St Moritz, Switzerland 

Discover the Magic of St. Moritz: Switzerland’s Winter Wonderland

Your trip to St Moritz, high in the Alps in the Engadin Valley of eastern Switzerland’s canton of Graubünden (Grisons) (map), follows a long tradition: St Moritz was the world’s first winter resort for good reasons: breathtaking scenery, abundant outdoor activities, and lavish, punctilious Swiss hospitality.

Renowned for its world-class ski resorts, St. Moritz offers an unrivaled winter experience for both novice and seasoned skiers alike. The powdery slopes, framed by majestic peaks, beckon adventure seekers from around the globe. With over 350 kilometers of ski runs, you’ll find endless opportunities to carve your way through the glistening snow and soak up the invigorating alpine air. But St. Moritz is not just about skiing. Beyond the slopes, the town exudes an undeniable charm that captivates visitors throughout the year. Step into the heart of St. Moritz and be greeted by a picture-perfect scene of elegant chalets, stunning frozen lakes, and a vibrant atmosphere that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity.

Waldhaus am See - Lake St. Moritz, Engadin, Grisons, Switzerland 2016
Waldhaus am See – Lake St. Moritz, Engadin, Grisons, Switzerland by Ank.Kumar

For those with a taste for luxury, St. Moritz offers a plethora of high-end accommodations, fine dining establishments, and designer boutiques. Indulge in Michelin-starred cuisine, rejuvenate your senses in world-class spas, or simply unwind in the opulent comfort of your hotel room while taking in the awe-inspiring vistas that surround you. Beyond the glamour and sophistication, St. Moritz boasts a rich cultural heritage that adds depth to its allure. Explore the town’s ancient churches, delve into its history at local museums, or immerse yourself in the vibrant arts scene that thrives within these snow-covered mountains.

Here’s what you need to know for your trip to St Moritz, Switzerland: hotels, hostels & apartments, ski resorts, restaurants, what to see and do, and travel tips.

That unbeatable combination, discovered by travelers in 1864, continues to draw discerning visitors by the thousands. Here’s where to start planning your trip:

What to See & Do in St Moritz, Switzerland


This is why St. Moritz became a world-famous resort over a century and a half ago. With 400 km/250 miles total of downhill runs, some of them 1.6 km/1 mile long, 160 km/100 miles of cross-country trails, and an Olympic ski jump, it’s among the world’s ski capitals. It also hosts the world’s oldest ski school.

Pista de ski - Trem Bernina Express (Tirano - St. Moritz)- Suica (8746328204)
Pista de ski – Trem Bernina Express (Tirano – St. Moritz)- Suica by Cesar I. Martins from Jundiai, Brazil

The resort’s well-maintained slopes offer breathtaking views of the snow-covered Swiss Alps, creating a truly magical experience. Imagine gliding down the slopes, surrounded by stunning mountain peaks and glistening white landscapes. It’s a sight that will leave you in awe and make you fall in love with the sport even more.


The Swiss National Park in the lower Engadine Valley is among the country’s best hiking areas.  As you venture into the wilderness, you’ll be greeted by panoramic views that seem straight out of a postcard. The crisp mountain air fills your lungs, invigorating your senses and rejuvenating your soul. The snow-covered landscapes sparkle under the glistening sun, creating a magical ambiance that is hard to replicate elsewhere.


Some hotels rent bikes. Bike paths circle the lakes of the Engadine Valley, and follow the thoroughfares among the most interesting towns.


With the Swiss Alps, cerulean lakes, verdant forests, and traditional architecture all around you, beautiful photographs appear every few minutes, in every season, day and night, year-round.

Horse Riding

St Moritz has riding stables for your trot through the gorgeous alpine scenery.

White-Water Rafting

You can shoot the rapids on the En River from June through September


During the summer months, St. Moritz transforms into a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Engadine’s 25 lakes offer ample opportunities for sailing.


Silvaplana, near St Moritz, is the center of this sport in Engadine.

