Best Late Night Food in Houston

20 Best Restaurants Open Late in Houston

No matter the timing of your restaurant visit, everyone enjoys good 24-hour food in Houston. You may think that your late visit to a restaurant may be in vain, or may not guarantee the availability of your best meal. However, whenever you are in Houston, you’re sure to secure your choice out of the many excellent restaurants that stay up late for the sake of their valuable customers.

Read to discover the top 20 best restaurants in Houston that you can visit during the late-night hours.

1. BB’s Tex-Orleans

Located in White Oak Dr. Houston, TX, this fantastic restaurant opens 24/7. It offers you an excellent selection of seafood varieties. You get to leave the place, having satisfied all your cravings. You’ll also enjoy a steaming bowl of gumbo. Moreover, Cajun fare and Texas flair usually run over at this great Houston eatery.

BB’s Tex-Orleans restaurants open late near me now
BB’s Tex-Orleans – restaurants open late

2. B&B Butchers

Located in Washington Ave Houston, TX, the place offers the best beef in Houston. It is also known as Washington Avenue steakhouse. The eatery is one of the few certified avenues to serve the real Kobe steaks originating from Japan. Whenever you visit B&B Butchers, you will discover more tasty varieties on the menu, which includes the mouth-watery herb-crusted lamb rack. They usually stay up late at night to service their wide customer varieties.

B&B Butchers - what's open late
B&B Butchers – restaurants that open late in Houston

3. Squable

It is located in the 19th St Houston, TX. It contains an excellent team of chefs, which includes Bobby Heugel and Justin Yu. Other chefs such as Mark Clayton and Drew Grimma supervise considerate menu of tasty and unique dishes like Maltagliati pasta combined with parmesan, butter-braised onions, and heritage pork, together with bright salsa verde. Moreover, almost everyone who visits this late-night restaurant will not fail to recognize the delicious French Cheeseburger, plus the tasty patty soaked in raclette cheese.

Squable Houston dinner open late
Squable – food in Houston open late

4. Indigo

Located in Berry Rd Houston, TX, the Indigo restaurant team stays up late at night for their customers. They use various fermented and well-preserved ingredients to offer wide-ranging cuisines of the African origin. Most people enjoy their tasty meals. Johnny Rhodes, Eater Houston 2018 chef of the year, connects to this restaurant.

Indigo - local restaurants open late
Indigo Houston – good food open late

5. Katz’s Deli

This fantastic 24/7 service restaurant is located in Westheimer. Whenever you visit the eatery, you are sure to enjoy the fancy New York Cheesecakes, as well as the famous heavily-made matzoh ball soup.

Katz’s Deli 24 hour restaurants houston
Katz’s Deli – 24-hour restaurant in Houston

6. Mai’s Restaurant

Located in Milam, the famous mid-town restaurant is renowned for its traditional Vietnamese food offered late at night. From Monday till Thursday, Mai’s stay open till 3:00 am, while on Fridays and Saturdays, they open till 4:00 am. Other unique delicacy servings you may enjoy during the late hours include curry chicken wing stew, stir-fried tofu vermicelli, and lotus root salad, amongst different varieties.

Mai’s Restaurant - restaurant open after 11pm Houston
Mai’s Restaurant – healthy Houston restaurants open late

7. House of Pies

It is located in Kirby, Wertheimer, and open 24/7 for the convenience of its customers. During the late-night hours, you can pop into House of Pies and enjoy meals of your choice- either the heavier meal types or lighter desserts like the lemon meringue pie slice, banana cream, and Texas pecan fudge.

House of Pies Houston
House of Pies – late night food Houston

8. Me’lange

Located in West Gray, Houston, this Vietnamese restaurant opens till late at night. They stay up till 3:00 am from Mondays to Thursdays, and then extend till 4:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays. You will enjoy plenty of flavored chicken fried rice, shaking steak, Singapore noodles, as well as sweet chili wings.

Me’lange Houston
Me’lange Houston – Open Late

9. B.B. Lemon

The Washington-based late-night restaurant offers sea-varieties to the satisfaction of its clients. You get to enjoy blue crab beignets, oysters on the half shell, as well as burger varieties and clam chowder. From Mondays to Wednesdays, they open till midnight, and from Thursdays through Saturdays, they remain open till 2:00 am.

B.B. Lemon restaurant houston
B.B. Lemon – Houston restaurant open til 2am

10. El Rey Taqueria

The Cuban and Mexican origin restaurants are located in various areas throughout Houston. From Mondays through Wednesdays, they open till midnight and then extend till 3:00 am from Thursdays through Saturdays. You get to enjoy mouth-watery meals such as Cuban sandwiches, salmon salad, and ropa vieja tortas.

