Tour Red Rock Canyon on Horseback

Horseback Tour Package of Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas

The word “vacation” evokes different images and ideas for everyone. For me, vacation is a time to get away from it all, with the perfect combination of activity, excitement, serenity, and relaxation. But I’m also really not the type of girl who likes to sit by a pool all day long. While I do thoroughly enjoy spa treatments and being pampered, I prefer to be active and look to nature for inspiration. Luckily, my husband is just as adventurous as I am, and he came up with the perfect anniversary gift for us: a Horseback Tour Package of Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas.

Red Rock Resort

Our hotel and adventure package was booked through Red Rock Resort, located about 20 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. Beautifully nestled in a desert sanctuary right next to Red Rock Canyon, the Resort is home to spectacular accommodations and loaded with incredible amenities. Our “Tour the Canyon by Horseback” package included a two-night stay at the Resort, a horseback tour of Red Rock Canyon for two, and two 50-minute massages. Our trip was a great value and the hotel itself was fantastic, but the ride through the canyon was certainly the highlight.

Blue Diamond near Red Rock Canyon
Above: Road sign for Las Vegas and Blue Diamond near Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Photo by Exothermic. Top: A panorama of Red Rock Canyon. Photo by Stan Shebs.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is breathtaking to say the very least. I had no idea that the desert could be so beautiful. Our guide was extremely friendly, very informative, and more than willing to answer all of our questions. The horses were very well-groomed and well-behaved, making the excursion even more enjoyable. I’ve ridden horses just in just about every environment other than the desert, so this was a great first-time experience for me too.

Horseback Tour Package of Red Rock Canyon
Horseback Tour Package of Red Rock Canyon

My horse was such a sweetheart! She was easy to ride and never made me feel uncomfortable. My husband rode a more spirited, but equally pleasing silver mare. Unlike previous trail rides, we didn’t have to fight to keep them from bending over to eat the surrounding flora, meaning that we had much more time to enjoy the view. The frustration of dealing with an uncooperative animal has always been one of my major pet peeves about commercial riding, and I was quite relieved to be able to avoid that this time.

As a nature lover, I was especially thrilled by both the plants and animals that we encountered on this trip. My favorite plants were the Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus, Western Red Bud Flowers, and Desert Almond trees. From the animal realm, the Painted Lady Butterfly that we saw flitting about the trail had to be the highlight of the trip, though Anna’s Hummingbird (with its bright pink head) took a close second place. Fortunately, our guide was quite patient and let us stop for photo opportunities whenever we so desired, allowing us to create some memories of the trip that will last forever.

Red Rock Canyon
 Red Rock Canyon, located in southern Nevada

We concluded our trail ride just as the sun was setting, then returned to the Resort a quick, but refreshing dip in the pool before making our way to the Spa. Each of us selected the 50-minute Swedish massage for our treatment, and each of us felt spectacular afterward. Completely relaxed and with hungry bellies, we headed off to dinner at the Terra Rosa Italian restaurant, which was simply divine! We drank wine, feasted on homemade pasta, and were impressed by the attentive and gracious staff. It was the perfect ending to a long, but exciting day, and I can’t say enough about the entire deal. Everything from the accommodations to the activities was spectacular, but the photos of my husband and I are just priceless.

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