Mountain Climbing

Pontresina, where you can take lessons and rent equipment, is the best base for climbing.

Day Trips from St Moritz

Using St Moritz as your base you can easily visit the nearby Engadin Valley towns of Silvaplana, Pontresina, Diavolezza, the Swiss National Park, and more.

Off-Piste Adventures

Beyond the slopes, St. Moritz offers a range of off-piste activities that are worth exploring. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the picturesque Engadin Valley, enjoy ice skating on the frozen lakes, or embark on a thrilling snowshoeing expedition to discover the region’s natural beauty.

Engadin Valley

St Moritz is located in the broad, long Engadin Valley (map) extending from Bever and Samedan to St Moritz, then through Champfèr, Suvretta, Silvaplana, and Sils to the Maloja Pass (1786 m/5955 ft); and from Punt Muragl through Pontresina to Morteratsch and the Bernina Pass (2286 m/7621 ft). Every town in the valley has a special beauty or attraction.

Upper Engadine valley
Upper Engadine valley by richardcjones


An unspoiled Swiss mountain village on the shores of Lake Silvaplana, near Lake Champfèr, just 6 km/4 mi southwest of St Moritz.


Noted as a ski center, it is also the place to board the Muottas Muragl funicular that takes you from the valley floor to an altitude of 2414 m/8048 ft) for spectacular views.


Perhaps the most dramatic views in the region from a 2978-m/9770-ft alpine peak reachable by road or cable car.

Swiss National Park

A national treasure nature preserve is open from June through October.

When to Visit St Moritz

Spring and autumn are quiet in St Moritz because most visitors prefer the summer (mid-June through mid-October) and winter (December through March). Hotel rates are lower in April because the weather is in between cold and warm. It’s not far-fetched to claim that there are two St Moritzes:


Winter is its shining season, with clear, bright, cold days, lots and lots of fine powder snow, spectacular natural scenery everywhere, and everyone concentrating on skiing, skating, and other winter sports.


Summer is also a time for outdoor sports: hiking, biking, mountain climbing, sailing, and more. But there’s even more to do in St Moritz in the warmer months: more concerts, more culture, and more fun events like the British Classic Car Meeting.

Art & Culture in St Moritz, Switzerland

Woodcarving is probably the most prominent of St Moritz’s traditional crafts, but sophisticated St Moritz now has a lively international art scene, with several good museums and galleries, and a full program of exhibits, summer and winter.

Engadin Art Talks

One of the highlights of St. Moritz’s cultural offerings is the prestigious Engadin Art Talks. Held annually, this international art and design conference brings together renowned artists, curators, and creative thinkers from around the world. Through engaging talks, exhibitions, and workshops, attendees are immersed in the vibrant world of contemporary art and gain unique insights into the latest trends and ideas shaping the art world.

Segantini Museum

Dedicated to the works of the famous Italian painter Giovanni Segantini, this museum showcases a remarkable collection of his paintings, providing a fascinating glimpse into the artist’s life and his deep connection with the Engadin landscape. The museum’s architecture itself is a work of art, seamlessly blending with the surrounding natural beauty.

Giovanni Segantini 1858-1899 Les mères diaboliques The evil mothers 1894 Wien Belvedere
Giovanni Segantini 1858-1899 Les mères diaboliques The evil mothers 1894 Wien Belvedere by jean louis mazieres

St. Moritz Art Masters

The annual St. Moritz Art Masters festival attracts world-class musicians, dancers, and theater companies, who take the stage in various stunning venues across the town. From classical concerts to contemporary dance performances, the festival offers a diverse range of cultural experiences that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Art enthusiasts will also delight in exploring the numerous galleries and art exhibitions that dot the town. From contemporary art to traditional Alpine crafts, there is something to suit every taste. Strolling through the charming streets, visitors can admire unique sculptures, paintings, and installations that add an artistic flair to this picturesque winter destination.

St Moritz Restaurants & Cuisine

Some of St Moritz’s restaurants are equal to the best in the world, others are great with Swiss alpine character, and still others are favored by the locals.

