The Republic of Indonesia, popularly known as Indonesia is an island nation of Southeast Asia. Indonesia comprises of about 17,500 islands and is the world’s largest archipelagic state. The name “Indonesia” is derived from the Latin word “Indus” meaning India and the Greek word “nesos” means “island”. The culture of Indonesia has been shaped by various influences. In ancient times it has links with the Indian subcontinent and later with the west Asia traders and the Far East. As a result, there are much of Hindu, Islam, and Confucianism that has influenced the daily practices of the people of Indonesia. There are a host of tourist destinations in Indonesia. Given below is a list of some of the important Indonesia Destinations :

Jakarta Tour: being the capital of Indonesia it shows the different art forms for all the regions and ethnic groups. Jakarta has a fine history of museums, fine art museums, and puppet museums. The Jakarta Maritime museum and the V.O.C.  warehouse which was under Dutch rule is also worth visiting.

Java Tour: Java is the most developed island of Indonesia. Once it was the center of powerful Hindu kingdoms and also the center for Dutch East Indies. It attracts tourists from al across the globe for its Hindu-Buddhist temple, volcanoes, game parks, dense rain forests and also for teeming cities

Sumatra Tour: for your Sumatra tour you are going to a big island which is ten times the size of Denmark and six times the size of Ireland. On your tour, you will come across a number of important tourist destinations like the Karo Highlands. On your tour to Sumatra in Medan, you will also encounter history that dates back to 15th and 16th centuries.

Komodo National Park: is one of the most popular national parks in Indonesia. Established in 1980 to provide shelter to the Komodo dragon, the park is noted as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986. to know more about important Indonesia.

Dining In Indonesia

Dining in Indonesia is loved by all like the cuisine of the place is different from all the other parts of the world. Various kinds of dishes are available here which attracts the people. These cuisines have made dining in Indonesia a major attraction for the masses from all over the world. Other than this, with a large number of tourists visiting this place, a number of hotels and restaurants have opened their branches here. This has also made dining in Indonesia cheaper.

There are various kinds of food available that have made dining in Indonesia very popular. An important fact about dining in Indonesia is that though it is situated near the sea, various kinds of seafood are available in Indonesia. The seafood available near Jimbaran Beach are one of the best in the region.

There are various places in Indonesia that are famous for their eateries. Some of the important places where you can go in for dining in Indonesia include Pedang, Bali, Sanur, Kuta Area, Nusa Dua, and Ubud. All these areas have various hotels and restaurants which offer you with variety of cuisines in Indonesia. Other than these you can also find a large number of wine shops, beer shops as well as local alcohol shops.

Some of the important restaurants where you can go in for dining in Indonesia are listed below. Have a look at them:

  • Ku De Ta
  • Empire Grill
  • Murni’s Warung
  • B.A.T.S
  • Bali Buddha
  • Cafe Lotus
  • Hazara
  • Papa’s Cafe
  • Mango Bar and Restaurant
  • TJ’s

All these restaurants are known for their excellent customer service and good food that they provide to the customers. Other than this, you will also find that the restaurants are excellently decorated and are well maintained. Once you reach there, the ambiance of the restaurants will attract you. In some of the major restaurants, you have to book tables in advance because a large number of people visit these restaurants. I hope you have a nice time enjoying dining in Indonesia!

Shopping in Indonesia

Shopping in Indonesia mainly consists of shopping in Ubud, Celuk, Lombok, Jakarta, Bandu and Bali. To get an ultimate experience in Shopping in Indonesia check out shopping in the following.

Shopping in Bali

Everywhere you go to Bali you will find plenty of things to spend money on. If you are coming from the US, the dollar goes far and the prices are ridiculously low as compared to what you pay in Bali. There are large malls and you will find designer names everywhere. These stores also have art and handicraft items made in the village. Visiting the villages of Bali is an exciting trip for everyone. Especially for those who love art and handicrafts. Nearly everything manufactured in Bali is original art. A trip to the village of Bali will equip you with an extensive collection of arts and handicrafts. Bali is the prime destination in shopping in Indonesia.

The wood carvings of Bali are legendary and you will find them selling everywhere. To get the best prices you have to go to Ubud. It is the home and workshop of some of the most talented woodcarvers in the world. In the nearby village of Mas, you will find a huge center that has everything of carved wood that one can imagine.

Celuk is another important stop in your shopping in Indonesia. The place is famous for its fine quality of gold and silver. You can directly go to the factory and negotiate the rock-bottom prices for beautiful and quality sterling silver. Although batik is not traditionally Indonesian but beautiful artistic and hand-printed batiks are created in the village of Tirtodupuran.


Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia which is located in the northwestern part of Java Island. Jakarta is developing by leaps and bounds. Jakarta is the epicenter of the cultural, political and economic activities of Indonesia. Jakarta is a melting pot of various culture and traditions. Jakarta is also famous for traditional mellifluous music. Javanese is the lingua franca of Jakarta. Jakarta is undergoing an unprecedented boom in its economy. The night clubs, the tantalizing restaurants, and the towering buildings reflect the rapid development of Jakarta.

