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Boston Attractions: Newbury Street

Let’s take a quick trip to Back Bay’s Newbury Street, one of the most popular shopping, eating, and people-watching destinations in Boston for locals and tourists alike. Newbury Street is Boston’s most enchanting street. Eight blocks are filled with salons, boutiques, and fabulous dining. Boston’s Newbury Street has something for everyone.

Located in the Back Bay area of Boston the 25 feet Newbury Street is a favorite visiting spot of the tourists and the residents of Boston for its decorated shops, famous restaurants, and exotic boutiques. Newbury Street, Boston is regarded as one of the most expensive shopping areas in the globe.

Newbury Street, Boston
Newbury Street, Boston by Sebastià Giralt

Newbury Street is an eight-block, mixed-use thoroughfare, lined on both sides by many dozens of retail and restaurant businesses housed in gorgeous, historic, renovated 19th-century brownstones. The intricate architecture alone is enough to make one stop and stare before taking scores of pictures and then moving on to the numerous additional stores and businesses on the surrounding streets.

Bound on one side by the Boston Public Garden (Arlington T Station) and by Massachusetts Avenue (Hynes T Station) on the opposite side, Newbury Street has a distinct hierarchy of shops. The closer you get to Mass Avenue, as we call the state-named street for short, the quirkier and less expensive the stores become. As a result, the shopping district can accommodate just about anyone, whether a person has upscale or downscale tastes.

On Newbury Street, Boston there are world-famous stores in a row that sing with ease the anthem of economically prosperous urban sprawl. Different items ranging from garments to flowers are available here.

Open Newbury St, Boston
Open Newbury St, Boston; image via newburystboston.com

In the past, Newbury Street was a notable residential area. Here lived the rich people in furnished apartments. Now the street exclusive is limited to the marketing zone. On Newbury Street, Boston there is the famous Museum of Natural History, now a famous garment house.

There are a lot of bookstations on Newbury Street, with scores of rare and valuable manuscripts of famous writers. Students like this area and frequently visit in quest of a rare piece of literary creation or a famous collection of stories and rare songs. The ‘Trident Booksellers’ is the notable seller of books in the latest period and still is the favorite haunt of the young students.

One of the notable landmarks of Newbury Street is the Ritz-Carlton hotel brandishing its glamour all the while. Once there was the famous cinema hall the Exeter Street Theater which has now turned into an office building.

The emergence of Newbury Street as a posh shopping paradise for the youths came into being in the late 70s when students frequented compact discs. On this street stands another famous building, 360 Newbury Street, which is called the most wonderful specimen of modern architecture in Boston.

Newbury Street is also home to popular attractions that are historic in their own right, such as the original branch of the music chain Newbury Comics. But keep in mind that during peak times — for instance, the warmer months, when school is out and more people are on vacation — the wide and normally comfortable sidewalks can get very crowded.

I personally only visit the location at downtime, when I know congestion will be limited. If you enjoy experiencing the sights and sounds of thriving, active neighborhoods, however, then peak time is probably the prime time for you to go.

Take a look at a brief video tour of Newbury Street, courtesy of Travelistic, after the jump and visit the shopping district’s official website to learn more about what it offers.

Hotels Near Newbury Street

Close to Newbury Street, close to Boston’s most enchanting street! With eight blocks filled with salons, boutiques, and all the fashion shops, you just won’t get enough of them. The Boston hotels near Newbury Street ranging from budget hotels to luxury ones provide you with decent accommodations and initiative services.

To choose the most satisfying hotel near Newbury Street, admire a mix of architectural styles, and dine in the fabulous restaurants nearby, you really need to read our carefully collected reviews and comments from previous guests. Don’t let our kindness go in vain! Be sure to book with us soon!

Benefits of Hotels Near Newbury Street

  • Next to Boston’s most enchanting street
  • A mix of architectural styles nearby
  • Fabulous dining options
  • Various hotels with different characters
  • Especially for fashionistas hitting the best shopping

Welcome to Newbury Street, Boston’s most enchanting street filled with salons, boutiques, and specialty shops. It runs roughly east-to-west, from the Boston Public Garden to Massachusetts Avenue. A mix of renovated brownstone buildings house hundreds of shops on clothing, beauty, food & dining, etc. Everyone has something to do here. You only have to find a proper hotel nearby and indulge yourself in the next happy shopping time. There is a wide range of hotels with different characters near Newbury Street, from economical budget hotels to luxury 4-star hotels. We list two typical ones just to give you an idea.

Charlesmark Hotel is a three-star historic European-style boutique, offering a great location and personal services. Nestled in the Back Bay neighborhood, it’s just 100 yards from Newbury Street, Copley Subway Station, The Shops at Prudential Center, and Copley Place. Stay in this hotel and you will enjoy complimentary continental breakfasts, newspapers, and wireless internet access. Only a step away from all the fashionable boutiques and restaurants of Newbury Street, we have the luxury 4-star Eliot Suite Hotel. Built in 1925, this hotel features 79 suites and 16 guest rooms decorated with dark wood furnishings and French doors to separate living and sleeping areas. It’s pet-friendly and kids of 18 years and under can stay free. So, bring all your family for a nice holiday here.

Hotels Near Newbury Street & Official Site Links

1. The Charlesmark Hotel
655 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 247-1212
E-Mail: [email protected]
Official Website:

2. Eliot Hotel
370 Commonwealth Ave Boston, MA 02215
Phone: (617) 267-1607, (800) 44-ELIOT
Official Website:

Scooter Parking on Newbury Street

Thank you Newbury Street and Boylston Street for converting some car street parking into scooter street parking! Besides scooting being contingent on favorable weather conditions, there is one conundrum scooters and their owners face on a daily basis; street or sidewalk parking.

Scooter Parking on Newbury Street
Scooter Parking on Newbury Street

Scooters are too small for traditional parking spaces yet too bulky against a regular bike rack. There are now six spots allotted to both scooters and motorcycles, it’s only 25 cents per hour and there is no time limit; this is a step in the right direction for easing the parking tension between scooters and cars. I’m sure we’ll start to see even more green scooter-friendly signs and scooter-only spaces popping up throughout Boston.

History of Newbury Street

The two-mile stretch of land was once part of the city’s harbor, which began to be filled in by 1857 in order to create the Back Bay section of the city. By 1860, Claredon Street had been filled, followed by Exeter Street in 1870 and full completion in 1882. The European design elements imparted on the area, such as the wide boulevards and parkways, remain intact and continue to influence the feel of the street in the modern day.

https://freefunguides.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/explore-newbury-street-boston.jpgOriginally residential, Newbury Street soon became highly sought after due to its amenities and prestige. In fact, it even eclipsed one of Boston’s most renowned areas – Beacon Hill – by the late 19th century. It has now become a beloved tourist and shopping destination, with independent shops and high-end fashion boutiques adorning the streets. In fact, it has even been referred to as “The Rodeo Drive of the East.” It also serves as the premier destination for hair salons and stylists, with those outside its boundaries viewed as second-class citizens.

In addition to its retail offerings, Newbury Street promotes social interaction and active pedestrians through its broad sidewalks, accessible storefronts, and friendly street vendors. These elements come together to create an unparalleled atmosphere that towers above other commercial districts. Newbury Street serves as a fine example of how urban and retail spaces can successfully intertwine in order to create a unique and bustling destination.

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