Traditional St Moritz mountain specialties include paper-thin, translucent, flavorful air-dried beef; local cheeses from the milk of the cows that pasture in the surrounding mountains; and the modest cornmeal cakes called polenta, which aspire to high cuisine in the capable hands of local chefs.

Naturally, these traditional favorites are supplemented by dishes from the great cuisines of Europe and beyond. You can even find good Chinese and Thai meals in St Moritz, let alone French and Italian.

Top St Moritz Restaurants

Some of the best in the world, at prices to match: SFR150 per person and up at dinner. Call for reservations.

Chesa Veglia

In 1936 Hans Badrutt of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel bought the oldest farmhouse in St Moritz (1658) and converted it into an exclusive VIP restaurant and bar. Expect Paris-quality French-Swiss cuisine for about €100 per person. Via Veglia 1, St Moritz-Dorf (Tel +41 (81) 837 2800).

Via Veglia, St Moritz - Chesa Tuor Pitschna
Via Veglia, St Moritz – Chesa Tuor Pitschna by ell brown
Talvo by Dalsass

Fine French-style preparation of Engadine and international dishes served in a 350-year-old house. Exquisite cuisine, millionaire prices. Via Gunels 15, Champfèr (Tel +41 (81) 833 4455).

Le Relais & Nobu

The main dining room in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel provides the expected lofty standards of cuisine and service for about €125 per person at dinner. On winter evenings, chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa creates dishes fusing Japanese tradition with Latin American flavors. Via Serlas 27, St Moritz-Dorf (Tel +41 (81) 837 1000).

Le Grand Restaurant

The main dining room of the deluxe Hotel Kulm is like a posh club with French-prepared dishes made with the best and freshest ingredients. Via Veglia 18, St Moritz-Dorf (Tel +41 (81) 836 8000).

Moderately-priced Restaurants

No one dines on haute cuisine three times a day, do they? These moderately-priced restaurants offer excellent cuisine and atmospheric surroundings at more reasonable prices. Reservations are generally not required but may be good to have in St Moritz’s busy seasons.

Hotel Restaurant Sonne St Moritz
Hotel Restaurant Sonne St Moritz by Travpacker.comLapin Bleu

The downstairs tavern-dining room of the Hotel Steffani serves filling traditional Swiss fare for €30 to €70 per person. Via Somplatz 1 (Tel +41 (81) 836 9696).

Restaurant Cascade

Here’s the informal Italian restaurant you were looking for, next to the Hotel Steffani, with prices of €35 to €65 per person for a full dinner. Via Somplatz 6, St Moritz-Dorf (Tel +41 (81) 833 0201).

Restaurant Acla/Giardino

Swiss and international dishes, in a very Swiss ambience in the indoor Acla or in summer the outdoor-terrace Il Giardino, both in the Hotel Schweitzerhof, for €30 to €65 per person. Via del Bagn 54, St Moritz-Dorf (Tel +41 (81) 837 0707).


This is where lots of the locals go for good Swiss/Italian dishes for €28 to €55 per person at dinner, less for lunch or snacks. Via del Bagn 11, St Moritz-Dorf (Tel +41 (81) 833 4009). Reservations are required for dinner.

Exceptional Lunch Restaurants

Some restaurants just stand out as offering excellent dining experiences at lunchtime. Here are my favorites. Call for reservations.

Landgasthof Meierei

Once a postal relay station, it is now a homey restaurant in the Hotel Meierei serving downhome regional food such as Wienerschnitzel and goulasch for €30 to €60 per person at lunch and dinner; reached by a 20-minute appetite-sharpening walk along the lake from the Hotel Waldhaus am See. Via Dimlej 52 (Tel +41 (81) 833 2060).

La Marmite

“The highest gourmet restaurant in Europe” is great for lunch at the top of the funicular (Corviglia Bergstation) for €30 to €60 per person, with spectacular views.

