3 Great European Cruises for Honeymooners

We all agree that the honeymoon is one of the most important trips of our lives. It celebrates our union with one of the most important people in our life. And since you just promised eternal love to your other half, nothing beats the romance of a cruise along the rivers and the coasts of Europe.

Sunbathe, dive in the water, learn about other cultures and traditions, treat yourself to a day at the spa on the cruise ship, enjoy some of the best food and great entertainment all night long. All you have to do is pack up your luggage, you are about to enjoy the scenic view of the never-ending navy blue water and the magical castles of Europe, with only one goal in mind, enjoy this fairy tale trip yours truly. A European cruise brings you door-to-door, to the best places in Europe. I imagine the convenience: visiting all of Europe in an all-inclusive. Forget the hassles of packing and unpacking.

If you are planning a cruise to Europe, here are a few outstanding options to choose from.

Wind Spirit Luxury Yacht Voyages

Imagine a 7 days trip starting from Athens Greece going to Istanbul Turkey. This cruise defies any attempt to be only a “regular cruise”. Chic, luxurious, this cruise accommodates 146 guests, which gives in an incredibly intimate feeling. If you are used to the gigantic cruise ships with over 3000 people on board, you will feel the difference in extra care here without the constraints of schedules and restrictions.

Attentive service, fine dining in a casual but romantic atmosphere is was you can expect on one of the trendiest European cruises. Discover the more secluded Greek islands, including Kusadasi, Mykonos and Santorini, and Bodrum.


Ama Cello River Cruise Ship

The quintessential medieval villages and castles along the Rhone River provide a real fairy story background. With only 148 people on board, the AmaCello is definitely a favorite among lovers in the world. The route through the mythical state of Rhineland in Germany will definitely appeal to wine lovers. During the trip, enjoy some sightseeing or rent a bike and explore the best part of each town or village. From your private verandah and a view on the river, you will enjoy one of the most romantic, if the most romantic trip of your life.

Seine River Cruise

With only 100 guests and 50 luxurious cabins, the Cezanne offers an unforgettable trip. Imagine 8 days cruising down the Seine in nowhere else than France, literally known as the country of love. Each day aboard brings every passenger new sights to behold and experience. Experience the dining room on Cezanne, where the staff’s only goal is to please and where the food is simply outstanding.

So enjoy your honeymoon to the best, discover the best cruise ships where comfort meets passion, where food is a synonym of gastronomy, and where fairy tale really exists.

Why choose a European Cruise

Europe is the destination choice of many tourists, both for its rich culture and its diversified geography and landscapes. And when it comes to traveling through Europe, nothing compares to Europeans cruises. A European cruise will give you the chance of touring the best parts of Europe from the luxury of an all-inclusive hotel slash resort.

Europeans cruises will bring you through all of the European continents, whether is it Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, the UK, France, any of the small Islands or much more. The beauty of a European Cruise is that you get to see the hot spots in Europe, without the hassle of traveling by car, by train, by bus or by plane. You get to experience the best of what Europe has to offer without having to think about when to get up, when to leave, where to grab breakfast, traffic, finding a place to sleep, etc. And by the best of what Europe has to offer, we certainly mean history, food, arts and the natural beauties of Europe.

A European cruise is also a good choice for people who are worried about language barriers, and not being able to ask the local people for their way. On your cruise ship, you will be served 100% in the language of your choice, will get the best advice, recommendations, maps and ideas on where to go and what to do when the ship boards in a new port/city. By choosing a European cruise for your next vacation, instead of losing precious time driving or busing from city to city, you will be enjoying a nice drink on the deck, swimming in the pool or relaxing in your bedroom while the boat is bringing you to your next destination. You will come back from a European cruise so relaxed you will want to book your next year cruise right away!

Honeymoon Cruise

Having been just married, many young couples are looking for a way to extend the magic of the wedding day. They are looking for a honeymoon of their dreams. For many people, a cruise ship represents the essence of romance for many reasons. The magical atmosphere in an intimate, stress-free environment provides the ultimate feeling of a truly enjoyable vacation with the loved one.

When you book a honeymoon cruise, you can be sure that the entire trip will be organized to meet the needs and wishes of the young couple. The whole concept is designed to make a memorable vacation for you and to provide the best of romance on a cruise ship.

Whether you prefer a more intimate “bring the food and leave us alone” type of service or enjoying various activities, no doubt you’ll have memories for a lifetime. To fully enjoy the romance at sea, the couples usually have a cabin with an ocean view private veranda and room service. In this way, full intimacy is assured along with a view of gently rolling sea and breathtaking sunsets.

On the other hand, some couples enjoy other activities together such as spending time at the spa, by the poolside, or dining in restaurants and having active nightlife in bars.

Another important aspect of being on a romantic cruise is choosing an adequate itinerary. The best way to choose is to look for places “you and your spouse have always wanted to see”. Visiting the places you like will make your honeymoon exciting and unforgettable.

When choosing a romantic cruise you may pay attention to avoid ships with extensive children activities programs or big crowded ships that are unable to provide enough intimacy. Honeymoon on a cruise ship will make your special day even more special.

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