Top 10 Best Georgia Tourist Attractions

Best Places to Visit in Georgia

Georgia the most beautiful place in all over the world, because there are many ancient churches, watchtowers, and castles exist. Here you can enjoy through spectacular and awe-inspiring views of mountains. Because of easy and safe travel guide you can reach easily at all attractions. The accommodations of this country are very reasonable and you can easily effort it. Georgia is very famous because of its natural beauty.

Diverse and modern culture attracts many tourists every year. The country and its people are very famous because of its hospitability; the country is unique because their guests are known as the blessing. Here you can see each and every things, full package of tourism you can enjoy here, like, aquarium and zoo for children’s, golf course for golf lovers, coca cola world for soda brad conscious, Olympic park and art museum. Here we are compiles a very authentic and wonderful list of top 10 most beautiful places of Georgia, for your tour.

10. Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta Georgia Aquarium is one of the most famous place for children, if you wants to make your child’s day wonderful than visit this place with your children. Here your children will explore several things and will learn more about many creatures of ocean and sea. There are many underwater creatures which you can see like dolphins, fish and many turtles.

9. World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, Georgia

World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta  is one of the Georgia beautiful places, when you will visit this place you will feel like your day was full of discovery. Here you will learn many interesting things; you will enter in the factory of world’s most famous brand.

8. Centennial Olympic Park, Northwest, Atlanta

The main purpose of this centennial Olympic park was the publicity of several centennial Olympic Games. It was built in 1995. When all games were over, with the passage of time the park was opened to the public. Now it became the most favorite destination for the tourists and for the international community as well.

7. Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta, Georgia

Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta Georgia beautiful place, and also known as the most visited place in Georgia. Stone Mountain Park is the place of every age of group. Here you can enjoy several activities weather you are old or you are young. There are many activities like golf playing, and several exhibitions of arts and museum. If you are shopaholic, than it is also best place for you.

6. High Museum of Art, Atlanta

High Museum of Art, Atlanta If you are fan of art and paintings exhibition than it is beat place for you don’t miss it. There are exhibits many paintings of different artistes. Permanent artists of this exhibition you will see their including, America, Europe, and Africa. You can see also different style of art like contemporary art, modern art and decorative art. So here you will learn lot of different styles of paintings.

5. Zoo Atlanta, Georgia

Zoo Atlanta is famous place for children. If your kids will visit this place then they will learn many things about species of animals. When they will enter inside the zoo they will see the all animals so closely which they see in televisions and pictures. Here you can see wide range of animals, birds, reptiles and mammals.

4. Sea Island Golf Course

If you are so tensed and depressed, and make your day comfortable with your family, spouse, and friends. So invite them in sea island golf course, the place is very famous because many world’s level tournaments has been played in this park. If you love to play golf, then you shouldn’t miss this place.

3. Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta Atlanta botanical garden is very famous place, it attracts many tourists because of its beauty. Here you will spectacular views of landscapes, flowers, plants, water unique and dramatic lights make this place more beautiful. Here you will learn many things about gardens, information, and educational tour. You can also learn how to start home gardening.

2. CNN Center, Atlanta

The world’s most famous cable network has opened its place for the tourist not for local community but also for international community as well. You can visit this place form the every side, restaurants, and many shops. If you are going to visit this place than make sure you have your own cameras to captures your all memories.

1. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

Here you will reach your noteworthy attaches and get to know all the more about Martin Luther King the most renowned man who takes part in critical part in forcing correspondence in the middle of blacks. Tour his introduction to the world home and visit the Ebenezer Baptist Church where you can hear some of his most moving speeches and sermons. It’s also considered the best place of Georgia for visit.

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