Budget Restaurants

Plenty of real Swiss alpine atmosphere and hearty food to match the invigorating climate. Not fancy, but tasty, satisfying, and good value for money.

Restaurant Engiandina am Infall

St Moritz’s traditional Swiss-Italian restaurant for more than a century, with service at the lakeside. Via Dimlej 1, St Moritz (Tel +41 (81) 833 3000).

Konditorei Hanselmann & Cafehaus

A good traditional, local place for breakfast (€12 to €18) and lunch (€20 to €26) open late enough (7 pm) for an early supper. Via Maistra 8 (Tel +41 (81) 833 3864).

Hotels in St Moritz, Switzerland

When it comes to accommodations, St. Moritz leaves no stone unturned in providing the epitome of luxury. The town boasts a collection of world-class hotels, each offering impeccable service, breathtaking views, and opulent amenities. From iconic establishments that have been hosting discerning guests for generations to modern boutique hotels, there is something to suit every taste and preference. Whether you choose a cozy chalet-style room or a lavish suite, you can expect nothing short of perfection in every detail.

Some of the top hotels in St Moritz were literally fit for a king, having been built as holiday homes for royalty. Others are nearly as grand, and yet others offer full comfort at thriftier rates.

Top Deluxe Hotels

The top deluxe hotels in St Moritz offer some of the finest accommodations, facilities, and service in the world, at prices equal to these high standards. Expect to spend from €250 to €600 and up per night for a double room, depending upon which hotel and room or suite you choose, when you visit, and how long you stay.

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel

A landmark in the center of St Moritz with spectacular views and perfect service, it’s been a favorite of celebrities and royalty since 1896. Created over a century ago by Caspar Badrutt, a scion of the family that first brought upper-class British visitors to St Moritz, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel looks as much like a castle as a palace, and serves both functions to visiting celebrities and jet-setters who require the height of luxury and perfect service in an atmosphere of high style and honored tradition.

Badrutt's Palace Hotel - Via Serlas, St Moritz
Badrutt’s Palace Hotel – Via Serlas, St Moritz by ell brown

Badrutt’s first guests expected the best of everything, and their demanding tastes set the tone of this palatial lodging for the next century. A soaring Gothic Great Hall with baronial black marble fireplaces, fortress-like towers, and a situation right in the town, may have exceeded their expectations. The hotel’s 10 guestrooms and suites have every comfort, and Badrutt’s provides all expected luxury services, as well as breathtaking alpine and lake views.

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel
Via Serlas 27
CH-7500 St Moritz, Switzerland
Tel: +41 (81) 837 1000

Carlton Hotel

Can a grand hotel be cozy? With only 60 suites, St Moritz’s imposing Carlton Hotel feels like an elegant mountain inn. High on a sunny hill with spectacular views all around, this smaller hotel has the ambiance of a luxurious “grand inn.” A 60-suite summer/winter holiday chateau worthy of the Emperor of All the Russias, St Moritz’s Carlton Hotel was just that: built in 1913 for Czar Nicholas II, it has the ambiance of a sumptuous but tasteful family home rather than of a jet-set hotel.

Carlton Hotel St. Moritz in Sankt Moritz, Graubünden, Switzerland
Carlton Hotel St. Moritz in Sankt Moritz, Graubünden, Switzerland by Ximonic (Simo Räsänen)

High on a sunny hill with spectacular views, the Carlton is utterly luxurious, but also comfortable and congenial, and only a short walk from the center of activity in St Moritz. The hotel has recently been completely renovated and the guest rooms have been converted to 60 luxury suites—less than half the number of suites than it had guest rooms. All suites face the lake and the Alps. Spectacular!

Carlton Hotel
Via Johannes Badrutt 11
CH-7500 St Moritz
[email protected]
Tel: +41 (81) 836 7000

Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains

Looking like an 18th-century Swiss Schloss, the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains has the advantage of being modern, having recently been completely renovated. Originally built as a grand spa hotel in 1896, the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains was virtually gutted and the interior was rebuilt in grand style with all the modern comforts, conveniences, and safety features in 2002. Its 184 guest rooms and suites are worthy of its grand century-old heritage, but there’s no hint of anything cracked or creaky. Guests enjoy all the style and status of a Victorian palace but without the old-style facilities.

