Disney World Hotels vs Off-Site Accommodations

Walt Disney World Florida Orlando Resorts and Nearby Places to Stay

People going to Walt Disney World always have a choice to make about where to stay. Disney resort hotels are very convenient, but off-site properties can be cheaper.

Choosing whether to stay on or off Disney property can be a hard decision. A Disney vacation is expensive, and many people think the resort hotels will be out of the reach of their pocketbooks. But Disney resort hotels can be reasonably priced, although it’s certainly possible to have more space for the same money staying off-property. Both possibilities have pluses and minuses.

Staying On-Site: Choosing a Disney Orlando Florida Resort Hotel

Although people don’t always realize it, there’s a Disney hotel for every price range, from the budget-priced All-Star hotels and Pop Century to the mid-priced Caribbean Beach Resort, Port Orleans, and Coronado Springs, to the high-priced luxury hotels such as the Grand Floridian. There are also suites and 1 and 2-bedroom units in the Disney resort timeshares such as Old Key West. Costs range from $80 in the value night to $800 per night and more in luxury hotels and timeshares. Not being able to spend a lot shouldn’t keep anyone off Disney property; there’s literally something for everyone.

Benefits of Being On-Site in a Disney World Resort

Staying on the Disney property is all about convenience. There’s no need for a car since Disney transportation takes guests to the park for free. There are also often special deals for guests staying on-site, such as the 2009 promotion to pay for 4 days and stay for 7 days. But the biggest reason to stay on-site is to stay immersed in Disney Magic. Disney hotels are well-themed and have great pools and restaurants, but the best thing about them is that they keep people in the Disney “vibe” for their whole vacation.

Another on-site advantage is the use of free Disney transportation to and from the airport. Disney’s Magical Express will pick up your luggage from the carousel and deliver it to your hotel room, free of charge while taking your family to your hotel on a bus complete with Disney entertainment.

Some Disney hotels are close enough to some parks to walk back and forth, eliminating the need for waiting in line for a ride home. Other resorts use monorail transportation, which many children and adults consider the best ride at Disney!

Advantages to Staying Off-Site While Visiting Disney in Florida

There’s no question that there are more choices, greater luxury, and lower prices staying off-site. Many people in the area rent houses or condos; some are decorated in the Disney theme and have private pools, and the cost for a week in a three-bedroom condo can be a little more than the cost of two nights in a standard hotel room. Some of the hotels off-site are much more luxurious than Disney’s flagship hotel, the Grand Floridian.

Disadvantages to Staying Off Disney Property in Orlando

The disadvantages to being off-site are the perceived lack of ease at leaving the park for naps or a break and then returning, although in truth, it takes no more time to reach some off-site housing by driving than it does to use Disney transportation from the park to the hotels. People who stay off-site have to rent a car or drive one down; there’s no other way to get to the park; Although some hotels do offer shuttles, they may not run more than once an hour and may stop by a certain time at night.

Choosing an On or Off-Site Disney World Florida Hotel

The choice to stay on or off-site while visiting the Disney World Theme Parks is a personal one. For some people, being immersed in the on-site magic 24/7 is a huge part of their Disney vacation, and with more than 20 hotels on-property, there’s one for any taste and pocketbook. For others, the cost benefits or the chance to stay at a true 5-star hotel outweigh the on-site benefits.

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