St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Attractions on St. Thomas

The center of all transportation in the US Virgin Islands, almost everyone who visits these isles will spend at least a short amount of time on St. Thomas. Whether you’ll be there for a few hours or you have the good fortune to enjoy an extended stay, there are ways to make the most of your time.

Tour the Charlotte Amalie waterfront where the Danish colonial buildings are a great introduction into island history, and Fort Christian stands at the ready though it has not been used in many, many years. Meanwhile, Red Hook is a bustling ferry port which is known for its red-tiled roofs and endless shopping and dining opportunities. Amidst it all there are beaches, museums, historic landmarks, and natural sites all waiting to be explored.


You will discover several beaches to enjoy on the island. Whether you enjoy people watching, or you like having more of the beach to yourself, you can find a beach that appeals to you. Click on the beach names for more information concerning that beach.

Honeymoon Beach

A beach scene where snorkeling is popular is Honeymoon Beach. The beach area features immaculate white sand and turquoise waters, perfect for snorkeling or swimming. Palm trees decorate the island, while lush green hills overlook the beach area.

Hull Bay

Another good option for snorkeling fans is Hull Bay. Access to the beach is limited to vehicles and pedestrians. Cars can utilize a informal car park area directly before the beachfront off of a local road which connects to Route 37.

Lindquist Beach

The beach is accessible via a small road off of Route 38. As it is an unmaintained dirt road, cars should have four wheel drive. These examples are only a few of the options.

Activities on St. Thomas

Home to the US Virgin Island’s capital city and the hub of transportation for the chain, St. Thomas is the busiest as well. Still, it is unhurried enough that visitors looking to get away from big city life will certainly be able to do so. The good thing about St. Thomas being the most popular island to visit is that there are plenty of activities available for visitors to take advantage of.


Sightseeing is best done in historic Charlotte Amalie where there are Danish-style buildings from the colonial era, plus several museums and cultural centers, and a view of the harbor to boot. Indeed, this is also where the best duty free shopping and most delicious dining opportunities are to be found.


Watersports seem to be the island’s biggest attention grabber – it is hard to spend time on the beach without gazing longingly at the sailboats that dot the horizon and most people end up signing up for a day of pleasure sailing. Deep sea fishing and scuba diving are some of the best in the region.


St. Thomas is surrounded by an eclectic mix of reefs, walls, wrecks, and other dives that make it an active diving destination. This selection, mixed with the convenience of many tourist services on the island make it a popular choice.


As the tourist center of the US Virgin Islands, you can be sure that St. Thomas offers plenty of services to visitors hoping to fit in some fishing during their trip.

If you have some avid anglers in your group, they’re in luck — they can go fishing with one of the 12 charter operators in this area.


Like to golf? There are a couple of golf courses in the area. The courses are Mahogany Run Public Golf Course and Herman E. Moore Golf Course.

Natural Attractions & Parks

Hassel Island Historic Park

Hassel Island Historic Park is one of the most enjoyable outdoor attractions. Once connected to St. Thomas at the edge of the harbor, this island was separated and turned into a completely new island by the Dutch who hoped to create better water circulation. Today it is privately owned, but an important natural and historical landmark.

Coral World Ocean Park

Another site that you might enjoy is Coral World Ocean Park. Coral World is the ultimate interactive aquarium where you are immersed in the water world of marine life. You will be to explore and have fun while even learning a thing or two at the same time.

St. Thomas Restaurants

What most people love about dining on St. Thomas is the abundance of locally owned spots. While you’ll find the occasional big-name chain here and there, for the most part, your meals will come from regionally renowned chefs and local business owners that make the most of the fresh produce and bountiful harvest from the sea to create dishes that are unmatched elsewhere.

Caribbean Cuisine

Caribbean fare is definitely a popular choice on St. Thomas. Because this kind of fare has elements from many different cultures and culinary techniques, just about any type of diner will find something they like at Caribbean-style restaurants.

Iggie’s Beach Bar & Grill

Iggie’s Beach Bar & Grill is located at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort and is a lunch and dinner possibility located in southeastern St. Thomas. Iggies has plenty of choices for everyone who visits, whether you are looking for a quick bite from a hamburger, or to sit down at a table and order some fresh seafood. In addition, their fully stocked bar has options for those looking for a cold beer or a large tropical cocktail. You’ll find them at 7150 Bolongo Bay.

Sangria’s Beachside Bistro

Hungry guests should think about trying Sangria’s Beachside Bistro. The focus at Sangria’s is offering food that is fast to cook, easy to eat, and tastes good all at the same time. Their solutions include hamburgers, cheese steaks, gyro’s and other sandwich like options, as well as a variety of stone oven baked personal pizzas. If you want to call ahead of time, you can do so at (340) 714-7874.


The high end restaurant at Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas is called Bleuwater. Here, guests enjoy an elegant atmosphere, impeccable service, and an award winning wine collection. They’re at 6900 Great Bay.

