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Cannes is the privileged Mediterranean town located on the French Riviera – the celebrated coastline in the South-Eastern corner of France. It is in the “departement” of the Alpes Maritimes, also known as the “06” region.

Cannes is very accessible and within a two-hour flight of most European capitals such as Berlin, London, Madrid, and Moscow. It is a very picturesque town with a lovely stretch of beach that is protected by the natural amphitheater made up of the foothills of the Alps.

Where is Cannes?

Flights to Cannes

Nice International Airport has located a 30-40 minute drive away from Cannes. It is also possible to access Cannes by helicopter from Nice Airport.

Areas of Cannes

Palm Beach

This is a top location for those of you that still want to be close to the action but require peace and quiet. Everything is within walking distance, the beach & beach club restaurants, the famous Croisette, the Casinos, a beautiful harbor full of some of the world’s most exclusive yachts. It is a great place to wind down after a hectic day, drinking a glass of rosé on your terrace. Palm Beach is a 15-minute walk from the Palais des Festivals and the town center and there are free city buses that will transport you every 5-10 minutes.

Our star rating: 5*
Prices: High – Very High

La Banane

This area is what is truly classed as the city center. It is called ‘La Banane’ because the geographical limits outline the shape of a banana. It is, without a doubt, the best place to reside if you are attending conferences in the Palais des Festivals. Your apartment will be between a few meters and at most 1.5 km away from the exhibition hall, thus making it extremely convenient. Everything is on your doorstep; restaurants, shops, cafés, the beach & beach restaurants, theatres, cinemas …. So it is excellent for your recreational hours as no time or money will be wasted trying to find transport to take you to and from your accommodation. Cannes city center is extremely smart and has a wonderful vibe, street cafés and restaurants, performers, musicians, and artists all make the place alive. It is also a great place to relax, taking a stroll in the shade of the age-old palm trees dotted along the Croisette and sitting drinking a margarita watching the sunset. A great way of mixing business with pleasure!

Our star rating: 5*
Prices: High – Very High

La Bocca

La Bocca is a residential area between 3-6 Km from the center of Cannes. The advantage of this area is that it is quiet, there will be parking and you will find plenty of local convenience stores; supermarkets, cafes, sports centers… It has a lovely beachfront where you will find private beach clubs and a few reasonably priced restaurants. Cannes center can be accessed by a short bus or train ride of approximately 5-10 minutes. La Bocca is very popular for summer rentals and during exhibition times prices tend to be very competitive.

Our star rating: 2-3*
Prices: Average

Croix des Gardes

Croix des Gardes is a chic, residential suburb of Cannes. It is located 2- 4 Km from the center. Here you will find mostly old turn-of-the-century villas and new apartment blocks, some of which enjoy breathtaking sea views. It is a quiet area and there is plenty of parking space The center of Cannes is easily accessible by a five-minute bus ride and a 2-minute train ride. It has local shops, restaurants, cafés, and a lovely stretch of beach. The Croix des Gardes is very popular for summer rentals and for the exhibition times prices tend to be very competitive

Our star rating: 2.5-3*
Prices: Average

Le Suquet

This is the old historic center of Cannes and is the new up-and-coming area. Its foundations date back to the tenth century. Here you will find charming cobbled streets and some of the more traditional French restaurants and shops. The ‘Suquet’ is located 0.5 – 2 Km from the town center and is a short five to ten-minute walk to the ‘Palais des Festivals’. The prices of apartments in this area tend to be slightly cheaper than those in the center, predominantly because they are in old buildings that often have no lift. However, they are very charming and ideally located for exhibition attendees.

Our star rating: 2.5-3.5*
Prices: Average

Petit Juas

This is a very small but chic residential area located between 1.5 – 2 Km outside the city center. It is full of wonderful Bourgeois villas and luxury apartment blocks that come with parking spaces. It is ideal for those who like peace and quiet but who still want to be within walking distance of local shops and the town center. To walk from the Petit Judas to the center of Cannes would take approximately 15 minutes, there are also frequent buses that take you to and fro.

Our star rating: 2-3.5*
Prices: Average


The area of Carnot runs alongside the boulevard Carnot. This is a busy, residential street that is host to many local shops, cafés, large stores & schools. This road stretches from South to North and covers a distance of about 3 km. Around the boulevard are small, quiet side roads that house some great apartments

Our star rating: 2-3*
Prices: Average – Low

Le Cannet

This is a residential area in the North of Cannes. Here you will find a mix of prestigious villas, and in the center, a small town-like atmosphere with shops, cafés, bars, supermarkets, etc. Le Cannet is a bus ride away from the city center, there are frequent buses and the journey should take between 5 & 10 minutes depending on the traffic. Some areas of le Cannet are very quiet and you will find some luxury apartment blocks with good amenities such as swimming pools and tennis courts.

