Algarve – Portugal

The Algarve is a breathtaking region located in southern Portugal. It is best known for its year-round sunshine, pristine sandy beaches as well as a varied landscape that includes charming villages (with a touch of Moorish ancestry), dramatic cliff formations and impressive fertile grounds. These features combined with a vast number of activities on offer, make this enchanting location one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe.

For sun-worshippers wishing a respite from traditional beach holidays, the Algarve is full of wondrous remnants of its historic past; visit the Alcalar to discover Neolithic tombs or venture into the peaceful Alcoutim , a 14th-century castle nestled near the picturesque Guadiana River. Other favorites include Aljezur — the remains of a once-mighty Moorish castle and Cova dos Mouros, a delightfully curious theme park located in a prehistoric copper mine.

Mealtimes present the perfect opportunity to sample many of the local delights found abundantly in this region. Due to its enviable climate and close proximity to the sea, the Algarve boasts both fresh seafood options while its changing landscapes brings forth a wide selection of game and assorted regional agriculture such as olives, figs, and almonds. The cuisine itself is (for the most part) traditional Portuguese with a touch of Goth and Moorish flavoring.


The Algarve features award-winning beaches that cater to its discerning clients’ every whim. Popular water sport activities include parasailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving while simply basking in the glorious sunlight provides an option destined to become a local pastime. Land lovers have an equally impressive variety of choices including world-class golf, horseback riding, mountain biking and tennis. Come sundown, the cosmopolitan vibe found at the beachfront bars and clubs keep guests entertained and energized long into the night.

Why We Love it

Despite its privileged location and obvious enchantments, the Algarve retains a rather calm and inviting demeanor evident in its beautiful architecture, scenery and time-honored traditions. Visitors will leave this optimal holiday destination with a sense of total relaxation and perhaps a new understanding of the gracious Portuguese hospitality.