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As a native Salvadorian myself, I thought I knew the country well. But my recent trip to this beautiful land has shown me that there is so much more to it than I thought. I got a chance to visit some really amazing places that were inaccessible during the Salvadorian civil war.

El Salvador guide

I visited Isla El Zacatillo, Isla Meanguera and Juiquilisco Bay. And I’ve got to tell you this… you just have to go and see it for yourself. It’s really great and you’ll have an amazing time.

Tourist Attractions in El Salvador

These are just a few the tourist attractions in El Salvador. There is so much more to see and do, you will quickly discover that you need more time than you might have thought.

Golfo de Fonseca

Travel by boat around the borders of Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Enjoy the scenery, breathe in the ocean air and visit the beautiful islands and villages around. You might even get to see dolphins jump out of the water for you. This is a great adventure for young and old, couples and families with children as well.

La Pirraya

This is by far my personal favourite! I enjoyed travelling on boat through the mangroves of Bahia de Jiquilisco. As you travel along, all you can hear is the sound of nature… I highly recommend visiting this area as it provides a unique opportunity to explore our beautiful El Salvador.

El Salvador Beaches

The beaches are of course one of the main tourist attractions in El Salvador. No matter what you have in mind, you will find the perfect beach for you. The options are endless, no matter what you like to do; swimming, hiking, nature, wildlife, surfing. What is YOUR favorite attraction in El Salvador?

Surfing in El Salvador

El Salvador beaches are attracting more and more surfers from around the world, yet it’s still not crowded at all. I spent an afternoon watching surfers find the perfect waves, on sunny warm beaches and having a good time with friendly locals without spending a fortune. Beaches like El Sunzal, El Tunco and others host National and Regional tournaments. El Salvador is really emerging as a “must visit” surfing destination and for good reason!

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

White sanded beaches are perfect for diving and snorkeling. It’s such an amazing experience to see rock formations, ship wrecks and the only coral reef in the America’s Pacific region. Los Cóbanos is a favorite place for snorkeling, but… how about diving in some of the crater lakes like Lake Ilopango and Coatepeque?

Visit Urban and National Parks

Cuscatlán Park

There are many urban parks in the capital of El Salvador but if you are there, make sure you visit the Cuscatlan Park. A beautiful green oasis in San Salvador. Spend an afternoon visiting the Salarrué National Exhibition Hall and the memorial wall (Monumento A La Memoria y La Verdad)

View of Cuscatlan Park from Salarrue Exhibition Hall
View of the park from the Salarrué National Exhibition Hall

El Boqueron

An amazing national park only a few minutes away from San Salvador. This is a great place for hikers, many choose to hike all the way to the volcano’s crater. Bring your family too for a fun filled, day. You can also visit El Boqueon National Park located on the San Salvador volcano.

Looking for a day’s adventure? This is the place to go! There is bird watching, rappelling and you can even hike to the volcano’s crater and you might get a chance to spot the Torogoz – El Salvador’s national bird.

Walter Thilo Deininger

An amazing park in La Libertad. As a tropical dry forest you can enjoy bird watching and a large variety of flora and fauna. But don’t forget to visit the lookout point and the “enchanted cave” and make sure you ask about the story behind the cave!

Artisan Towns – The Artisan Route

These are great tourist attractions in El Salvador for everyone.

San Sebastian

Visit the artisan town of San Sebastian in San Vicente. Famous for their use of traditional looms, which they use to make blankets, handbags, hammocks and more. San Vicente is about 45 minutes from San Salvador lies this beautiful colonial town (my home town) famous for its clock tower built by Spanish settlers in the 1700’s.

There even is a song dedicated to this city, it goes in part… “San Vicente, donde va toda la gente”. (San Vicente is where everyone is heading…) San Miguel is another great city to visit especially during its festival season called the “Carnaval de San Miguel” and yes, it is a carnival.


A truly colonial town. Visit the art galleries of local artists, tour the Suchitlan lake and even spend the night and enjoy a relaxing evening sitting at the central plaza or walking on the narrow cobblestone streets.

La Palma

Famous for its crafts inspired by Fernando Llort. You will works of art everywhere, even on the sidewalk. Go camping in El Pital – the highest peak in El Salvador or visit Miramundo and feel like you are on top of the world!

El Salvador Mayan Ruins

Do you want to go back in time about 1,400 years ago and see what life was like then? El Salvador mayan ruins will show you how people lived, their tools, dwelling places and how they worked for a living long before the discovery of the Americas.

About 1000 historical sites have been discovered in El Salvador although not all are being excavated yet. The El Salvador ruins that have been opened to the public have museums for people to observe artifacts such as tools used for agriculture and household utensils.

These El Salvador Mayan ruins sites are easily accessible and there are picnic areas and concession stands as well as souvenir shops with excellent replicas of the many artifacts that have been found in the ruins.

There are excellent tour operators such as Tour Bus that offer great day trips to some of El Salvador ruins, a great way to learn about the history of El Salvador. Some of them are: Joya de Cerén, San Andrés, Tazumal, Casa Blanca and Cihuatán

Joya de Cerén

This is one of El Salvador’s most popular and protected ancient sites because of its superb level of preservation which is said to be comparable only to that of Pompeii and Herculaneum. An excellent choice to “see” the history of El Salvador!

