Food Markets: New York City’s Fantastic Little Wonders

Of course, when you visit New York City, you’ll have your choice of countless restaurants with diverse menus featuring delicious meals. However, you might feel overwhelmed by the many food choices in the Big Apple, and perhaps you don’t know where to start when planning your dining adventure. Food markets, or food halls, are a relatively recent trend perfect for indecisive foodies. So, before you take your road trip to New York, learn more about food markets, and discover the best ones to visit.

Food Market Basics

Food markets are a popular option for enjoying fast-casual, freshly prepared food from a variety of vendors under one roof. The once-popular mall food court has been replaced by trendy, high-end food halls, which lack the fluorescent lighting and greasy food often associated with traditional food courts. Food markets typically feature an industrial style is uniquely designed spaces. Food is innovative and freshly prepared, making food markets a must-visit for foodies.

Like other cities around the country, New York City has enjoyed a growth in the number of food halls, giving visitors plenty of options when it comes to this trendy and inspired way to enjoy different cuisines. Here are some of NYC’s best food halls.

The Plaza Food Hall

The Plaza Hotel is quintessential New York, but it’s a hotel that might be out of reach for many visitors. When you visit The Plaza Food Hall, located below the hotel on its concourse level, you can experience the hotel without reserving a room for the night. Naturally, this food hall is upscale, thanks to its location, offering a bevy of gourmet eats. This 30,000-square-foot space is elegant and offers plenty of opportunities to splurge, including on $300 caviar. However, there are vendors for every price point for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with food ranging from sushi and pizza to crepes and seafood. This food market serves coffee, tea, beer, and wine as well.

Canal Street Market

The 12,000-square-foot Canal Street Market includes 12 food vendors. Plenty of flavorful Asian dishes are available at this food market. Try made-to-order ramen, dim sum from Nom Wah Tea Parlor, and Korean barbecue. Other cuisines are available as well, depending on when you visit. A rolling pop-up vendor adds variety to this market and has, in the past, featured Mexican dishes, featuring homemade salsas and tacos.

Great Northern Food Hall

Located inside Grand Central Terminal, the Great Northern Food Hall is backed by Danish celebrity chef Claus Meyer. This casual food market focuses on Scandinavian foods made using fresh ingredients. Try Danish hot dogs with a variety of topping combinations, or visit the Grain Bar, which offers a twist on traditional porridge. At Meyers Bageri, sample a variety of freshly made bread, breakfast buns, vanilla cream Danishes, and cinnamon swirls. These baked goods, paired with a coffee from Brownsville Roasters, make the Great Northern Food Hall a perfect spot for breakfast or brunch.

Gotham West Market

Dubbed as one of the “best food halls in the world” by Business Times, Gotham West Market has made a name for itself in the NYC food market scene. Ten restaurants are featured in this popular food market. Jianbing Company offers Shanghai-inspired street food. Try a fresh, made-to-order Belgian waffle or crepe from Waffle de Lys. Famous ramen expert Ivan Orkin serves up ramen, mazeman, and rice bowls in his first restaurant outside of Japan. Add a sweet touch to your food market meal by finishing it with a cone from Ample Hills Creamery.

Turnstyle Underground Market

Turnstyle Underground Market serves up a diverse collection of food and drink. From gourmet Tuscan food at Casa Toscana to Venezuelan delicacies at Arepa Factory, this food market has something for everyone. Try some Asian fusion, sushi, and poke bowls from Yong Kang Street or some homestyle Taiwanese at Zai Lai. You can even enjoy handheld chicken and waffles in this market. Juiceries and coffee shops complete this food market, allowing you to grab a drink to-go.

Food Market Benefits

New York City’s food markets are the perfect spot for visitors hoping to explore a wide range of cuisines during their visit. In just one market stop, you can enjoy an entree from one continent and dessert or pastry from another. You might even happen upon a cuisine that you’ve never tried before, allowing you to tantalize your taste buds and expand your foodie horizons.

Even more, these food markets are ideal when you’re traveling with a group. With nearly a dozen options at most food markets, you and your travel companions won’t have to agree on one type of cuisine. Instead, you can explore different spots at one food market, ensuring that everyone gets to enjoy a dish that’s satisfying and unique. You can even share dishes so that you can enjoy everything that the food market has to offer.

So, before you visit the big city, investigate food markets as an ideal dining option. These food markets attract plenty of tourists and visitors for good reason. The food is plentiful, selections are unique, and dishes are freshly made and made just for you.

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