Grand Hôtel des Bains Kempinski, Saint-Moritz-Bad, district de Maloja, canton des Grisons, Suisse.
Grand Hôtel des Bains Kempinski, Saint-Moritz-Bad, district de Maloja, canton des Grisons, Suisse. by byb64

The hotel’s spa and wellness center includes a fitness center, indoor swimming pool, and a large sauna. The St. Moritz Casino is right next door, and admission is free for hotel guests. Perhaps because of its up-to-date old-time elegance, the Kempinski draws a younger, more active, and up-to-date clientele than its more traditional, formal neighbors such as Badrutt’s Palace, the Kulm Hotel, and the Suvretta House.

Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains
Via Mezdi 27
CH-7500 St Moritz, Switzerland
[email protected]
Tel: +41 (81) 838 3838

Kulm Hotel

St. Moritz’s palatial Kulm Hotel has welcomed visitors since 1856. Enjoy its indoor swimming pool with panoramic views and its private 9-hole executive golf course. The first grand hostelry to be opened in St Moritz, the Kulm Hotel is the grande dame of St Moritz hostelries, with a loyal, faithful clientele that thrives on tranquillity, formality, and tradition. The oldest of the hotel’s three buildings dates from 1760. The legendary Johannes Badrutt converted it to a lodging for foreign guests in 1856, and in 1878 it became the first building in Switzerland to be lit by electricity.

In the Kulm’s 180 spacious guest rooms, you get the palatial ambiance and 19th-century refulgence of old St Moritz, and also the conveniences and comforts of a top-class, five-star luxury hotel, with a sedate, tasteful atmosphere. The Kulm’s location is excellent: right in the St Moritz-Dorf town center, yet high enough up on the mountain slope to enjoy spectacular views.

Kulm Hotel
Via Veglia 18
CH-7500 St Moritz, Switzerland
Tel +41 81 836 8000

Suvretta House

Formal, understated elegance set apart from the bustle of the town, St Moritz’s Suvretta House Hotel has its own private ski lift. Set a mile (1.6 km) apart from the bustle of St Moritz, Suvretta House is a refuge of understated elegance and conservative luxury that attracts loyal guests year after year. If you’re used to the best, enjoy a formal atmosphere, and don’t care for glitz, this is a good place for you.

Suvretta House St Moritz
Suvretta House St Moritz Steynard

The hotel’s imposing Edwardian architecture shelters 210 spacious luxury rooms and suites, most of which have recently been renovated. The estate on which it is set occupies a plateau that boasts its own private ski lift.

Suvretta House Hotel
Via Chasellas 1
CH-7500 St Moritz, Switzerland
Tel +81 836 3636

Other Deluxe Hotels

Besides its top luxury hotels, St Moritz has numerous other deluxe hotels that have every possible comfort but not the exceeding grandeur of the top luxury hotels. Not quite as grand as the top hotels, but still with every comfort and the best Swiss service: €200 to €500 double.

All have restaurants and bars, fitness centers, and, in the rooms, minibars, hair dryers, and safes for your valuables. There will also be TVs and Internet connections.

Hotel Monopol

A newer 66-room hotel right in town with furnishings ranging from the old and elegant to sleek, modern Swiss.  Built only a few decades ago, St Moritz’s Hotel Monopol gives you a selection of room styles, some 18th-century, some 20th and 21st, all luxurious and comfortable. Set on a busy street in the center of St Moritz-Dorf halfway between the Plazza da Scoula (Schulhausplatz) and the palatial Kulm Hotel, the Monopol is convenient to shops, cafes, good strolling streets, and local transport.

