Top 10 Best Maine Tourist Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Maine

Here is the list of top 10 most beautiful places in Maine, United States of America. From so many attractive tourism sectors we try to chose the most entertaining places because there is endless list of tourist spots in Maine, where you can visit and spend quality time with your family during holidays. Every year tourists from the entire world visit this state just to have fun and have to capture beautiful places into their photographs.

10. Portland Symphony Orchestra

It’s one of the most attractive Maine tourism places and top 10 most beautiful places in Maine. Music lovers often make a tour there. If you are a music lover, I suggest you should not miss the chance to watch Portland symphony Orchestra shows. If you are going to Maine, then must visit the place. You will be able to meet lots of brilliant artists there and enjoy their performances. I am sure that, you are going to love the music over there and will remember for a long time.

9. Maine Lighthouses

Maine is well known for its lighthouses. Try to manage some time to visit these amazing lighthouses at Maine. These lighthouses make Maine a better tourism sector in the world. There are so many stories behind each of the lighthouse. You need to try to know the histories to be more marveled with them. Maine’s breathtaking sight of the shoreline is a bonus with the spectacular view of the lighthouses through your cruise. It’s one of the top 10 most beautiful places in Maine.

8. Portland Museum of Art

It’s one of the top 10 most beautiful places in Maine. The culture vultures are truly satisfied with the Portland Museum of Art. There are more than 17000 piece of art work, which is really amazing. Those are done by the most expert artists of the Europe and America. There is good collection of photographs by Owen and Anna. The Redacted by Ahmed Alsoudani, which is actually an aptly exhibit are also shown here. You should have a tour with your family to watch them, if you are in Maine once.

7. Funtown Splashtown, Saco

It’s one of the top 10 most beautiful places in Maine. Funtown Splashtown is great fun tourism zone in Maine. There are lots of rides for the kids and the grownups. You and your friends are going to enjoy them. The thrill rides, kiddie rides and the games and arcades are there for your entertainment. The vast water park is also great place there. Lots of tourists go there every year and enjoy the slides and waves in the water park. It’s one of the largest tourism places in the New England.

6. Ski in Maine

No other place is as good as Maine in case of skiing. People from the whole universe make a tour to Maine just to experience skiing there. It’s one of the most favorite activities of the people of Maine as well. There are so many mountains in Maine like Bigrock Mountain, Baker Mountain and Big Squaw Mountain. These are the best and favorite skiing spot on Maine. The bunny slops here are favorites to the beginners. The tougher skiers also love skiing in Maine. If you are a ski lover, should visit Maine at least once to complete your skiing experience.

5. Baxter State Park, Millinocket

It’s a great tourist attraction in Maine. You and your family must be willing to just enjoy the days doing exciting things. Then you should book your package at the Baxter State Park. You can plan your weekend here. You can enjoy camping, fishing with your children and snowmobiling. It’s beautiful out there, so you will love to take your family pictures there and have some photography experience. The park will surprise you with its new challenges and you will not be bored for a moment.

4. The Desert Of Maine, Freeport

It’s a great attraction of Maine tourism. Hundreds of tourists visit the Desert Of Maine only because of its spectacular beauty and fascinating natural facts. People often make a tour here with family. Children love the Desert Of Maine tour because of the gaming option here like Mining for gems. People normally visit the gift shops here. You will have a guide who will help you throughout your walk of the desert and your family will love the nature and trails here while knowing about them.

3. Whale Watching in Bar Harbor

If you are a whale fascinator then you should visit the Bar Harbor to watch the Wales there. Tourists visit this place to have a thrilling experience of whale watching. The Whale watching agencies will offer you different types of cruise. These cruises are along the Baker Island. There are some beautiful places you will go through while watching whales. You will have a lecture and discussion on whales on your cruise that will increase your knowledge and make you more curious about the whales.

2. Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is one of the top 10 most beautiful places in Maine. This huge national park is inherits 49000 acres of land. Each corner of this vast landscape is beautiful and embedded with variety of entertaining source. It may call a home to the nature lovers. They often make a tour here to enjoy the granite cliffs and the glacier carved mountains. It’s a great trail for your hiking and it’s going to change your experience from amazed with nature to thrilled with hiking. Your family and friends will love the vacation at the Acadia National Parks. It’s one of the top 10 most beautiful places in Maine.

Acadia National Park

1. Eartha, the Revolving Globe, Yarmouth

It gives the tourists of Kansas to have a look of an object placed Guinness World record book. People from the entire world make a tour here every day. Its visitors often get amazed with the revolving globe and with the detailed display of display. It’s located in a three stored house. You need to know about its history and about its way to display everything in detail to enjoy your Eartha visit fully. It’s a great place to have some amazed and acknowledgement time.

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