Latium Travel Guide

Provinces: Roma, Frosinone, Latina, Rieti, Viterbo

The Latium region will probably be most famous as the region that contains Rome. Separate from this area of Rome, the balance of the region is mostly plains and hills, with mountains in the area of Riet, and in the north an area of lower mountains of volcanic origins, in whose craters many pretty lakes have developed. More than half of the population of this region lives in, near or around Rome.

Viterbo, Italy – Travel and Tourism

Viterbo has a city center and Piazza San Lorenzo is flanked by the town’s most historic collection of buildings.
Other attractions include the Duomo, a plain Romanesque church that has a striped floor and Piazza Della Rocca, a square commanded by the mean-looking Rocca Albornoz, home to the Museum National, whose archeological collection includes displays of discovered Roman and Etruscan artifacts.

Bolsena Lake, Italy – Travel and Tourism

The lake is in what is left of a big volcanic crater and is the biggest one of its kind in Europe. The surrounding ground is very fertile. You will find that the climate is perfect for growing crops and vegetation. The lake is a wonderful place to go swimming or fishing when in this area. You can visit the 16th-century Palazzo Farnese, built by A. Sangallo. This lake area is also the vacation area for several popes.

Rieti, Italy – Travel and Tourism

Rieti is the capital city of the Province of the same name and is found in the upper part of Lazio. Located almost in the center of the entire country. Known in ancient times as Reate, the Roman Emperor Vespasian was born nearby, and his sons Titus and Domitian also made this area their home.

Rieti is also called the Holy Valley, as St. Francis of Assisi spent much of his life here, and there are 4 Franciscan Sanctuaries in the area where he lived and taught. This area is worth a visit and takes time to explore and discover.

Isole Pontine

Ponza is a tourist island with 2 central settlements, one is Ventotene which is smaller and not as crowded. Palmarola, Zannone and Gravi are inhabitant but may be visited for a day-trip. Any of them are perfect for a getaway to do some swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving.

Frosinone, Italy – Travel and Tourism

The Province of Frosinone was established by Royal Decree on 6 December 1926 with territories belonging to Lazio and to Campania. At the same time, the Province of Latina was also established. The Campania areas were the left valley of the Liri-Garigliano river, the district of Sora, the Comino valley, the district of Cassino, the Gulf of Formia and Gaeta, the Pontine isles, which until then had been for centuries included in the Province called Terra di Lavoro, of the Kingdom of Naples.

Rome, Italy – Travel and Tourism

It would be hard to find a person anywhere in the world that has not heard of Rome or the ancient Roman empire that ruled the world for many, many years. The province is for a large part, a suburb of Rome, especially to the west. The Tiber and its tributary Aniene are the main rivers, and there are also many lakes of volcanic origin, the largest being Lake Bracciano, Lake Albano, and Lake Nemi.

Vatican City is also included in this Region and in the center of Rome. It is an independent country and state established in the late 1920s.