Ciudad Juarez Travel Guide

Cd. Juárez is Mexico’s fifth-largest city and operates its largest maquiladora industry. The people of Cd. Juárez are proud of its rich history. The city provides many avenues of enjoyment for visitors, including many fine restaurants, night clubs, bullfights, soccer games, traditional rodeos, dog races, polo grounds, golf, car racing, shopping malls, old city markets, modern art, and historical museums, as well as many historical sculptures and buildings.

© 2000-2001 www.arttoday.comCd. Juárez host such events as El Dia De la Raza on the 12th of October, the Twin Plant Trade Show held in November, and a Gastronomic Food Show also in November which is a real crowd-pleaser. Naturally, any visit to the city is sure to be accompanied by the festive sounds of the Mariachis.

The city shares the international border between the U.S. and Mexico with its neighboring city El Paso Texas, a city with a dynamic population of over two million people. This area has a long and rich history, and these neighboring cities come together to provide an opportunity for exchange between two very different cultures.