Our star rating: 2-3.5*
Prices: Average – Low


The République is named after the Boulevard de la République that runs straight through the middle. It is a fairly quiet boulevard which is highly residential and where you will find everything from fruit & veg markets, to street cafés, shops, post offices ..The style of the architecture in this area is traditional Cannois and dates back to the early 20th Century. It is an area that has a great cosmopolitan atmosphere and is one of the most up-and-coming areas in Cannes. The Blvd République runs from North to South and is approximately 3km long. From the bottom, Cannes center is but a 5-minute walk away, for those of you that are further North, there are frequent buses that will take you into the town center. This journey should take you no longer than 5-10 minutes depending on the traffic

Our star rating: 2.5*
Prices: Low


This area is a very prestigious residential area located in the town center. It has the convenience of being close to the center, within a 10 – 20-minute walk, whilst being in a spacious peripheral area, where you will find beautiful Belle Epoque villas, some of which have been converted into apartments. The area has wide and quiet roads lined with trees and wonderful parks that belong to the villas and apartment blocks. Here is will be easy to rent an apartment with a parking space and a pool. This could be an ideal solution for those of you that like peace and quiet but at the same time need to be close to the city center.

Our star rating: 3*
Prices: Average

Super Cannes

Some of you may have already heard of this famous area in Cannes, there has even been a book named after it ‘ Super-Cannes’ by J.E. Balland.. It is renowned amongst the rich and famous as being perhaps ‘The Address’ in Cannes. Here you will find only luxury villas and apartment blocks most of which enjoy private parks and swimming pools with views to die for, overlooking the whole of Cannes and towards the mountain and the beautiful Mediterranean sea. Super Cannes is about 4 – 6 km outside the city center. There are buses that will take you into the center however it is advisable to have a car to commute.

Our star rating: 4-5*
Prices: Very High

La Californie

Or the Californian, this area is equated with the famous hills in Los Angeles, along with Super Cannes it is undoubtedly the most exclusive area in the whole of Cannes. There is a gentle mix of beautiful Belle Epoque villas, contemporary condos, and ostentatious Châteaux. Nearly all of these properties enjoy sweeping views from East to West, from Antibes to as far away as the Esterel mountains with truly spectacular sea views. This area would be ideal if you wanted to treat you and your company to sheer luxury. La Californie is between 3 & 4 Km from the city center, there are however buses that can take you in.

Our star rating: 5*
Prices: Very High

Basse Californie

This literally translates as the base of the Californie and means just that. This area is much the same as La Californie ( please see above) however it is within reasonable walking distance of the town center 2 – 4 Km. So in terms of renting for the events, it is somewhat better than La Californie itself. Some well-situated properties may be as little as a 20 minute walks away. The area also has frequent buses and the local shops, boulangeries, supermarkets, cafes are all very accessible by foot. It is a very quiet and beautiful residential area with plenty of parking spaces for those that may wish to take a car.

Our star rating: 5*
Prices: Very High

Top Restaurants in Cannes

Below are our recommendations for dining. We have chosen them because not only do they serve good food but they also have an excellent atmosphere where you can either enjoy a quiet sophisticated meal or party on into the night.


This restaurant serves French/Asian cuisine and it is an absolute must for entertaining clients with a party spirit. It is the place to be seen, especially during the Cannes Film Festival when you can quite literally rub shoulders with the stars. It is spacious and fabulously decorated inside with teak floors and floor to ceiling glass windows. In the summertime, it is possible to reserve a table outside where you can sip champagne under the stars and enjoy your meal by candlelight. After about 00:30 a DJ starts playing, the clients jump up onto the tables, begin to dance and the whole place quite literally turns into a party which is ensured to go on until the early hours.

Prices are between 15 & 50 € for the main course

Port Canto, Bvd de La Croisette, 06400 Cannes; Tel : +33(0) 493 43 03 43

The Tantra

This restaurant serves French/Asian cuisine, has a great party atmosphere, and is located right in the heart of Cannes city center. It also has the advantage of being adjoined to a night club that is called the Loft, so you can quite literally stay put in one place all night enjoying first a wonderful meal and then dancing the night away.

Prices are between 15 & 50€ for the main course

13 Rue du Dr. Monod, 06400 Cannes; Tel : +33(0) 4 93 39 40 39

Gastronomical Restaurants

The Palme d’Or

This restaurant is perfect for those who would like to entertain clients in a sophisticated setting whilst enjoying exceptional culinary delights. The restaurant is located in the world-famous Martinez Hotel and has a contemporary art-deco ambiance. The food is superb and is of a French/Mediterranean style. There is also an exceptional wine list. A true place to impress clients.

Prices are between 25 & 50 Euros for a main course

Hotel Martinez, 73 La Croisette, 06400 Cannes; Tel : +33(0) 4 92 98 73 00

Cafés for lunch-time snacks

Café 50

Café 50 is without doubt the chicest café in town, it is decorated in a fashion that resembles a New York deli with a wonderful display of bread, salads, pasta, and sandwiches. A great place to stop off and have a glass of wine in between meetings. Although if there is a group of more than 3 it is advisable to book in advance.

Prices are between 15 – 20 € for a meal

10 Rue des Freres Pradignac; 06400 Cannes; Tel +33(0) 4 93 39 00 01

Activities in Cannes

Chartering a Yacht

If you would like to charter a superyacht, a small motorboat or a sailing boat during your stay in Cannes then we can help you.


The beautiful countryside around Cannes has given rise to some excellent golf courses. There are over 6 to choose from and they cater from the novice to the professional. Why not take you and your clients golfing during your stay? We can recommend and book you into the best local golf courses.


The Alpes Maritimes offers some wonderful skiing, the Southern Alpine resorts such as Isola 2000 and Auron are only an hour and a half drive away. There are coaches that depart from both Nice and Cannes. The ski season is from the beginning of December right through to the first week in April.

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