Top 10 Best Maryland Tourist Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Maryland

Named after an English Queen, Maryland is a U.S state which borders Washington D.C. and is located in the Atlantic region. Baltimore is the biggest city in the state, whereas Annapolis is its capital. Maryland is not a large state in terms of area. However, it is densely populated and has a population of above 6 million.

Major economic activities are related to the Port of Baltimore. Maryland has an extensive food-production sector and the state is renowned for its life sciences and biotechnology research. Moreover, tourism is an ever-growing industry in this state with tourists frequently visiting popular attractions in the cities as well as on the shores.

10. Ocean City Boardwalk

Ocean City Boardwalk was established in Maryland’s city of Ocean City in 1902 and is known as one of the best Boardwalks in USA. The Boardwalk stretches on a trail 2.5 miles. In the past century, it was destroyed thrice by hurricanes and ocean typhoons but was re-built afterwards. It is the most populous destination site during the tourism season in the city. Tourists can stroll around the beach area and enjoy their time in novelty shops, luxurious eateries and coffee saloons. The Boardwalk offers an unexampled experience of thrilling nightlife filled with modern entertainment and blends it with cultural history.

9. Fort McHenry

Bragging a rich history, Fort McHenry is a garrison located in the city of Baltimore. Formerly, it was built in 1798 and is treasured for its role in the World War I when it safeguarded Baltimore from a British-navy attack. Today, the Fort has become an integral center of recreation. This is an ideal destination for war historians as there is plenty to explore and learn. Thousands of tourists visit this historical monument to give their regards and attend the Defenders Day; an event which takes place in Baltimore every year to commemorate the memorable battle.

8. Inner Harbor

Inner harbor is an illustrious seaport and a tourist landmark, located in Baltimore. The area includes both the waterfront as well as the surrounding small regions. It has been remarkably developed to accommodate its visitors with lush-green parks, gigantic malls and world-class restaurants. Visitors can take a thrill-filled ride on speedboats and cruises to explore the historic sites within the Inner Harbor. Maryland Science Centre provides interactive learning experience for many tourists, including the science-geeks. Another well-known tourist destination, The National Aquarium is also situated in the Harbor. To sum things up, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor offers more to see and do than a person can imagine!

7. Deep Creek Lake

Deep Creek Lake is a man-made lake which was built in the 1920s and it’s still considered the largest midland aquatic body in the state of Maryland. It was officially constructed on the Deep Creek Dam and spans to 70 miles on the shoreline. Several freshwater species and oceanic birds can be found around the area. Currently, the Lake is one of the most frequently visited tourist attraction in the U.S. The state park located around the lake provides for a terrific experience of camping, fishing, hiking, and swimming. During the winters, the frozen lake offers a great site for skateboarding and skiing.

6. Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park

Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historical Park was established in 1961 in Columbia, Maryland to preserve the historic leftovers of the canal structures. In earlier times, the C&O canal served as a transportation route for many decades. The waterways, pipe ducts, lock houses and some of the canal structures still stand as historic monuments. The park is a premier tourist destination. Its 185-km long trail offers visitors a marvelous opportunity to go for leisurely walks and strolls to explore the ancient structures along the Potomac River’s shore. Tourists may also enjoy biking around the park or taking a boat ride in the river.

5. National Aquarium

Located in the Inner Harbor region of Baltimore, the National Aquarium is a communal aquarium which was first opened in 1981. It is home to 750 different aquatic species and the number of specimens climbs are 17,000. The National Aquarium is divided into various segments and exhibits. Of particular note are the Tropical Rain Forest, containing most kinds of mammals and birds, and an open shark tank. Around 2 million tourists visit this unprecedented place annually. The prime aim of the National Aquarium is to instill the inspiration of the conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures.

4. Six Flags America

Six Flags America is a leading theme park and a popular tourist attraction located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. It was founded in 1973 and extends to an area of 520 acres. The entertainment park comprises more than 100 rides and coasters. The internal region of the amusement park houses fun sites for kids as well as a collection of retro archives of the park. The outdoor recreation provide for a thrilling adventure with their bewildering drops and inversions. The waterpark situated on the theme park’s border offers immaculate aquatic experience.

3. Maryland Science Center

Being one of the primeval scientific institutions in the U.S., Maryland Science Center is located in the Inner Harbor and consists of three exhibits. Latest additions to the structure include a planetarium, an observatory, an IMAX theater and some dinosaur skeletons. Maryland Science Center has interactive scientific displays covering subjects like physical science, space exploration and earth science. The exhibits also offer entertaining scientific experiments with learning sessions. The institution has already been listed in “Top 10 best centers for Science” and hosts millions of visitors.

2. Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum

B&O Railroad museum demonstrates ancient railroad equipment and locomotive in Baltimore. The museum was opened to public in 1953 and has been called as a vital collection of railroad caches in the world. The museum comprises of the Mount Clare Station, which is considered as the site of the first railroad passenger service in the U.S. Hundreds of historic trams, locomotives and coaches are showcased in the museum. Additionally, the museum offers recreation activities such as train trips and fully-guided museum tours which make up for a fascinating experience. It is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Baltimore.

1. Assateague Island

Assateague Island is located on Maryland’s eastern shore. It is a national park which was created in 1962 and spans over 40,000 acres. The island is home to the National Seashore and the State Park, both of whom are one of the most cherished destinations for tourists to Maryland. The park typically provides for outdoor entertainment which includes bird-watching, fishing, kayaking and swimming. The island is home to exotic species of wildlife and is highly-esteemed for its white-sand beaches and beautiful ponies. Over 2 million vacationists visit the Assateague Island annually and enjoy their stay more than ever!

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