Wild Adventures Theme Park & Splash Island – Valdosta, Georgia

Wild Adventures Theme Park Tour & Review – Valdosta, Georgia

Located just north of the Florida and Georgia border is a small amusement park that has a nice collection of family attractions and thrill rides. I know you can hear those screams of excitement while passing by this theme park, influencing your desire to enjoy the roller coasters, cabanas, water adventures, and the other types of amusement that Wild Adventures theme park has to offer… so why not? Have a few Wild adventures of your own, and come visit this great Theme Park. Wild Adventures features animals in addition to all the normal things you would find at an amusement park and plenty of entertainment options.

Inquiring about Ticket Prices? Or perhaps a Season Pass?

Wild Adventures has great ticket deals when it comes to admission into the theme park. The regular price to gain entrance is usually $45.99, however, this can change without notice, but is valid for two consecutive operating days!

But, why not have multiple Wild Adventures?! Can’t just stop at one –  can you?! Season pass tickets have numerous amounts of benefits, and sometimes even your friends depending on the day!

Receiving unlimited admission into the Wild Adventures theme park and splash Island as well, on select Plus days, you may bring a friend along for free!

The Adventures Gold Season Pass, has a few more benefits, including a coupon book full of discounts for your wild adventures inside the theme park!

Wild Adventures And Splash Island theme and Water Park rides

This park wouldn’t be able to have a wild theme, without Giant roller coasters and water rides to accompany your adventures! Thrilling Adventures are what everyone needs and the Boomerang delivers electrifying chills all up and down your spine, with inversions and loops forward… and backward to make the ride even more daring too!

Summer adventures are always a pleasure to spend in a watery environment! Splash Island theme park has water rides, and can relieve you from a long wild and fun day, with lounging in paradise river, or the wave pool!…

And for further relaxing moments, try renting out a cabana, that has luxury features to it, if you feel like lounging around or enjoying the rest of your stay, perhaps even just to cool down after roaming about the theme park all day long!

Each Cabana has a television, mini-fridge, Table with 6 chairs, and accessibility to the Cabana Village restroom facilities! Extreme VIP access!

Unique Attractions at Wild Adventures Theme Park

In case you haven’t explored this Summer Amusement Park, there’s one thing that will make your adventures more fun!.. the wild animal exhibits! That’s right!

From birds like enormous Emus to the Serval wildcats, and varieties of reptiles… you can witness all of these animals at the Wild adventures Amusement Park!

Save the trip of going to the zoo, when you can go to a theme park with roller coaster rides AND animal exhibits! Wild Adventures truly lives up to its theme park name! So come on, lets go have a wild adventure and the Wild adventures theme park.

Wild Adventures, 3766 Old Clyattville Rd, Valdosta, GA 

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