Top 20 Best Colorado Tourist Attractions

Top 20 Most Beautiful Colorado Attractions

Colorado is a famous American tourism sector for its abundant natural beauty. There are a number of fascinating mountains, lakes, gardens, and parks. You can find both green landscapes and deserts in Colorado, U.S.A. I am going to describe about top 10 most beautiful places in Colorado here.

20. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, CO 80465; (720) 865-2494

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater is a top tourist destination in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. This natural amphitheater sits on more than 6,000 acres of stunning red rock formations in the Morrison area of Colorado, just minutes away from downtown Denver. Visitors flock to Red Rocks for its stunning views and unique geological history, as well as to take advantage of seemingly limitless recreational opportunities and world-class entertainment.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Red Rocks Amphitheatre by Visual Sensory

Established in 1941, the site was originally envisioned as a great city park by John Brisben Walker. Over the years, its fame spread quickly due to concerts by renowned artists such as The Beatles and U2. Today, it’s one of the most beloved music venues in the world.

Hikers enjoy magnificent scenic views in one of Colorado’s distinctive red sandstone canyons. The park also hosts an array of recreational activities, including picnicking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. During the summer months, visitors can attend a variety of concerts and other live events held at the amphitheater.

19. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906; (719) 633-9925

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is a one-of-a-kind zoo that offers a unique experience to visitors of all ages. Located on the slopes of Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, this one-hundred-acre park is home to more than seven hundred and fifty animals of over one hundred and fifty species. From majestic lions, cheetahs, and elephants to playful meerkats and fluffy red pandas, this zoo promises something special for everyone!

Colorado Springs: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - The African Rift Valley
Colorado Springs: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – The African Rift Valley by wallyg

Among the most popular attractions are the daily animal encounters, which give guests the chance to get up close and personal with some of the zoo’s beloved inhabitants. The Doppelsafari ride provides an exciting adventure as it takes guests through ungulate (hooved) habitats, offering an immersive experience in the natural environment. Visitors can also watch exciting predator shows at the Predator Ridge, where they can observe predators such as African wild dogs and hyenas in action.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo also offers a variety of amenities to make your visit even more memorable. Enjoy delicious food at Junction Cafeteria or grab a bite at the Safari Grill. The zoo also features two gift shops – Critter Corner and Zootique – where you can find souvenirs and keepsakes. For those looking to extend their stay, the nearby DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel is perfect for a cozy lodging option.

18. Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde, CO

Mesa Verde National Park is home to some of the most spectacular ancient ruins in Colorado. More than 600 cliff dwellings, from small single-room homes to large multi-story complexes, are perched atop mesa walls and valleys, some reaching more than 1,000 feet above the ground. The massive ancient Pueblo dwellings are the highlight of a visit to this history-rich park, and provide an incredible glimpse into the lives of its ancestral residents.

Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park
Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park by Ken Lund

No visit to Mesa Verde National Park would be complete without a stop at the Cliff Palace, the largest and most extensive cliff dwelling in North America. Its maze-like architecture and remarkable construction feats are truly impressive, with dozens of rooms connected by passageways and balconies, all built using sandstone blocks from nearby quarries. After taking in the breathtaking ruins, visitors can explore the on-site museum for additional information and artifacts.

With its rugged trails and towering cliff sides, visitors can experience the park’s vast wilderness area and take in stunning views of the San Juan Mountains. There are plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife, from elk roaming through meadows to eagles soaring overhead.

17. Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

One of Colorado’s most breathtaking natural wonders, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is a must-see for any outdoor enthusiast. Located in west-central Colorado, this majestic park is home to some of the deepest and narrowest canyons in the state, creating an awe-inspiring landscape with bold cliffs, steep walls, and stunning views.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park by Jasperdo

This park is characterized by its dramatic geology, which includes some of the steepest cliffs, oldest rocks, and craggiest spires in North America. Spanning 48 miles in length, the canyon ranges from 2,722 feet deep at its mouth and 1,800 feet at its narrowest point along Chasm View. The steep canyon walls are made of dark Precambrian rock that has been carved over millions of years by the Gunnison River. This sheer black rock gives the canyon its striking appearance and inspires its name.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy when visiting the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park including camping and hiking. Campers can find numerous well-maintained campgrounds located throughout the park offering unbeatable views of the surrounding landscape. For those seeking a greater adventure, there are numerous trails perfect for day hikes and overnight backpacking trips. No matter which path you choose, you’re sure to be rewarded with one-of-a-kind views of nature’s beauty.

16. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Located in south-central Colorado, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is a true gem of the Rockies. This remarkable park is home to the tallest dunes in North America – some soaring 30 meters high! – set at the foot of the majestic snow-capped Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Visitors come from near and far to experience this one-of-a-kind marvel, which also includes alpine lakes, ancient forests, and an abundance of wildlife.

Great Sand Dunes National Park
Great Sand Dunes National Park by Rennett Stowe

Great Sand Dunes offers visitors endless opportunities for adventure. From climbing and sand sledding to stargazing and backcountry hiking, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. For those looking for a leisurely outdoor activity, the park also features Ranger-guided programs and interpretive trails.

Entry into Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve costs $25 per vehicle or $20 per motorcycle. An annual pass is available for $55 and grants unlimited entry for up to four adults and their accompanying children.

While visiting Great Sand Dunes, it’s important to take proper precautions. The sand surface rapidly heats up during summer months, so wear appropriate shoes and bring plenty of water. Be sure to check out the park website for additional tips on staying safe during your visit.

15. Coors Field

Denver, CO

Located in Downtown Denver, Coors Field is one of the premier stadiums in Major League Baseball. The facility opened in 1995 and has since become a fixture in the Colorado sports scene. With its iconic Rocky Mountain backdrop and capacity for over 50,000 fans, Coors Field is one of the largest stadiums in all of baseball.

Coors Field, Denver, Colorado, Home of the Colorado Rockies
Coors Field, Denver, Colorado, Home of the Colorado Rockies by Ken Lund>

Featuring state-of-the-art amenities, Coors Field offers an unforgettable baseball experience. The stadium features several suites, concessions, luxury seating options, and plenty of parking. Additionally, fans can enjoy stunning Colorado views from any seat in the house.

In addition to serving as the home ballpark of the Colorado Rockies, Coors Field also hosts a variety of other events throughout the year. From professional concerts to family-friendly activities, there’s always something happening at Coors Field. Whether you’re rooting for the Rockies or enjoying one of the many non-baseball events, a night at Coors Field is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

14. Cave of the Winds Mountain Park

100 Cave of the Winds Rd, Manitou Springs, CO 80829; (719) 685-5444

Located just outside of Manitou Springs, Colorado, Cave of the Winds Mountain Park is an outdoor wonderland for nature lovers and adventurers alike. Spread across 55 acres, the park offers breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and captivating trails that wind through dense pine forests and along tranquil streams. Whether you’re seeking an outdoor retreat or a challenging hike in the wilderness, Cave of the Winds Mountain Park has something for everyone.

Cave of the Winds in Colorado Springs
Cave of the Winds in Colorado Springs by pschmidt5

The centerpiece of this park is its stunning cave systems, which were carved out over millions of years by natural forces. These winding, cavernous passages offer visitors an up-close look at some truly unique geological formations. For those looking to reach greater depths, guided tours are available to explore deeper sections of the caves with experienced guides.

Cave of the Winds Mountain Park is also home to a diverse range of wildlife, making it a popular destination for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for majestic bald eagles soaring above the trees, or try your luck spotting elk or other large animals roaming around the park grounds.

13. Dinosaur National Monument

Located in the northwest corner of the state, Dinosaur National Monument is a natural marvel renowned for its incredible wealth of dinosaur fossils. This immense fossil-bearing deposit dates back to the late Jurassic period and covers over 210 square miles. Here, visitors can explore trails that take them through stunning landscapes, with breathtaking views of the Yampa River and Green River valleys. In addition, they can view the wall of prehistoric bones embedded in the cliff face at Quarry Exhibit Hall. This historic display features more than 1,500 dinosaur bones that were discovered during excavations that began in 1909. It’s an awe-inspiring sight that brings history to life!

Dinosaur National Monument
Dinosaur National Monument by InSapphoWeTrust

The expansive landscape of Dinosaur National Monument is filled with trails ripe for exploration. From gentle strolls along the riverbank to tougher climbs through sandstone canyons, there’s something for everyone. Many of these trails even feature interpretive signs and displays, allowing visitors to learn more about the area’s fascinating geology and rich cultural history. Whether you’re interested in learning more about the area’s scientific significance or simply looking to experience its natural beauty, there’s no better place to get up close and personal with Colorado’s rugged wildness than Dinosaur National Monument.

12. Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Cañon City, CO 81212

Located in Cañon City, Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is a stunning landmark and one of the most picturesque attractions in the state. Spanning more than 1,200 feet across the Arkansas River, the bridge gives visitors breathtaking views of the canyon walls that stretch for hundreds of feet above. The park also provides access to some of the best zip-lining, whitewater rafting, aerial tram rides and other activities in Colorado, making it a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Tram Over Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado
Tram Over Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado by Ken Lund

The bridge was built in 1929 as a symbol of technological prowess, using a simple cantilever design supported by massive towers on each side of the gorge. It quickly became an iconic symbol of Colorado, and even earned its place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest suspension bridge for many years.

