were killed during construction. Upon further investigation on part of the contractor, he saw what we have already told you, but he did not tell his employees. After the firehouse was finished it was put into use for many years. It was the scene of one of the worst crashes in the history of Lockington, where upwards of twenty people died. And many firemen mysteriously disappeared while they were on duty here; after the 50th fireman disappeared there was a huge uproar in the community that they were in need of a new fire station. One of these community members was the contractor hired to build the firehouse, and he told the community leaders about what he had found out so many years ago. So they boarded up the old firehouse and built a new one across the street. The firehouse stayed boarded up and no one was allowed in until now…

Lordstown, OH

Fear Forest, Lordstown, OH

The Fear Forest haunted hayride, take a mile ride through 86 acres of pure fear, the only haunt in Ohio with a drive through VORTEX Tunnel. Loaded with live actors and automated Props like no other, “don’t wake the sleeping Giant!” and avoid YOGOTH the cannibal, two new indoor haunts!! THE FEAR STARTS HERE…

Mansfield, OH

The Undead Haunted Experience, Mansfield, OH

High gore intense haunt not for the squeamish. Mutant- zombie fest in old Lazarus store. Rated 10 in scares — an interactive trip through zombie hell.

Maumee, OH

Terror Town, Maumee, OH

“Terrortown is now in our 11th year. Unlike many haunts, we change every aspect of our show every year. This year’s show features 3 all-new attractions. We invest in new effects and animatronics every year to continue to improve our show. Even with all of our costs rising, we strive to keep the ticket prices as low as possible. Thanks for your support of Terrortown for the last 10 years. We will continue to bring you the best show for the best price.”


Middletown, OH

Chambers of Horror, Middletown, OH

Over 30 rooms, almost 100 doors, and 30 minutes long, see if you can find your way out this year. Come see our new additions for the 2007 season, more added surprises, props and decorations. Check out our website for all the chilling details…

Land Of Illusion, In Middletown, OH

On the outskirts of Middletown, Ohio lies a parcel of haunted land cursed by ancient spirits. Not a typical Halloween haunted house but a demonic haunted village, a wasteland of ghostly beasts, madmen, evil spirits, and bloody monsters who wait for the next victim to stumble into the evil lair and get the fright of their life.


Land Of Illusion has four frightening haunts: Middletown Haunted Trail, Temple of Terror, Dr. Psycho’s Haunted Estate, and Killer Klowns.

Napoleon, OH

Scream Acres Haunted Cornfield, Napoleon, OH

On the nights of a full moon, you may hear a werewolf’s cry. Never knowing what creature is rustling in the corn, you’ll have to let your survival instincts guide you…

New Carlisle, OH

Haunted Junkyard, New Carlisle, OH

Brave the journey through the junkyard!! creatures crawl in search of blood..they blend into the night..you must move on into the darkness we wish you luck as we are HUNGRY and must feed!! NOT FOR THE WEAK OF HEART!!

North Lawrence, OH

Dark Wind Woods, North Lawrence, OH

Ever have that one nightmare that won’t leave your mind, even when awake? Ever find yourself crying in the dark just wishing for one light? Well, then you should stay away from Dark Wind Woods…because we bring nightmares alive.

Painesville, OH

Nightmares Haunted House, Painesville, OH

Includes 4 haunted houses; free parking. Begins at end of September.

Pataskala, OH

Pataskala Haunted Forest, Pataskala, OH

Come calling on the Murdock Family and learn the secrets of their history. Take a trek through the woods and discover that some things are better left buried. Things like the Murdocks!!!

Dead Acres, Pataskala, OH

What makes Dead Acres so BAD? We set out to stand out. Dead Acres is a full sensory assault. Taking you by the throat and dragging you down the rabbit hole and into the realm of a heart-pounding, in your face horrors show…performed nightly right before your eyes…

Philo, OH

Forest of Fright, Philo, OH

A 25-minute walk in the dark. Come face to face with the psycho surgeon! The evil clowns are waiting for you. Meet the chainsaw murderers. Are you brave enough to enter??? Dress appropriately for the woods.

Pleasantville, OH

The Haunted Farm, Pleasantville, OH

The Haunted Farm has venues such as a haunted barn maze, haunted hayride, kids matinée, live entertainment (on selected nights), and a bonfire for telling stories, resting, and roasting marshmallows. The Haunted Farm opens October 1st and is open through the month of October, Thursday through Sunday nights, also open for matinees for the kids on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Rudolph, OH

The Westwood School of Horrors, Rudolph, OH

Lost in the endless mist and fog an undying force will pull you along. Through the abandoned and tainted school, where the principal use to rule. They’re all dead now, not who they use to be; resting spirits woken by insanity. But they’re trapped at The Westwood, the school of horrors…AND you too will have to stay forever!

Seville, OH

Massacre in Medina, Seville, OH

Brought to you by the Medina Odd Fellows (A Non-Profit Charity Group): Come to our large multiple building facilities that have horrors abound while the massacre happens at free will! Real monsters and 1/2 mile of heart-stopping terror! Food and beverages available for sale on-site while you enjoy the local witches telling you the story of what happened that frightful night by our campfire.