St. Thomas Accommodations

Although the most urbane of the three main US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas is still by no means comparable to a busy city. What this means is that no matter your vacation style, there is a place to carve out as your own on this island. If relaxing on the beach, shopping, and spa treatments are on your to-do list, or if you want to stay in the hub of cultural attractions, the resorts and villas of Charlotte Amalie will work to your benefit. Independent, active travelers in search of a true island getaway may decide to seek out smaller inns, campgrounds, and villas outside of the capital.

St. Thomas offers hotel possibilities that will suit nearly any kind of traveler. Choose from luxury resorts, budget hotels, and plenty more in between. Those wanting to enjoy a lively bar scene will find just that at a handful hotels around St. Thomas. Read more details about each of the properties by clicking the names.

Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort

A great destination with active on-site recreation is Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort. The grand Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Marriott Beach Resort is situated on the southern tip of St. Thomas overlooking Charlotte Amalie Harbor. Beach goers will have only a few steps to take to reach the powdery white sands of the beach and the calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Visitors will find them at 5 Estate Bakkeroe.

Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas

One place positioned on the waterfront worth mentioning is Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas. Each room at the Ritz-Carlton features Caribbean decor, ocean views, king beds, and sofa sleepers. They’re at 6900 Great Bay.

Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina

For guests wanting to stay somewhere with a lively bar and club scene, Sapphire Beach Resort & Marina is one location you might want to think about. Set on a half a mile of beautiful oceanfront property, the Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina is a family-friendly spot on St. Thomas where you can create a home away from home in paradise. The resort is especially loved by sailors for the 67-slip private marine where you can dock your boat in a safe and secure spot, then stay in one of the luxury rooms for the duration of your time on the island. They’re located at 6720 Estate Smith Bay.

St. Thomas Transportation Options

As the largest tourism center in the United States Virgin Islands chain, St. Thomas sees a lot of traffic on, off, and around the island. There are numerous ways to arrive, from flying internationally to sailing your own vessel, and once you arrive on the island the public and private transportation options rival any other island in the Caribbean.

Getting There

The hub for air travel to all of the U.S. Virgin Islands is located on the island of St. Thomas, and many tourists heading to the British Virgin Islands connect here as well. Because of the ease of air travel, that is usually the top choice amongst tourists heading to the island, but cruising and sailing are real possibilities as well.

Getting Around

The transportation options available to tourists on St. Thomas are as diverse as each visitor, allowing everyone to easily find the most preferred method of transportation for them very easily. The least expensive method of transport is the buses, though their scheduling is not very reliable, and other options include car rentals, taxi services, and even water transport by ferry.

Air Travel

St. Thomas is the hub of all air travel in the Virgin Islands. Anyone traveling to any of the US or British islands will most likely be traveling through St. Thomas. This is because the airport here, Cyril E King Airport, has some of the few flights coming from outside the Caribbean; namely from the United States. You should have no problem finding a flight to the Virgin Islands no matter where you are. You may need to make one or two transfers, but overall it will be a simple experience.

You can click here to see our St. Thomas Air Travel Page, where you will find a list of direct flights that come into St. Thomas, as well as the airliners that serve them.


Of the three, St. Thomas is the most tourist friendly of the US Virgin Islands. Visitors will find plenty of amenities and services being offered, whether you come by air or sea. At marinas like the American Yacht Harbor and Crown Bay Marina, sailors will find docking areas where they can replenish supplies, relax, and secure their vessel as they explore. At these same docks, and some other areas around the island, other travelers will be able to find day-sailing trips and other excursions that will take them to some of the smaller islands around St. Thomas, such as Hassel Island.


Not everyone travels to St. Thomas with the intention of staying for awhile. Many tourists arrive on the island each year via cruise ship to spend a day and a half to a full day quickly exploring all of the most important sites and activities that the island has to offer. Cruisers, typically aboard a Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean, or Princess ship, will arrive on the island at the Crown Bay Cruise Dock or the Havensight Cruise Port, both of which are along the island’s south coast. Cruisers have plenty of options once they arrive, from staying at the Crown Bay Center or Havensight Mall, which are accessible almost immediately upon leaving the ship, to hailing a cab and getting in a quick tour of St. Thomas.


Although the ferries on St. Thomas are generally used by tourists connecting to other islands from St. Thomas, many visitors wind up taking day trips to St. Thomas from elsewhere in both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands. There are two ferry terminals on St. Thomas, one in Red Hook and one in Charlotte Amalie. Where you will land will depend on where you are traveling from, and which service makes a stop there. If you run into a ferry service that travels to both locations, which does happen, you can decide where you choose to land based upon schedule, prices, and especially the location of the activities and sites you will see once you land on St. Thomas. Also, be aware that if you are traveling to St. Thomas from the British Virgin Islands, you will need to present a valid passport in order to gain entry.

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