A visit to Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is guaranteed to provide thrills and adventure. With over 11 different rides and attractions, including the scenic Skycoaster, visitors can experience the thrill of zipping through the air with incredible views of the canyon below. For those looking for a more traditional (but equally thrilling) experience, the Aerial Tram offers a unique chance to take in all the sights from above and explore the area like never before. Finally, for a more leisurely stroll, guided hikes are available along several trails within the park.

11. Red Rock Canyon Open Space

3550 W High St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a stunning destination for nature lovers. As the name implies, the area is home to gorgeous red sandstone formations, making it one of the most eye-catching sites in the state.

A great way to explore this remarkable region is by hiking. The area is home to numerous trails, ranging from easy paths that meander through the canyon to challenging hikes up steep inclines. Whichever route you choose, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the canyons and their unique geology.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space
Red Rock Canyon Open Space by landscapes through the lens

Red Rock Canyon Open Space also provides campers with an unforgettable experience. With plenty of space to set up camp, visitors can enjoy stargazing or simply take in the beauty of the night sky. There are also picnic spots throughout the area, perfect for any outdoor gathering.

For those looking for an adrenaline rush, the unique rock formations provide an ideal spot for rock climbing. With dozens of routes suitable for all skill levels, Red Rock Canyon Open Space has something for everyone. Experienced climbers can even embark on a multi-pitch climb and spend a day scaling the towering sandstone walls.

10. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205; (303) 370-6000

If you’re looking for an exciting day out in the Mile High City, check out the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. With its unparalleled collection of natural and cultural artifacts and unique interactive exhibits, this world-class museum is one of the top attractions in Colorado.

Expedition Health Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Expedition Health Denver Museum of Nature and Science by tedeytan

The onsite planetarium allows visitors to explore the night sky with high-definition images projected onto a domed ceiling. Additionally, there are interactive displays that let people touch fossils, view specimens under microscopes, and interact with species from all over the world.

Not only is the Denver Museum of Nature and Science home to an expansive array of artifacts and exhibits, but it also features immersive experiences such as a simulated archaeological dig pit and Earth Sciences Lab. The museum also has a diverse array of traveling exhibitions that provide an opportunity to explore topics like culture, science, and nature in even greater depth.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is one of the most incredible attractions in Colorado. Whether you’re visiting for a day or looking for some educational opportunities, this museum has something for everyone. With its comprehensive collection of exhibits, interactive elements, and educational programming, it truly is an unforgettable experience.

9. Denver Art Museum

100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204; (720) 865-5000

This incredible museum offers an awe-inspiring array of art and artifacts from cultures around the world. From ancient Mediterranean artifacts to modern American masterpieces, there’s something here to please everyone. Denver Art Museum has over 70,000 works of art on display that span a wide range of genres, styles, and eras. Visitors can explore the various exhibitions to learn more about the history of art and the many creative contributions of people around the world. Highlights include the Mayan and Southwestern Native American art collections, as well as decorative arts and textiles from Asia and Europe.

The museum also offers various educational programs for visitors of all ages. These programs aim to foster a greater appreciation for art and culture through interactive activities and workshops. Visitors can join guided tours to assist their exploration of the collections or attend hands-on classes to learn more about specific topics like painting or sculpting.

8. Denver Zoo

2300 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205; (720) 337-1400

No trip to Colorado is complete without a visit to the world-renowned Denver Zoo. Home to over 4,000 animals representing more than 800 species, the zoo provides visitors with an unforgettable experience. The aim of the zoo is to create an environment that mimics the habitats of the animals, and it shows – from the steamy jungles of Africa to the icy tundras of Alaska, each exhibit offers its own unique ecosystem. Whether you come to observe the majestic lions and elephants or catch a glimpse of the rare red panda, you are sure to be captivated by the lush surroundings and incredible animals.

Mom Watching Cubs Play - Denver Zoo, Colorado
Mom Watching Cubs Play – Denver Zoo, Colorado by Rockin Robin

From its famous primate panorama to its reptile house, the Denver Zoo has something for everyone. The zoo’s many exhibits feature some of the world’s most endangered species, allowing visitors to reconnect with nature and appreciate its beauty and diversity. Not only that, but each exhibit is designed to educate guests on conservation efforts, emphasizing the importance of protecting our planet and its inhabitants.

