Guide to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

So what are Walt Disney World Disney Hollywood studios? It is the new name for MGM Studios in Walt Disney World Florida. People often wondered about MGM Studios’ name – and this was just one of the reasons it has now been changed. But the new Disney Hollywood Studios name is going to take some getting used to!

Hollywood Studios Parade

But whatever name the Disney Studios goes by this is one of the greatest Disney World theme parks. So sit back and enjoy the Disney World Hollywood Studios show! There is something for everyone in the park and here is a collection of great photos, video clips, and tips on how to get the most out of your visit to Disney Hollywood Studios park.

Disney Hollywood Tower of Terror

Are you ready for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror?

Want to take a 13 story drop? Truly one of the most innovative theme park rides in the world this combines great visual, audio, and technical effects to take you into the Twilight Zone.

Disney Hollywood Tower of Terror

This is a ride that if you enjoy it you will never tire or if – Disney technology has ensured a random ride sequence for the Tower of Terror so you can never predict which ride pattern you are going to take.

The Tower of Terror is one of the most popular rides in any of the Disney World parks. Want to avoid time spent in line? Either get there before park opening and move very quickly to be one of the first in line or get a Fast Pass.

Hollywood Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror

Behind the scenes at the Disney Hollywood Tower of Terror

Learn some of the secrets of how one of the most technologically advanced Disney rides was created at Hollywood Studios. Ride the Tower of Terror if you dare! There is nothing that can describe the moment when those doors open at the 13th floor and you can see Orlando before you – just before you drop!

Hollywood Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror

This is the view that you get from the Tower of Terror ride when the doors open – just before you drop!

Rock N Roller Coaster

Do you want to accelerate from 0 to 57 mph in just 2.6 seconds? Experience more G Force than on a Space Shuttle launch? Well if that sounds like your idea of fun then you have to check out Disney’s Rock N Roller Coaster!

Disney teamed up with Aerosmith to create one of the most innovative roller coaster experiences in the world. The back story is that Aerosmith are late for a concert – and invite you to share their limo which will speed them to the venue.

This is one of the most popular rides in the whole of Disney World – so make sure you arrive early or get a Fast Pass!

Muppet Vision 3 D

A Great Show at Disney Hollywood Studios

Join Kermit and friends at Muppet Vision. A great show suitable for all the family – set in a muppet theater just like on the TV show. Watch out for the 3D effects!

Muppet Vision 3 D

The preshow is almost as entertaining as the main show. Just wish there was somewhere to sit down and rest those tired feet after walking around the park all day.

Disney MGM Studios Beauty and the Beast Show

This is a very popular show. Based on Disney Beauty and the Beast movie this spectacular show is a fabulous Broadway-quality show. Get your seats early at busy times. The best seats in the house are where you would expect – about 4 or 5 rows up from the front in the middle. But the theater is not huge so there aren’t really any ‘bad’ seats.

Disney MGM Studios Beauty and the Beast Show

Disney Hollywood Studios Animation

Unfortunately, Disney movies are no longer made at Disney in Florida but there is a great display that showcases current movies and gives an insight into how the movies past and present are made.

Disney Hollywood Studios Animation

Disney Hollywood Studios or MGM Studios?

Why did Disney change the name to Hollywood Studios?

The park has been known as Disney MGM Studios since it opened back in 1989. However, there has been speculation for years about a name change. Disney and MGM litigated overuse of the name in the 1990s. The outcome was that Disney could use it for it’s Florida park, but that MGM had rights over most other uses, including the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas – which once held the record for the hotel with the most hotel rooms in the world!

Disney Hollywood Studios Parade

A highlight of any visit to Disney World is the parade – and Hollywood Studios parade happens every day. So make sure you find your favorite Disney friends or even villains.

Disney Hollywood Studios Parade

Lights Motors Action!

You must not miss the Lights Motors Action Extreme Stunt Show – one of the very best at Disney World Florida. As you can see they get through a lot of tires!

This show is an adaptation of the original version in Disneyland Paris so the set it a street scene in France.

Lights Motors Action Extreme Stunt Show

The stadium is huge with 3000 seats but it is a popular show and it can get crowded. At busy times arrive early to get the best seats, but not too early if you have young children who may get tired of waiting!

The Lights Motors Action show runs about 30 minutes and is packed from start to finish with jaw-dropping stunts. Well worth it!

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

Disney World Spectacular Indiana Jones Show!

Join in with all the action in this Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular. If you want to be picked as an extra then sit near to the front and go completely wild when the host asks for volunteers. Your odds of getting picked out of the 2000 capacity crowd as pretty low but it is always worth a try if you enjoy being up on stage!

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular

Arrive early or get a Fast Pass. The auditorium does fill up and although there is some standing room at the back this is far from the ideal way to see the show.

Disney Hollywood Studios Great Movie Ride

This replica of Hollywood’s Chinese Theater houses the Great Movie Ride. Travel on huge vehicles through some of the greatest movies such as The Wizard of Oz, Raiders of The Lost Ark, and Alien.

Disney Hollywood Studios Great Movie Ride

Lines can be very long for this ride but they do move quickly. It is also one of the most entertaining Disney World line holding areas as you can watch movie clips on a huge screen as you shuffle along the line!

Disney World Restaurants

Disney World is of course known for it’s fabulous attention to details and theming throughout the parks. The Sci-Fi Dine-In the restaurant in Disney Hollywood Studios is one of my favorites. Always look beyond the obvious at any of the Disney World parks and you will find some hidden gems. Step away from the crowds and take it all in.

Disney World Tickets

Disney World tickets are a big part of your expenditure for your vacation so it is important that you buy the right ones and from the right place. Don’t get caught up in the scams that are out there. The most important thing to know is that you must buy either direct from Disney itself or from a trusted authorized Disney World ticket agent. Disney only licenses trusted dealers to sell their tickets.

Disney World Hollywood Studios

Want to know a great discount agent to buy your Disney tickets from? Discount Disney World Tickets are available from my recommended Disney authorized ticket sellers.

You can make big savings on Disney World tickets. How much? Well here is an example. A family of 4 with 2 adults and 2 kids wanting to buy a 5 Day Magic Your Way Park Hopper Ticket. The savings on these tickets would add up to $47.98. What a simple and safe way to save money on Disney World tickets!

Here are some Disney World ticket tips and secrets.

  1. Plan your vacation. Do your research. How many days do you think that you will be at the parks? Advance planning your Disney World vacation really does help – use my free guides to help you get an idea of what each park is like so that you can see where you and your family would like to spend time. It is a lot of fun to look ahead and see what fun things you and your family will enjoy at Disney World.
  2. Do you want to buy a Disney Park Hopper option? the base Disney World ticket is valid for one park on one day. But a Park Hopper option allows you to visit more than one park on the same day. The Park Hopper can be a useful feature for some guests. Check out my comprehensive Park Hopper ticket guide with tips about whether or not this is right for your family.
  3. Do you want a non-expiration option? All Disney World tickets expire 14 days after they are first used unless you buy a non-expiration option. Add a non-expiration and keep those unused Disney ticket days forever. This can be a good option for some people – but think very carefully about how likely you are to use it.
  4. Always remember. Only ever buy a Walt Disney World ticket from Disney itself or a Disney authorized ticket agent. Do not fall for the Disney tickets scams – there are plenty out there but they can easily be avoided. Never buy from eBay or an unauthorized seller. You may be very disappointed when you get to the gate and your ticket just doesn’t work.
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