What To Pack For Universal Orlando

Before we went to Universal Orlando and stayed at the amazing Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort, we took the girls for their first time in November for their birthdays. I’m usually on top of things. I do my research and I know what to pack. But this time I just threw things in a backpack and went to the park.

Wow!! I made a few mistakes and I didn’t know much about what we would visit but The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Between Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, there is so much to do and see. And so much I didn’t know.

Here is a list of What To Pack For Universal Orlando!


A comfortable backpack with lots of zipper compartments is crucial for your Universal Studios Orlando Trip.


Packing sunscreen is so important. Take it from a skin cancer survivor, the sun is not something you want to mess with. You may think because you are in and out of rides that you’re not getting that much sun. But you can get fried if you’re not careful. Most of us Floridians know better and wear sunscreen every day, but if you’re traveling from outside the state you might not realize how strong the sun can be. Get the scoop on 10 Best Sunscreens to protect your skin.

Hand Wipes

I’m not trying to gross you out, but you’re touching every ride, every seat and every lap bar after so many others were there before you. Just wipe your hands every once in a while. I like wipes better than the anti-bacterial lotion because you’re actually wiping off your hands.

Well-Insulated Pouch

This perfectly sized pouch is perfect to protect your sunscreen, cosmetics, medication and smartphone against the harmful effects of extreme temperatures, moisture and sunlight. You can use it later as a stylish clutch to Universal’s City Walk.

Bottled Waters And Snacks

Staying hydrated is super important while at the parks. Whether you’re there during the summer months or during the cooler months, you’ll be surprised how much water you will need to drink. We always throw a few bottles in our backpack to drink throughout the day. I also grab crackers and a few apples to munch on before the hangry starts.

Pack A Bathing Suit

If you didn’t know, Universal’s Islands of Adventure is just that. A few of the water rides get you extremely wet or completely drenched if you want me to be honest. Pack a swimsuit to change into or even wearing it into the park with a cover up can be a great option as well.

Pack A Change of Clothes

We should have done this after riding a few of the water rides in Islands of Adventure. At least pack Flip Flops to change into because your shoes will get soaked.

Zip Lock Bags

Bring Ziplock bags to put the wet clothes in after the dry clothes.

Harry Potter Tees

Make sure you know what Hogwarts House you’re in and wear your tees. I grabbed a few from Target or Amazon. When you get to the park, you can shop for the good stuff!

Bring Your Interactive Wand

Don’t forget your interactive wand. If you don’t have one, get in line at Ollivanders to see a wand choose a wizard and purchase one of the wizard’s wands from the movies. My oldest has Hermoine Granger’s wand and my youngest selected Sirius Black.


The Central Florida weather can be pretty unpredictable. It’s raining one minute and then stopping the next. Sometimes it’s raining sideways and sometimes annoying enough for just a sprinkle. It doesn’t hurt to pack a few ponchos and they come in handy for some of the water rides at Islands of Adventure like Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls.

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