Whether you’re looking for an educational outing or fun for the whole family, the Denver Zoo can help you create cherished memories. From animal feedings and interactive experiences to seasonal events, there’s always something new at the zoo. Plus, you can get up close and personal with your favorite creatures while learning about them along the way. Make sure to check out their website for more information on admission prices and available activities.

7. Denver Botanic Garden

1007 York St, Denver, CO 80206; (720) 865-3500

Spanning over 24 acres, the Denver Botanic Garden is a tranquil refuge for visitors seeking to explore and appreciate Colorado’s rich natural beauty. With its diverse collection of native plants, trees, and shrubs, this renowned botanical garden has something to offer everyone.

Denver Botanic Gardens - Green House Area
Denver Botanic Gardens – Green House Area by Dave Dugdale

From its sweeping panoramas and lush landscapes to its captivating displays of Colorado’s unique fauna, the Denver Botanic Garden offers an incredible journey through time. Be sure to take a guided tour with one of the knowledgeable staff members to learn about the fascinating history of the land and discover some of its more native species.

Spend an afternoon strolling along the garden’s winding pathways as you take in the sights and sounds of the lush foliage. Enjoy a picnic lunch on a comfortable shaded bench or cozy up beside the tranquil lake and reconnect with nature. The Denver Botanic Garden provides a peaceful retreat from the city, allowing visitors to slow down and relax.

Whether you’re looking for a fun day out for the family or exploring deeper into the study of horticulture, the Denver Botanic Garden has a program for you! From interactive educational classes for children and lectures from esteemed experts to outdoor summer movie screenings and special events throughout the year, this world-class attraction has something for everyone!

6. Elitch Gardens Theme Park

2000 Elitch Cir, Denver, CO 80204; (303) 595-4386

Elitch Gardens Theme Park is a world of fun and thrills for the whole family. Opened in 1890, this century-old amusement park boasts over sixty unique rides, including roller coasters, water rides, and more. Plus, live entertainment options like shows, music, and special events guarantee that there’s something to enjoy year-round. Here’s why Elitch Gardens is one of the top attractions in Colorado:

Elitch Gardens offers a wide variety of thrilling rides that appeal to both young and old alike. With everything from dizzying roller coaster loops to bumper cars and fun kids’ rides, there’s something here for everyone. Plus, with new attractions opening up every year, you can expect an exciting experience with every visit.

Elitch Gardens Theme Park. Denver, Colorado
Elitch Gardens Theme Park. Denver, Colorado by Ken Lund

Elitch Gardens also features live entertainment that changes all year round. From magicians and circus acts to daring stunt show performances and plenty of music and comedy, you’re bound to be entertained no matter when you go.

The park also hosts seasonal events that promise endless hours of family fun. There’s the spook-tacular Fright Fest in October, which features haunts galore; Christmas in the Park during the winter months; and delightful summer celebrations like ice cream socials and carnival-style games.

Whether you’re a thrill seeker or just looking for a fun day out with the family, Elitch Gardens is sure to offer something for everyone. With its fantastic array of rides, live entertainment options, and special events, it’s a must-visit destination in Colorado

5. Vail, Colorado

Vail, Colorado is a nature lover’s paradise, boasting some of the most breathtaking mountain views in the entire United States. Situated on the Gore Range of central Colorado, it’s easy to see why people from all over the world flock to this picturesque ski town. Here’s what’s worth exploring when visiting Vail.

People Walking on Street
Vail Colorado Photo by Colin Lloyd/Pexels

Vail offers a wide variety of outdoor activities for visitors to explore during their visit. From skiing and snowboarding to snowshoeing and ice skating, there are plenty of recreational activities suited for wintertime enthusiasts. During warmer months, visitors can enjoy rock climbing, hiking, fishing, and biking along with numerous other adventure sports.

Vail has an incredibly energetic cultural scene. Throughout the year, there are a plethora of music festivals and art fairs that happen in cities throughout the state. There’s also no shortage of live entertainment, with local bars and restaurants offering weekly performances by up-and-coming musicians and popular DJs.

Vail is well known for its many great restaurants and shopping opportunities. From top-notch fine dining establishments to beloved local eateries, Vail offers something for everyone. Of course, shopping is equally as delightful in Vail, with boutique stores dotting every corner of the downtown area. Shoppers can peruse antiques at one of the several small shops or find unique gifts at any number of souvenir stores.

4. Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness

Aspen, CO

Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness isn’t just another attraction–it’s an outdoor wonderland that begs to be explored.