Sandusky, OH

Ghostly Manor Thrill Center, Sandusky, OH

If you’re looking for thrills you’ll find them here! Whatever your favorite kind of fun, Ghostly Manor Thrill Center has something just for you. And if you like your thrills to come in a variety of ways, you’re going to love our four attractions in one location.

For chills look no further than Ghostly Manor Haunted Mansion! Voted one of the top ten walks through attractions in the country, and once you make your way through our haunted halls, you’ll know why.

If thrills are your thing our XD 3D Theater fills the bill! Stunning visual effects are merged with state-of-the-art mechanical technology to provide you with an experience you won’t soon forget.

Remember roller skating? Then you also remember how much fun you had! Skateworld brings those days back for you and lets your kids make great memories of their own in our spacious roller rink.

If you love a good deal – and who doesn’t? – be sure to include Ghostly Gifts on your itinerary. From themed novelties to unique souvenirs, we’ve got them.

HalloWeekends at Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH

With three haunted houses. With times, guide, resort package, prices are attractions for kids; in Sandusky.

Sheffield Village, OH

Haunted Forest Of Carousel, Sheffield Village, OH

We’re Northeast Ohio’s Premiere Haunted Forest Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary! Can You Keep Your Sanity While Creeping Along A Trail Through A Dark Forest Filled With Eerie Scenes & Evil Fiends? Don’t Bother Running — Our Fiends Know All The Shortcuts!

Sidney, OH

Haunted Garden, Sidney, OH

A Halloween season haunted attraction featuring, mazes, special effects, live performers, woods trail and a garden center went mad!

Sidney Haunted Woods, Sidney, OH

Come meet our Killer Klowns, Freddy, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, And our famous Electrocution Scene. Just follow the signs to Russell Rd. and look for the bright red flashing light. We will make your fantasy become a NIGHTMARE!!!!!

Springfield, OH

Absolutely Deranged, Springfield, OH

We are ABSOLUTELY DERANGED, Springfield Ohio’s newest haunted attraction. Blood and gore fill these foggy outdoor corridors. Sadistic sociopaths, deranged doctors, crazed chainsaws and more await your survival. Have fun finding your way through our chainlink fence maze or escaping the myriad of clowns waiting to chase you down. Visit our website for more information.

Bloody Marys Massacre Meadows, Springfield, OH

Two haunted attractions for the price of one! First, all your nightmares come true in the Maze of Horror, a winding, twisting journey through monsters and fears. You will never be the same! Survivors go on to the Trail of Doom, an 11 acre, heart-stopping path through the darkest forest that anyone has ever encountered. Better bring an extra pair of Pampers, you will need them! You never what you might see out there…

Kruegers Korn Maze, Springfield, OH

10+ acres, minimum 1/2 hr. trip of terror with one, the very disclosed trail leading to the exit. Bends, dead ends & loops combined with everything you love to fear in a haunt make this the perfect haunted korn maze. Free Live! Spookshow while you wait.

Panic Box Spookhouse, Springfield, OH

The Panic Box itself was called one of the most intense rooms in haunt in Ohio in 2004 with its crawl spaces, loud music, blinding fog & creepy critters. The attached spookhouse won’t fail to disturb your senses either. Free Live! Spookshow while you wait.

Spinetinglers Trail of Horrors, Springfield, OH

We welcome all who dare to venture through our Trail of Horrors! Come see what evil experiments Dr. Spinetingler has in store for you, as you walk into the woods he left behind…or did he?

Terror Maze, Springfield, OH

One Giant Haunt this year featuring the glow room toxic waste. the color room where the shadows come and get you. blood and gore and non-stop terrifying action from beginning to end.

Stewart, OH

Federal Valley Fright Nights, Stewart, OH

Federal Valley Fright Nights present 3 Haunted attractions for 2005! “The Carnival of Terror”, with sideshow freaks, clowns, and house of mirrors, “The Night Gallery”, where portraits change before your eyes, and “Terror Island”. Food & gifts too!

Van Wert, OH

Warehouse of Terror, Van Wert, OH

The Warehouse will be open Saturday, Sept 30th, and every Friday and Saturday night in October from 7:00 pm until the crowds are gone. Please remember that this is Ohio Time, we will try to be accommodating to all of our guests that travel. Ticket prices will remain the same at $8.00 dollars for all ages, although children under 12 are cautioned due to intense scenes. Come, if you dare, and venture into the depths of terror. Be warned, this event is not for the faint of heart, we utilize strobe, fog, moving floors, and other extreme effects. Guests with heart conditions, severe asthma, or epilepsy are warned. Creatures and scares lay around almost every corner. This haunt is not for everyone.

Over 20 rooms of terrors in an abandoned warehouse behind the shopping plaza. Take a short wagon ride to the back and maybe you’ll get out alive. Not recommended for victims under 12. An event co-sponsored by Van Wert City/County D.A.R.E. and Van Wert Jaycees.

Wilmington, OH

Wilmington Haunted Hollow Ride, Wilmington, OH

Each October the fields of Clinton County come alive with screams of horror as semi’s chase unsuspecting victims on a bus ride through a forest filled with monsters, madness, and mayhem, also new for 2007 two new attractions Slaughter Hotel & Nightmare penitentiary are creating hysteria at the Hollow.

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