Hotel Monopol
Via Maistra 17
CH-7500 St Moritz, Switzerland
[email protected]
Tel: +41 (81) 837 0404

Hotel Crystal

Lots of comfort, a Swiss alpine atmosphere, and many services in a convenient, central location. Though sleekly modern on the outside, the knotty-pine alpine interior decor at the modern Hotel Crystal puts you in the proper St Moritz mood. The Hotel Crystal has 73 medium-sized guest rooms, each of which has a TV, minibar, hair dryer, safe, and an Internet connection. There’s a large fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, restaurant and bar. The location is very central, at Plazza da Scoula (Schulhausplatz), right in the heart of St Moritz-Dorf, close to other hotels, shops, restaurants, and local transport.

Hotel Crystal
Via Traunter Plazzas 1
CH-7500 St Moritz, Switzerland
[email protected]
Tel: +41 (81) 836 2626

Hotel Schweizerhof

The feeling of a bygone era—and a Kaiser’s birthday! You get the feeling that little has changed—at least in spirit—at St Moritz’s Hotel Schweitzerhof since it opened in 1896. The “Swiss Palace,” as its name translates, is grand in a traditional way. It’s still owned and operated by the same family, who passed down the story of Kaiser Wilhelm II celebrating his 48th birthday here in 1906.

Kaiser Bill may have been a dope, but he knew how to choose a good hotel. The Schweitzerhof’s 84 guest rooms vary in size, bathroom amenities, and view, the less expensive ones being on the north side, the best rooms facing south. Two restaurants and four bars provide plenty of opportunities for relaxing and socializing in the formal ambiance of a bygone era. The location is excellent, just up the street from Badrutt’s Palace, with fine views of the lake and mountains from many rooms.

Hotel Schweitzerhof
Via del Bagn 54, Dorf
CH-7500 St Moritz, Switzerland
Tel: +41 (81) 837 0707

Moderately-Priced Hotels

Moderate hotel prices in St Moritz are not low, and the accommodations are not super-luxurious, but plenteous Swiss comfort, charm and service abound in these well-located hostelries.  All the necessary comforts and conveniences, but without the grandeur and lofty prices: €150 to €250 double. Buffet breakfast is included in the rates.

Hotel Eden

A family-run 36-room Italianate villa in the midst of palatial hotels. A simple modern structure with hints of an Italianate villa, located right in St Moritz-Dorf between the extravagant Kulm Hotel and Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, the Hotel Eden has been family-owned and -operated for decades. The 36 pine-panelled rooms are simply but appealingly furnished with Swiss antiques, and each has its own private bathroom. The location is central and quiet, off the main street, and easy walk to everything.

Hotel Eden
Via Veglia 12
CH-7500 St Moritz, Switzerland
[email protected]
Tel: +41 (81) 830 8100

Hotel Languard

In St Moritz-Dorf right next to the posh Kulm Hotel, a family-run, Swiss-pristine hotel with fine views. If the neighboring Kulm Hotel is the cathedral, the Hotel Languard is its rectory. The Languard was built a century ago to be the family quarters of the owner of the grand Kulm, and is now a family-run hostelry of 22 rooms in an excellent location right between the Kulm and the Hotel Eden, with the fabulous Badrutt’s Palace Hotel just below. The breakfast room of the Hotel Languard shares spectacular views of the lake and mountains with all the guest rooms on the south side of the hotel. Rooms on the north side have no views to speak of but are still pleasant, tidy, comfortable, and quiet. All the rooms at the Languard have a private bath. Service is traditional Swiss and familial. Like its neighbor the Hotel Eden, the Languard is a hotel Garni, meaning that it serves breakfast, but no other meals. There is limited parking next to the hotel.

Hotel Languard
Via Veglia 14
CH-7500 St Moritz, Switzerland
Tel +41 81 833 3137

Hotel Waldhaus am See

You’ve seen it in those idyllic photos of St Moritz: the very Swiss-looking inn by the late. Once a tavern, now a 54-room hotel, the “Forest Home on the Lake” is known for its views and dining as well as its comfy rooms. A century-old tavern that later served as the home of a wealthy Swiss family, St Moritz’s Hotel Waldhaus am See enjoys good views of the lake from its dining rooms and from some of its 54 guest rooms.