An iconic symbol of Colorado’s stunning natural beauty, the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness offers visitors an unforgettable experience. Spanning over 181,505 acres and comprised of two distinct mountains — Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak — this area is home to breathtaking alpine vistas, rugged peaks, and picturesque valleys.

Maroon Bells
Maroon Bells by casey.reynolds

From its high-elevation trails with dizzying switchbacks to sweeping meadows blanketed in wildflowers, Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness has something for everyone. For hikers, there are endless trails that navigate the spectacular terrain, while climbers will find plenty of challenging rock faces. The dense forests provide opportunities for wildlife viewing, fishing, horseback riding, and more.


Hiking: With a variety of trails ranging from easy strolls to strenuous treks up mountain passes, the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness is a hiker’s paradise. Popular routes include the West Maroon Trail, which takes you to the Alpine lakes nestled beneath Maroon Peak; the Capitol Creek Trail, which leads to the breathtaking views from atop Capitol Peak; and the Snowmass Lake Trail, which guides you through boulder fields around Snowmass Lake.

Camping: Campers seeking a more immersive experience can camp at one of the many designated campsites in the wilderness. Here, they’ll be able to take advantage of the area’s vast array of activities during the day and relax by a crackling campfire under starry nights.

Fishing: The area is also a popular spot for anglers looking to catch rainbow trout and other species of fish. Whether it’s casting off the shores of Snowmass Lake or wading in the waters of Maroon Creek, experienced fishermen can enjoy a day of fishing surrounded by majestic mountain backdrops.

3. Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs, CO

Garden of the Gods is located just outside Colorado Springs and is one of Colorado’s premier attractions. Featuring stunning red rock formations and breathtaking views, it’s a must-see for anyone visiting the area. With hiking trails, picnic spots, and plenty of photo ops, it’s easy to spend hours exploring and appreciating the beauty of this natural wonder.

Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods has been around since prehistoric times—Native American tribes settled here over 4,000 years ago. The land was given to Charles Elliott Perkins in 1909 by his friend, railway tycoon Charles Elliot. Perkins declared the land a public park, and it became a National Natural Landmark in 1971.

The distinctive red sandstone rock formations that make up Garden of the Gods were created millions of years ago by sedimentation and uplift. They stand up to 300 feet tall, providing awe-inspiring panoramic views of the Colorado terrain.

No trip to the Garden of the Gods would be complete without checking out some of the popular recreational activities available. Hikers can explore miles of trails throughout the park, while climbers can challenge themselves on some of the more technical routes. Horseback riding and mountain biking are also popular activities, as well as picnicking and admiring the views from the many overlooks. For an added touch of luxury, visitors can take a guided tour on an old-fashioned stagecoach.

2. Pikes Peak

Pike National Forest, Colorado Springs, CO

Pikes Peak is 14,110 ft high from the ground. You can reach passing 3 miles northwest of Manitou Springs. It stands majestically on the eastern edge of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, earning it the well-deserved nickname “America’s Mountain.” Its 14,115 feet are breathtakingly beautiful and impressive—an iconic symbol of Colorado’s stunning landscape.

Pikes Peak offers a variety of trails sure to accommodate any level of hiker. Despite its steep elevation, all but one of the routes to the summit are easily accessible and relatively safe. For a moderate challenge, try the famed Barr Trail, which is twelve miles long and features plenty of switchbacks and several rest areas along the way.

The trek up Pikes Peak is more than worth it when you reach the top and take in the unforgettable view of Colorado’s majestic mountains, sprawling forests, and distant plains. Whether hiking up or driving down, make sure to snag some photos with the sign marking the summit!

1. Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park, CO

Rocky Mountain National Park offers breathtaking views and plenty of exciting activities for visitors who want to experience nature like never before. With miles of trails and hundreds of incredible lakes, the park truly displays the best that the great outdoors has to offer.

Sunrise over the Rocky Mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Sunrise over the Rocky Mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado by diana_robinson

From hiking and climbing to camping and fishing, there is something for everyone at Rocky Mountain National Park. This stunning destination is home to some of the most rugged and beautiful terrain in Colorado, making it an ideal spot for thrill seekers and outdoor adventurers alike. With so many different activities to choose from, you’re sure to find something that speaks to your interests.

The Rocky Mountain National Park is teeming with unique and fascinating wildlife. From black bears and elk to bighorn sheep and mountain lions, there are plenty of animals to observe during your visit. For those interested in plant life, you’ll find large meadows filled with wildflowers, aspen groves, conifer forests, and alpine tundra.

With pristine landscapes and endless outdoor activities, it’s no wonder this national park is considered one of the top attractions in Colorado. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to the Rockies for an adventure you won’t soon forget!

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