11. Nobie’s

Located in Colquitt, this incredible eatery loved by many stays up late to satisfy its late-night clients. You get to enjoy fabulous seasonal meals right from crispy octopus to tagliatelle in Bolognese.

Nobie’s Houston
Nobie’s – restaurant open late in houston

12. Ninja Ramen

Located in Washington, the restaurant stays up lively till as late as 3:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Ninja Ramen allows you to explore unique yet tasty meals. You’ll never miss out on the original spicy miso. You also get to enjoy your meals alongside endless varieties of television entertainment.

Ninja Ramen Houston - until 3am
Ninja Ramen – late night restaurant Houston

13. Moxie’s

Moxie’s in Westheimer is an excellent place to grab some late-night dinner incase you stay late in the Uptown. It is worth your time spending at this incredible eatery. They open till midnight from Sundays through Wednesdays and extend till 2:00 am from Thursdays through Saturdays. You can enjoy some cocktail, as well as get to munch on the delicious baby back ribs, Moxie’s steak Frites, blackened chicken burgers, and beef vindaloo.

Moxie’s - houston restaurants open late
Moxie’s -best late night food Houston

14. Velvet Taco

The Westheimer-based restaurant stays up till late at night. They open till 1:00 am from Sundays through Wednesdays, till 3:00 am on Thursdays, and up to 4:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Some of the tasty varieties that you will find include fish and chips taco plus curry mayo, shredded pork taco, and Angus brisket taco, which is slow-roasted.

Velvet Taco mexican food open late Houston
Velvet Taco – best late-night tacos Houston

15. The Burger Joint

Located in Montrose, this neighborhood joint gives you the reason for staying up late. It spoils you for choice with their extensive selections of delicacies. The Burger Joint remains open till 4:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays. During the late-night hours, you can enjoy the Texas beef handcrafted burger, sweet potato or hand-cut fries, single patty, and double patty.

The Burger Joint - houston restaurants open now
The Burger Joint – restaurant open late Houston

16. Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana

Located in W Gray St Houston, TX, this late-night restaurant focuses on satisfying its customers with the mouth-watery Neapolitan pizza. It was certified from the prestigious Vera Pizza Napoletana organization, which oversees the real pies originating from the area. You can top up the pizza with fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, parmesan, or soppressata, amongst others.

Pizaro’s Pizza - late night dining houston
Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana – Houston late-night food

17. La Table

La Table is a French-based late-night restaurant. It is located in Post Oak Blvd, Houston, TX. While here, you get to enjoy a never-ending list of delicacies such as the duo crispy duck breast, sea scallops accompanied with crispy potatoes and capers, amongst many other varieties.

La Table - restaurants near me that are open late
La Table -food near me open late

18. Nancy’s Hustle

Located in Polk St, Houston, this eatery is identified as one of the city’s best and comfortable neighborhood restaurant. In 2018, it was also accredited as Houston’s restaurant of the year. Whenever you are there, you will always distinguish the savory and fluffy ‘Nancy Cakes,’ accompanied by salmon roe and butter. There are also endless lists of delicacies such as spaghetti together with lobster, as well as fermented chili butter.

Nancy’s Hustle - restaurants opened late
Nancy’s Hustle – food places open late in Houston

19. Cantina Barba

Located in North Main, this Mexican haven gets you to take pleasure in your late-night dining up till 3:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays. You get to discover some new yet tasty meals and enjoy some of the most delicious burgers in town. You’ll also get some barbacoa tacos and carne asada to your fill.

Cantina Barba houston late night restaurants
Cantina Barba restaurant open till 3am

20. Riel

The late-night restaurant based in Fairview Street, Houston, has some of the best chefs. Chef Ryan LaChaine presents a combination of his fantastic Ukrainian, as well as French-Canadian heritage, hence a global influence on some of the unique and tastiest meals that you will always crave. While at Riel, you will never miss out on the gulf seafood, mushroom empanadas, crispy Gulf snapper soaked in bacon-tomato consommé, and also hanger steak accompanied with the great pierogi.

Riel - late night restaurants in houston
Riel – open late restaurant

Final Word

We have identified some of the best restaurants that open late in Houston. After your late evening adventures, and probably late night jobs, you do not have to worry. You have a wide array of restaurant selections to not only enjoy your meal of choice, but also unwind, and reflect upon your just-ended day’s activities.

Did we miss your favorites? Add them to the comments below.

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