Trip to Discovery Cove Orlando

Discovery Cove, SeaWorld Orlando

Discovery Cove at Orlando is a wonderful travel destination offering tourists face-to-face interaction with tropical wonders and the best of marine life.

Discovery Cove Orlando is one of the most promising travel destinations for those wishing to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of marine and aquatic life in Florida. People who are adventure seekers must surely visit this captivating underwater paradise.

What is the Discovery Cove

Travel enthusiasts describe Discovery Cove in Orlando as a 32-acre adventure park, which a person can visit only with a prior reservation. On a normal working day, this park offers a maximum of 1000 reservations only.

The park offers visitors exciting encounters with various sea animals like dolphins and stingrays. Besides, visitors also face dangerous creatures like sharks. Sources claim that this theme park is definitely unique in its thought and promises chills and thrills throughout the tour.

Main Attractions at Discovery Cove

Upon purchasing Discovery Cove tickets, one gets entitled to participate in certain activities, which probably no other theme park in the world provides. One such activity is the swimming session with dolphins. Travel reports mention that all necessary devices needed for the tour are included along with the cost of admission. These items include lockers, masks, food, fins, snorkel, swimwear, etc.

The encounter with dolphins starts after a group is brought down to an appointed cabana and is given a detailed brief on the whole session. There are special trainers who enlighten and guide the visitors about the dolphin visit at Discovery Cove.

Grand Reef at Discovery Cove, SeaWorld Orlando
Grand Reef at Discovery Cove, SeaWorld Orlando by insidethemagic

Post this, people are led to the place where the dolphins are. The dolphins make a sparkling entrance and under the cautious eye of the trainers, travelers interact one one-on-one with these lovable creatures. Some sources point out that these sea creatures are specially trained to interact with human visitors and make it a memorable experience for them.

The most charming moments are when the dolphins spin around excitedly as their human admirers make hand signals or simply rub their heads. This interaction with dolphins lasts for around 25-30 minutes.

The next spot to watch out for at Discovery Cove is the aviary. People generally get to this region through the beach or from under the waterfall. This place is known for its zoological richness and according to some reports, there are over 250 birds in the aviary. Most of these are tropical birds.

Ray Lagoon is yet another place that offers encounters with cow-nosed stingrays. Some of these fishes are about 4 feet wide and they swim past the visitors.

Other than these areas Discovery Cove at Orlando is replete with interesting geographical nooks. There are coral reefs containing a diverse variety of tropical marine creatures and fishes like stingrays. Beautiful lagoons, grottos, and waterfalls transform this place into a delightful vacationing locale.

Beaches, tropical environments, and underwater caves are other interesting places that are scattered across the Discovery Cove at Orlando. Being one of the most popular vacation and travel destinations, this place continues to attract visitors in large numbers every year. The only caution needed during these trips is to follow instructions provided by the guides and trainers.

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