Some of the tourist attractions of Jakarta are as follows:

Pasar Ikan Fish Market, National Museum, National Monument, Sunda Kelapa, Istiqlal Mosque Puppet Museum, Indonesia Miniature Park, Maritime Museum are the major destinations of tourist interest.

The fish market of Paswan bustles with the bargains of fish which also serves fish delicacies during the night.

The National Monument epitomizes grace and flamboyance. The various museums contain artifacts and other exhibits that portray the glorious culture and tradition of Indonesia. Some of the churches and storage buildings are converted to museums thereby preserving them. Some of the antique artifacts in the museum exude the vestiges of the glorious heritage of Jakarta.

Accommodation in Jakarta:

There are a plethora of hotels in Jakarta which pamper the guests by a slew of services. Some of the important hotels in Jakarta are the Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta. The Park Lane Jakarta, Shangri La Hotel Jakarta, Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Hotel Mulia.

Transportation in Jakarta:

Soekarno Hatta International Airport is the airport in Jakarta which is connected to some of the major destinations of the world by international flights. Cathay Pacific, Air China, Japan Airlines, Thai Airways , KLM Royal Dutch, Lufthansa are some of the major airlines operating from the airport. Trains and buses are other forms of transport in Jakarta.


If you are looking for a holiday in the lush warmth of a very cheap, easily accessible tropical island with beautiful waterfront, marina and golf course resorts waiting to cater to your needs, then Batam is the place. Batam is an island in the Riau Island Province of Indonesia. The island is known for its free trade zone as a part of the Sijori Growth Triangle about 20 kilometers off Singapore’s south coast.

Batam has a full-blown low-cost playground on the front doorstep of Singapore. The nightlife of Batam resembles the burgeoning nightlife of Thailand or Macau of yesteryears. The island still has a new, fresh and vibrant frontier and simultaneously it is captivatingly laid back and welcoming. The beautiful, smiling and Welcoming Indonesian women are often judged by many of the westerners who have visited, settled and married these women to be among the most gracious, charming and generous of the world.

If business and investment is your prime interest, then Batam is the right place for you. It is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic economic zones of South Asia. It is a place where you will get the red carpet treatment from the government. The local authorities understand your needs and concerns and wants you in Batam.

If you want to settle down then you can get a home here. Property is cheap here and the living costs are low and most of the services you need for a quality lifestyle are readily available. If you need more then Singapore is just an hour away from across the Strait. Most of the hotels and resorts of Batam have access to the private beach. The most famous of the resorts in Batam is the Batam View Beach Resort.


Located in the south of Sumatra, Palembang is a city set on the banks of river Musi. Musi is the longest river in South Sumatra. The city of Palembang has two museums. On the bank of the river, Musi is known as the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II museum that is administered by the municipality of Palembang and thus is also known as the Municipal Museum. The other is Balaputradewa Museum and is located about 5.5 kilometers from Jenderal Sudirman.

Both the museums attract their guests with minimum attractions. But the one on the wat to the airport is the best known and also the biggest. From the Sultan Mahamud museum located near the “famous bridge” there is a fort. The fort may be dated back to the days when Dutch-owned Sumatra. This is now an army barrack but worth a look. Also worth taking is a trip along the Musi river. There you can hire a boat adjacent to the bridge at a reasonable rate. Other attractions of Palembang include Plaju and Sungai Jurong. These two form a separate enclave that is a fenced garden city with wide streets, green strips, and shadowy trees.

The city was once the capital of the ancient city of Srivijaya. Srivijaya comprises of modern Malaysia and Indonesia. The ancient Palembang was a city that was partly Hindu and partly Buddhist. Following the raid of the Chola dynasty of Southern India in 1025, it gradually begins to lose its importance. Srivijaya’s capital was eventually moved northward to Jambi. The rulers of malacca established Parameswara as the most important empire in Malaysian history. Later Parameswara changed to Palembang.


Manado is the capital of the North Sulawesi province of Indonesia. As the largest city of the region, Manado is a key tourist transit point for visitors. The places that should be visited during your tour to the Manado include Japanese Cave, Waruga or stone graves, Watu Pinawetengan, Lake Linow color or Lahendong village and Tomohon or The city of flowers.

Japanese Cave

These caves were built by the Japanese during World War II. These caves are mainly used as storage for supplies. You can visit these caves while driving along the road between the two beautiful and countryside villages of Kiawa and Kawangkoan.

Waruga or stone graves

In the Sawangan village, close to Airmadidi there are 144 beautiful and interesting ancient “Waruga” or stone graves of Minahasan ancestors and can be dated back to the Megalithic age. The small museum and the local guide will explain to you what is found in the tomb.

Watu Pinawetengan

Watu Pinawetengan is a megalithic stone of the ancestors of Minahasa and its surface is covered with crude, mysterious live drawings and scripts which have never been deciphered. According to Minahasa history, this is the place where the ancestors first divided up the land among the people. The word “ Watu Pinawetengan” means the stone of discussion about the division. The ruling was made in order to ensure a peaceful and harmonious life. Seven divisions are made among different areas of Tombulu, Tonsea, Toulour, Tontemboan, Tonsawang, Ponosakan and Pasan Rataham.


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