Bear Creek Park Colorado Springs

Discover Bear Creek Park Colorado Springs

From Hiking to Horseshoes!

I just discovered something about Bear Creek Park Colorado Springs. I’ve been living here for 7 years and I just discovered something I did not know about our town. I love the outdoors and spend a lot of time out there and I did not know that Bear Creek Park Colorado Springs is actually three different areas. What I thought was one park is actually 3 distinct areas.

  • Bear Creek Park – El Paso County
  • Manitou Section 16 Open Space – Combined.
  • Bear Creek Canon Park-Colorado Springs

I go to Bear Creek Park Colorado Springs because it has lots of great picnic tables, wonderful maintained athletic fields, great tennis courts, and because it is a large fun park. If you live in the mountains west of Colorado Springs, it is the closest large park to the mountains.

Bear Creek Park, Colorado Springs

I just found out this weekend that Bear Creek Park off of 21st Street is actually a county park. The playing fields are great. They are large and well maintained. The fields are easy to get to. There is a gazebo and picnic tables for large parties.

Here is a picture of the playground area. You can see the fields behind the playground area.

I hiked up the side of the hill in the park and got this shot of downtown Colorado Springs.

Sculpture in Bear Creek Park

There is a very interesting sculpture in the park on the side of the hill. You can also see the dog run from this perspective. You can see it over the top of the tombstone shaped rock on the left-hand side of the picture. Here is a close up of the area.

dog run in bear creek park Colorado Springs

This is a great area to take your dog and run. You can see 21st in the background. There are also horseshoe pits and volleyball courts.

El Paso County has a great brochure about Bear Creek Park. You can get a map of Bear Creek Park here.

Manitou Section 16, Colorado Springs

The second area is the Manitou Springs Section 16 Trail. This is a great area for riding bikes, hiking, or taking a trail run with your dog.

Section 16 trailhead

You can also get a great view of Colorado Springs. Here is what it looks like toward the Garden of the Gods from the trail.

Garden of the gods from Section 16

This review gives a little more detail about how to get to Section 16 and what you might find when you get there.

Bear Creek Canon, Colorado Springs

The third area is a Colorado Springs city park. It is called Bear Creek Canon and I’m told it is another great area for hiking or biking.

However, I’ve never actually explored these trails. So I think that is something to discover on another day However, here is the link to the city of Colorado Springs map of Bear Creek Canon.

Leave Bear Creek Park Colorado Springs and discover another park.

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