Joya de CerenDeclared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993, Joya de Cerén offers a glimpse into the agricultural based village that once lived here. Buried twice by volcanic eruptions, it is one of the most important archaeological sites of the Americas.

San Andrés

Is an impressive group of ceremonial centers and pyramids that date back to the late Classic period where the important Mayan dignitaries would live. These archaeological ruins were first discovered in the 19th century but excavations did not start until the 1940’s.

Findings on this ancient site prove that San Andrés had business dealings with the Mayans in Copán (Honduras), Teotihuacán (Mexico) as well as with other Mayan villages in Belize and Guatemala; making it an important and influential Mayan center in the region.

The Mayan ruins of Joya de Cerén and San Andrés are 2 sites that are not too far from each other, in La Libertad, so you can squeeze a trip to both of them in one day after spending some time at one of the beaches in La Libertad!


The Mayan ruins of Tazumal are located in Chalchuapa, in Santa Ana. This is a fascinating ancient site with many little secrets and historical treasures to discover.

Tazumal Ruins in El Salvador

The findings on this site indicate that it was occupied during the late Classic period and was built the same way as other Toltec centers. Tazumal consists of a group of buildings that formed the life line of a very important and sophisticated people. It covers an area of about 10sq km, but it’s not fully excavated.

Among the well preserved discoveries are tombs, pyramids, palaces, water drainage systems and many other artifacts as well as a prized life-size statue of their god Xipe Totec.

Casa Blanca

These Mayan ruins are also located in Chalchuapa, quite close to Tazumal, so make sure to arrange a trip to both of them.

The name Casa Blanca is taken from the coffee plantation farm that occupied the land, but the archaeological site dates back to the Pre-Classic and Classic periods.

Artifacts found at Tazumal Ruins in El Salvador

These Mayan ruins mentioned above form what in El Salvador is called La Ruta Arqueológica or the Archaeological route, which is the route and sights suggested for tourists by tourism agencies.

But there is one more of the Mayan ruins that I would like to mention, and that is Cihuatán.


The name Cihuatán means “land of the woman” in the native nahuatl language. This is located is Aguilares, San Salvador, in the valley of the Guazapa volcano.


It is believed that it was named Cihuatán because when looking at the Guazapa hills, they look like the silhouette of a woman lying down – I know, look at the picture here and you’ll see that it really does!.

Excavations here have demonstrated that Cihuatán was an urban city with a significant population and with large ceremonial centers.

Up to now, 3 platforms in what was the city center have been discovered along with pyramids, palaces and playgrounds and many clay and ceramic artifacts.

All Inclusive Resorts in El Salvador

There are all inclusive resorts in pretty much all the most popular beaches like Costa del Sol and in La Libertad but we have found 3 that are in less crowded beaches and such beautiful, peaceful surroundings that we just fell in love with and we think you might too!

Check out these 3 options:

La Cocotera Resort & Eco-Lodge

How about spending the night in one of these beautiful eco-friendly bungalows? In Barra de Santiago, La Cocotera Resort is just a few steps away from the beach and far, very far from all the noise and crowded beaches.

La Cocotera Resort Barra de Santiago El Salvador

The name comes from the countless coconut trees that you find in the area, it’s just spectacular.

This is one of my favorite resorts in El Salvador. A highlight of staying here between August and November is that this time is sea-turtle hatching season. You can actually watch them hatch and even help in their release back to the ocean – it’s a pretty neat experience. By the way, this is one of the best places to go kayaking in El Salvador – it’s a must try.

Las Flores Resort

Las Flores Resort is located what is called “El Oriente Salvaje” (The Wild East) in San Miguel. Imagine waking up to this view every morning…

Las Flores Resort El Salvador

Beautiful, modern ocean view suites and the 2 Master and 5 Junior suites offer luxurious amenities well suited for honeymooners. I think it’s also worth mentioning that Las Flores Resort is the site of the Billabong Surf-With-A-Pro Fantasy Surf Camps in El Salvador so this adds to the excitement as well.

Las Veraneras Resort

A very unique resort in El Salvador. It is located in Sonsonate about 1 hour from San Salvador along the highway to Los Cóbanos. The resort has villas, 18-hole golf course, swimming pools, and beach and country club.

Las Veraneras Resort El Salvador

The good thing is that anyone can visit Las Veraneras – you don’t have to be a member to enjoy a stay here, you just need to make a reservation in advance. So no matter what you are looking for, Las Veraneras has it all – even for t-time. Now about the rooms… yes, the rooms are beautiful, comfortable and very modern.

Royal Decameron Salinitas

Decameron Salinitas has become one of the most popular and luxurious all inclusive resorts in El Salvador. Check it out!

Royal Decameron Salinitas

We had a great time at the Decameron Salinitas. There is something for every age. You can come with your family and let the kids enjoy the swimming pools and kid’s activities, while you relax on a lounge chair sipping your piña colada. There are so many great resorts in El Salvador, it’s hard to choose just one.

These ones are just a few of them so if you have stayed at different resort,drop us a line and tell us what you think of it. If you are not looking for a resort, then check out other great options for accommodation in El Salvador, there is something for you and your family!

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