Hotel Waldhaus am See
Via Dim Lej 6
CH-7500 St Moritz, Switzerland
[email protected]
Tel: +41 (81) 836 6000

Budget Hotels

Let’s face it, St. Moritz began as a resort for the rich and famous, and it still is. But there are places to stay that do not require the income of an oil sheik or a dot-com billionaire. In fact, you can sleep comfortably in St Moritz for as little as €35 per night. Expect a small but adequately comfortable, Swiss-clean room, and perhaps a few other services.

Transport to & in St Moritz, Switzerland

Town buses, Swiss trains, the Glacier Express, all about the Swiss Travel System for St Moritz and beyond.

St Moritz is linked to the rest of Switzerland by train via the Swiss town of Chur (a two-hour ride: map). From Chur, you can board trains for Basel, Geneva, Zurich, and other Swiss destinations.

St Moritz is also linked by train to Milan and Munich.

Swiss Travel System

The Swiss Travel System, as it is aptly termed, includes trains, buses, boats, ferries, funiculars, and other means of moving you around. They’re all linked, they’re all superbly organized, and they all run on time, as you might expect.

Go to the Swiss Travel System website and you’ll discover that the heart of the system is the Swiss Federal Railways, known by its initials SBB (German), CFF (French) and FFS (Italian). Buy a Swiss Pass to take advantage of this superb system at a value-for-money price.

The system is better organized than any other travel system I’ve ever seen. You can get timetables for any route on any combination of cities, print them out or download them to your PDA… It’s simply incredible.

Trains, buses, and boats are frequent, comfortable, punctual, and safe.

Why is it so good? Well, it’s not just the Swiss talent for organization and punctuality. Switzerland is a small, mountainous country that came of age well before the advent of the automobile. Its mountainous topography dictates that many of its travel routes must go along river valleys, so when railroads were all the rage in the 19th century, the Swiss built railroads all along these valleys. They even tackled the mountains, taking the trains around, up, down, and even right through the rock!

Soon the entire country was knitted together by good trains. When the internal combustion engine became all the rage in the 20th century, the Swiss added post buses—fast public buses that also carried the mail—following routes that were better served by road than the train.

Travel by Car

All that having been said, only a car gives you complete freedom of mobility. You can easily rent one at a Swiss airport (Basel, Geneva, or Zurich)   and drive through the Alps to St Moritz (230km/143 miles, 3 hours; map).

Glacier Express & Buses

The famous Glacier Express excursion train runs between St Moritz and Zermatt. Buses also connect St Moritz with Chur, Lugano, and Pontresina.

Travel Zürich <-> St Moritz, Switzerland

If you arrive at Zürich International Airport (Flughafen), take the train (zug) from beneath the airport terminal building to Zürich Hauptbahnhof (“Zürich HB,” Zürich’s Main Railway Terminal), a 12- to 15-minute ride.

From Zürich HB, trains depart for all points in Switzerland and beyond on the Swiss National Railways (SBB/CFF/FFS) network.

Trains from Zürich to St Moritz run several times each day. Here’s an example: map. The exact trains and routes you take depend on the date and time you travel. Check the Swiss National Railways website for schedules.

The trip usually takes between 3-1/2 and 4 hours, and you may pass through, or change trains in the town of Chur, a major railway junction in eastern Switzerland.

The train brings you to St Moritz Bahnhof, the main station at the bottom of the hillside from the town. You can walk up the hill to your hotel, or take a town bus.

Final Word

We hope that our blog post has sparked your curiosity about the enchanting destination of St. Moritz. This picturesque Swiss town truly is a winter wonderland that offers a magical experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or simply taking in the breathtaking alpine scenery, St. Moritz has something for everyone. From its luxurious resorts to its charming village atmosphere, this hidden gem promises a memorable winter getaway. So, pack your warmest clothes and prepare to be captivated by the charm and beauty of St. Moritz.

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